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James Corden plays a cruel joke on David Beckham
March 12th, 2019 under James Corden, The Beckhams. [ Comments: none ]

David Beckham is getting a bronze statue of his likeness to be displayed at the stadium where he played with the LA Galaxy. As the date was getting closer, James Corden thought he would have some with his friend.

Therefore, he got his prop department to make their own statue of Golden Balls. One that emphasized the two things he hated most about the prototype. He wanted a smaller chin and bum. He got quite the opposite.

Now, the big day was here and the Late Late Show host planned even more ways to annoy his friend. He hired Ben Glieb to call him Dave Beckham. You see, Becks hates to be called Dave, so that would be really annoying.

Finally, it is time for the big reveal. How would he handle seeing such an ugly likeness of himself? Better than you and I would. He had a very calm rage, but you could see he was ready to blow. It gives new meaning to bend it like Beckham.

Just as he was about to leave, they sent in a forklift to destroy the piece of art. As Beckham was going to check out the broken pieces of himself, Corden came out to reveal it was all a joke. Surprisingly, the soccer giant hugged his “mate.” I wonder how long until he gets revenge because you know is going to do just that. Even though it was a really kicking prank.


Victoria Beckham skips
June 4th, 2018 under The Beckhams. [ Comments: none ]

If someone told you there is a video of Victoria Beckham skipping, you would never believe them. Right? You would need proof. Well, here it is!

Today, when the doting mom was walking her daughter to school, she and Harper Sever decided to skip to the Lou, my darling. Proving she can let the Posh exterior down for her 6-year-old and us! You know what, I like it because I don’t think I have ever seen her happier. Even though we can not see her face.

In honor of Posh Spice. make sure to do some skipping today! Do it like no one is watching because who cares if they are! Maybe they will join in and be happy as you are! We will become a world of skippers and it will all be because of the Beckhams. Who would have thought?


Will David Beckham accept Ryan Reynolds’ apology?
May 10th, 2018 under Josh Brolin, Ryan Reynolds, The Beckhams. [ Comments: none ]

There was a line in Deadpool that seemed to upset David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds has been trying to make it up to him ever since. What was that line? It is, “You ever heard David Beckham speak? It is like he mouth sexed a can of helium.” You can see why he is pissed? Even though let’s be honest, it is true.

Anyways, Mr. Blake Lively wants to right his wrong before Deadpool 2 comes out next week, so he found different ways to apologize to golden balls. Which way was the golden ticket? You just have to watch to find out. That and to see why he is really mad at Reyolds. Have to admit, that is pretty spot on too. He used to be on my To-Do list but after watching a lot of recent movies, bubble butt’s bubble was popped to me.

UPDATE: How did Cable aka Josh Brolin react to this video? He said, “I would never apologize to David Beckham for anything ever.” We will find out if he will have later this week because of them will be guests on The Graham Norton Show.


The only thing scarier than a Sharknado is a Shaqnado
April 19th, 2018 under James Corden, Shaquille O'Neal, The Beckhams. [ Comments: none ]

If you thought that sharks flying around in a tornado was pretty terrifying, it is the calm before the Shaqnado storm. That’s right thousands of Shaqs are swirling around in tornadoes and there is only one thing that can save us. Two things actually, Posh Spice and James Corden. Gd help us because we are going to need it.

Why? Because there is one thing that Victoria Beckham is worse at than singing, and that is acting. Which is the opposite of what the adult entertainment stars I used to see at Porn Star Karoake were bad at.


Is this what Victoria Beckham will do to get out of a Spice Girls tour?
February 23rd, 2018 under Sick Bay, Spice Girls, The Beckhams. [ Comments: none ]

Victoria Beckham went on a ski trip with her family and came back with a broken foot. Actually a small stress fracture, but still enough for her to wear a boot on her left foot.

How long will she be like that? She did not say, but I am assuming long enough to keep her out of Spice Girls rehearsals for the tour that she says they are not going on.


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