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Do men’s balls bounce?
May 19th, 2016 under Family Feud. [ Comments: 1 ]

Family Feud asked the contestants, “Name a type of ball that doesn’t bounce?” Nicki guessed, “Well, I’m going to go there and say maybe men’ssss private parts.” Steve Harvey responded in his own special way by jumping up and down to see if they do. His conclusion is the same as most and they do. I mean hasn’t Nicki and the 6 other people who agreed with that answer seen a p0rn? Those things bounce like crazy, they bounce and bounce and bounce. If they haven’t seen a p0rn then haven’t they had sex to know the feeling of them bouncing against you. They just don’t hit the floor and lie their like a bowling, billiard or golf ball.


The embarrassing things people admit on Family Feud!
May 16th, 2016 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Harvey asked the contestants on Family Feud, “We asked 100 men, fill in the blank, every girl I meet tells me I’m what?” Without hesitation Joe buzzed in and screamed out, “Smelly!” The way he was so quick to answer that, you have to assume it is true for him. Sadly though, he admitted that on national television for no reason at all because it was not the board.


Is this one of the weirdest answers on Family Feud?
April 19th, 2016 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Family Feud has had a lot of strange answers on the show, and this might be the strangest one of them all. Steve Harvey asked the contestants, “Name something that people tie up?”
After the two people at the Face Off did not guess an answer that was one the board, it was time to go to the families to see if they could to be better.
Something the host would quickly regret when he asked Kashyap for the answer. He proudly said, “Criminals to a railroad track.” What? Someone has been watching way too many Silent Movies because no one else would’ve guessed that answer. Was it up there? The game show judges stretched it to give it to him. How? They had, “People/Kinky Lover,” up there. It was not the #1 answer. Which is shocking because the only thing I tie up is my lover to the bed. Who are those 29 people who tie their shoes over the partner? What’s up with that?


We know where this Family Feud’s contestant’s mind was!
April 14th, 2016 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Harvey asked Dana, “Name a word that starts with the sound Pee?” Without hesitation she guessed, “Penis,” with confidence. The Family Feud host then asked her, “Who the person in the mall gonna say that?” I am that person at that mall who is going to say that! I always have penises on my mind. So if they would’ve asked me, that is what I would’ve said. But alas, there was no one at the mall that day like me, so sadly that answer wasn’t on the board.
I can’t think of any other answer that would be up there. Peace out.


When Doggy Style is a perfectly good answer on Family Feud!
March 21st, 2016 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Family Feud asked 100 people, “Name one thing people do to imitate a dog?” Big Jim was convinced he knew the last answer on the board. Therefore he told Steve Harvey, “I probably shouldn’t say this with my kids here, but how about Doggy Style?”
After the host checked to make sure that his three sons were OK with what their dad just said, he wanted to see if that position, I mean, answer was on the board. Sadly, the 100 people surveyed need to broaden what they do in bed. Maybe if they did that would’ve been up there. I know that is the #1 way I imitate a dog. Well actually #2, I am #1 at being a B!tch.


These Family Feud answers go below the belt
March 10th, 2016 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Family Feud asked 100 single women, “Name something you would hate to fall out of your date’s underwear?” Derrick was quick to buzz in, “Doo doo!” As soon as he realized what he just said, he, along with the audience, started to crack up. That was the #2 answer on the board, so Mary went with, “condom.” That was the third answer on the board. Personally, I think that both should have been #1. Because I would dump a guy if I saw a dump come out of his underwear. Wouldn’t you?
Then it was up to the Phillips family to try and Tasha said, “A fake member.” When that wasn’t up there, Victor Jr said, “Well Steve, she said the fake one, I guess they wouldn’t want the real one falling out either.” I say depends how big it is. Sadly though that answer wasn’t up there either.
What is wrong with people? Those are all good answers.


