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Sherri Shepherd is the sexy lady in the red!
May 11th, 2021 under Sherri Shepherd. [ Comments: none ]

Sherri Shepheard recently lost 25 pounds, and she is showing off her svelte figure in a bright red jumpsuit. The Trial & Error star looks better than ever. So much so, I can’t believe she just turned 54. It is like the actress is turning back the hands of time.


Sherri Shepherd and Niecy Nash are literal bosom buddies
May 3rd, 2021 under Niecy Nash, Sherri Shepherd. [ Comments: none ]

Sherri Shepherd had a few good friends over for her birthday. They are such good friends that Niecy Nash made sure that her BFF boobs were front and center. As in their proper place, so she looks her best. It worked because they were on point and perky.

Ladies, we all need a friend like that—especially us gals with heavy boobs.

Finally, Nash gave some good tips on how to have our girls looking their best. Thanks!


Sherri Shepherd is every parent whose kids are home from school!
March 25th, 2020 under Sherri Shepherd. [ Comments: none ]
Parents all over the World are stuck at home with their kids 24/7 because their offsprings’ schools are closed. Sherri Shepherd is one of them.

The comedian recorded a video when she found out her son’s online classes were extended from April 19th to at least May 1st. I think parents can feel her pain. They have been crying in their bathrooms whenever they can.


Has Sherri Shepherd gone mad?
May 20th, 2019 under Sherri Shepherd. [ Comments: none ]

Sherri Shepherd shared a video of hers

elf coming out of the shower and it is nightmare inducing. Not because she was naked, as you can see she was fully dressed. Instead, it is because she came out of it like a crazed horror movie killer. Who knew the comedian was more suited for scary movies than funny ones?

Well, now we do. Someone call Jordan Peele because he has the star of his next film.


Sherri Shepherd loves showing off her new body
March 11th, 2019 under Sherri Shepherd. [ Comments: none ]

Sherri Shepherd recently lost some weight, and she loves showing off her weightloss. Here she is wearing a white pants suit with a silver bra looking fabulous. What do you think?


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