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Did this man reveal too much about his sex life on Family Feud?
July 28th, 2014 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Harvey asked Michael, “We asked 100 men, name something that is hard to do if you got a bad aim?” And the Family Feud contestant said, “I would say, um, the thing, with the wife, if you don’t have bad aim.” Then he added, “If you don’t have good aim, you can’t find it.”
Michael, neither confirmed or denied that he knew that from personal experience, so Steve went over to the wife to see if he could find out some more information from her. Crystal told him they have two kids. So that is at least twice that his aim was good where it mattered. Although after she came clean, so did he as he admitted that he never missed.
But did it happen to anyone else? Fourteen other men also gave that answer and because we learned a new expression for sex, “Ram the ham”. Let’s not make it a thing because that is bad, so bad it’s not Kosher.


Watch a woman shock Steve Harvey on the Family Feud!
June 30th, 2014 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Family Feud likes to ask questions that might lead to an answer that have a sexual tone to it. But I don’t think they thought would get an answer like that when they asked, “Name something you want sooner than later.” Sara responded by saying retirement, but it was not on the board. Then it was her mother’s turn and Barb said, “Since I am retired, I want sex!!! Now rather than later because I might not be around later.” Not only did she say wanted sex, she acted it out by doing several thrusts. Leaving Steve Harvey in a state of shock. Not that you can blame him because we too are in shock after seeing and hearing her say it.
And yes “A Good Poke” was on the board because we all want it sooner rather than later.
Now when it comes to Barb, all I have to say is, “You go girl!”


Who doesn’t love to see a man get his chest waxed?
May 13th, 2014 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Dan loves his wife, Heather, so much that he was willing to get his chest and back waxed for her. But what made his moment so special, for us, is that he let The Steve Harvey Show be part of it. So we got to see as hairs after hairs were painfully ripped out of his body as he squirmed in pain. Then when it was all done, he shared with us what the experience was like. I don’t know what they put in the aloe, but I want whatever he is having. There is no way he could possibly be so happy after that. Unless his wife gave him a quickie as a thank you! I think that has to be what happened.
Good for Dan for making his wife happy, more men should do the same thing. And make sure to film it as it happens and then upload the video YouTube for me to enjoy.


Are Steve Harvey’s Sexercise moves too caliente for daytime TV?
May 7th, 2014 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Harvey had Sexercise teacher, Jason Rosell, on his daytime talk show and he showed off some of his moves. They look like they’are a lot fun and something everyone can do. So after he taught us his steps, it was time to put hem all together. Well Harvey moves to his own beat and by the end of it I am not sure exactly what he was doing. As soon as he picked up that stepper and Twerking and Grinding with it, I had to put my hands over my eyes because it was too hot for me. Maybe even too hot for daytime TV? What do you think?
So if that is what Sexercise is all about, then sign me up.


Does Steve Harvery’s head look like an a$$
April 21st, 2014 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Family Feud asked, “Name an object that is the size of Steve Harvey’s head?” Well at first, Stephlanie said that was it the same size as a basketball; but since ball was already on the board she had to try her answer again. This time she said, “Hiney cheek, one hiney cheek.” Well the host didn’t take too well to his head being compared to half an a$$, but on a positive note at least she didn’t say it looked like a full one.
I have to admit, it does kind of look like a butt cheek. Don’t you agree? At least from behind, it looks like a behind!


Female Family Feuders agree a man can be short if he’s big down there!
April 14th, 2014 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Family Feud has given us many great answers to their questions, and some of them have made us laugh out loud. But the answer that Beverly gave made me laugh harder than I ever laughed with the show before.
Family Feud asked 100 women, “When it comes to men, short is OK as long as he is what?” Well Lauren went first and she said good looking. That was the 5th answer on the board. So now it was Beverly’s turn and she heisted as she said with shame, “He’s packing.” Steve Harvey didn’t have to say anything, he just looked at her that way he does; and she tried to get herself out of it but knew there was no way. Especially since her parents were just a few feet away from her not knowing how they should feel about their daughter’s answer. The host tried to reassure her that her daddy wouldn’t kill her if the answer was #1. So Harvey turned around to see if it was there, and it was. The #1 answer was “Good In Bed/9 Inches;” and her father was happy with his little girl who likes big (wink wink) men. Where is Kevin Hart when he’s really needed. Sorry Kevin, I do love you, but…
So I ask you to tell me, “When it comes to men, short is OK as long as he is what?”


Did Ruben Studdard keep the Biggest Loser weight off?
April 4th, 2014 under American Idol 1-5, Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Ruben Studdard was on The Steve Harvey Show today to perform his latest single Love, Love, Love and all I could focus on is how much weight he has lost. The Velvet Teddy Bear was eliminated not once; but twice on The Biggest Loser last year and yet he has not only kept that weight off, he added a lot more to it. The American Idol is looking as great as voice and I hope he stays this way. Way to go Ruben!


100 year old BFFs talk Twerking, Selfies, Justin Bieber and more!
February 4th, 2014 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Harvey had 100 year old BFFs, Irene Cook and Alice Jensen, on his daytime talk show to talk about today’s pop culture and they are a lot hipper than you would think. Sweet little Alice knew about Selfies, iPhone problems and Justin Bieber, while Irene made everyone laugh when she told us what she thought the second F in BFF means. Let’s just she had to be bleeped. Another classic moment during the Q&A between these women, who have been best friends for 94 years, is how they reacted when they found out someone named their baby, North West. They were even more disgusted than we were. Seriously, can they be any cuter?
I hope that someone somewhere watched this segment and gives these two ladies a talk show because I would watched them every day. They are breath of fresh air!


Every gameshow contestant should introduce themselves this way!
February 3rd, 2014 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Are you sick of contestants introducing themselves on game shows the same old way? Well The Carter Sisters changed that all up on the Family Feud when they came up with a new way to tell the television world who they are. First they did a cheer and then they did a rap, and both were very entertaining and made them memorable.
So if you are planning on being on a game show in the near future, why don’t you use The Carter Sisters as a role on how you introduce yourself. The 5 women seriously are perfection.


Steve Harvey has a cleaner mind than me!
January 27th, 2014 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Family Feud is back with all new episodes tonight and they are starting the New Year off with a bang.
Steve Harvey asked the contestants, “Name a game that people play at parties that a couple might play in the bedroom?” Well Isaac responded with confidence, “Hide and Seek!” Then as soon as he said that his wife applauded him on his very good answer. When the host realized that, he asked her how big is her bedroom. I think he took the answer literally, while I was thinking that body parts were playing the game. If you know what I mean?
So as dirty as this show can get, it is still cleaner than what I was thinking.
I am so happy that Family Feud is back because I have so missed this show.


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