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[ # ] Beyonce’ got drunk?
September 30th, 2006 under Beyoncé

BOOZY Beyoncé Knowles was a very Naughty Girl at her fella Jay-Z’s aftershow party. The bootilicious scallywag downed so much bubbly at London’s Mo*vida nightclub, she turned as green as her frock and had to be carried to her car. Jay-Z, 36, banned Cristal champers from his post-Albert Hall show, after the drink’s big cheese Frederic Rouzaud slammed its association with hip-hop royalty. So the star-studded party drank vintage Dom Perignon and champagne jelly. But Beyoncé, 25, didn’t give two hoots what she was knocking back. However, the Mary Poppins of pop Chris Martin, 29, stayed off the booze and bored the R&B temptress with chat about his sprogs. His missus Gwyneth Paltrow, 33, made the most of her recently bunless oven by ditching her macrobiotic diet and guzzling red wine, lobster cocktail, filet mignon, and truffle mash. But the blonde bombshell worked off her epic feast when Beyoncé dragged her onto the dancefloor. Jay-Z said: "Beyoncé was like a green whirl on the dancefloor." We suspect that’s not the last green whirl his lady made that night, judging by this snap of the sozzled sassbucket.

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It is nice to see her do something like get drunk! But I am sure her dad is going to rip her a new one over this.


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