What answer made Steve Harvey stop Fast Money?
March 3rd, 2016 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Harvey has been known to crack up uncontrollably on Family Feud, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him lose it during the Fast Money round. That all changed with one question, a question that would make any man laugh so hard to avoid crying. What was it? He asked David Jr, “Name a part of a man’s body that if hair were ripped from it it might cause him to cry?” The contestant being a man guessed, “his pen!s.” Even though the answer was expected, Harvey couldn’t control himself. He asked the producers to pause the game, so he could get his composure back. Once he did, he went on with the rest of the round.
Which was a good thing for the Clowes family because they wound up winning the $20,000.


This Family Feud contestant has a lot of balls for guessing this
February 18th, 2016 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Harvey asked Tarak on Family Feud, “We talked to 100 men, admit it, just once you would like to tell your wife, she’s what?” He didn’t hesitate, even though he knew this answer was going to get him in trouble, as he smiled and said, “She’s fat.”
You see, the reason why it took a lot of balls for him to answer that question that way, is not only was wife standing next to him, she is also very pregnant. He knew that, but he still thought it was a good answer even though the host tried to explain to him it wasn’t worth the money.
Tarak didn’t learn his lesson because later on on the show, Harvey asked, “Name a kind of place that might have mirrors installed on the ceiling.” Mike buzzed in, but then decided not to answer the question. Tarak barely waited for Harvey to call on him before he yelled out, “Strip club!”
Things are going to be real awkward between Tarak and Sneha when they get home. Money or no money.


Gotta love when some proudly screams out, ‘Your whore!”
February 15th, 2016 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Family Feud wanted to know, “Give me another name for mistress?” Sandy knew the answer, so she hit the buzzer like a married man would hit his mistress. When Steve Harvey pointed at her to tell him what she thought that word was, she proudly guessed, “Your whore!” She didn’t second guess herself and held her head up high as everyone laughed. Was she right? Believe it or not, it was the second highest answer on the board. How was it not #1?
Now, what makes this answer even more incredible that came from Miss Sandy, is the fact that she is a Church-going Librarian. The influence that Fifty Shades of Grey has had on libraries is starting to show its effects. I like it.


Oh mama! Is this the mother of all answers on Family Feud?
February 9th, 2016 under Family Feud. [ Comments: none ]

Steve Harvey asked the contestants on Family Feud, “Tell me another way people say Mother?” It started off good, but then he got to a contestant that made him wish he could say Mother followed by a curse word on the show. You know that expression I am talking about.
With Mom/Mommy and Mama already on the board, guessing the other two answers up there proved to be very hard for the Patterson Family. Yolanda went first with Nanny. I thought that was just a Beverly Hills thing, but I guess other people consider their nannies their moms too.
Anyways, next up was Cecilia who said, “Nana,” like na-na and it was not there.
Now, is when we get to the trouble contestant. When the host asked Shelia the question she said, “Nanna,” like Anna. Which she thought was different than Nana because of the way she said it. The producers told her no, that is the same thing. So he asked her again and she guessed, “Ma-me,” which is another way to pronounce Mommy.
At this point, Harvey asked the Pattersons, “Are y’all crazy?” He was referring them to saying the same thing but with different pronunciations. They laughed because what else could they do at this point.
The producers wanted to get back to the show, so Harvey again asked Shelia the question. This time she went with, “Mommy.” You can tell he was getting frustrated, so he went on one of his funny rants where he said the word Mommy as many ways as possible, so she would not guess that answer again.
What did she do when he asked her this time, she proudly yelled out, “Nana!” He was delirious at this point, so he went straight to the audience to talk to them about it. But before he came back to Shelia, he broke out into song. What song? Appropriately, it is Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.
And now he was ready to say goodbye to all of Shelia’s guesses, but he had to ask her one more time. This time she responded with, “Well Steve, I would say Mom but the answer Mom is already up there.” To which, the defeated host told everyone, “Let’s just flip that sh!t over!”
With that the Patterson got their third strike and a place in Harvey’s memory box for the Mother or is it Mommy or is it Mame or is it Nanna or is it Nana of all answers ever given on the show.
On a positive note, at least she never once guessed, “Mother!”


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