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Sherri Shepherd will be back for a charming season
April 2nd, 2024 under Sherri Shepherd. [ Comments: none ]

Sherri Shepherd has wanted to be a talk show host for a long time, and then she finally got the chance.

She is doing such a great job that her show was renewed for a third season today.

“I’m so excited to continue bringing joy, laughter and inspiration to our viewers,” Shepherd said in a statement. “I don’t take it for granted that people welcome me into their homes daily and that’s why I greet them with, ‘Hey Family!’ Thank you to Debmar Mercury, the Fox Television Stations and all of the broadcast partners who continue to support and trust in my vision of bringing fun and comedy to daytime. And as we enter season three, continue to expect the unexpected.”

I can’t wait to see what she brings next season because she is getting better and better with each episode.


Sherri Shepherd and Lenny Kravitz’s 15 minutes are up
March 21st, 2024 under Lenny Kravitz, Sherri Shepherd. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, I posted a video of Sherri Shepherd meeting her crush, Lenny Kravitz, for the first time. And I was hoping that this would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

However, today, we learned that their love affair was over after just 15 minutes or when the interview ended.

That is because the daytime talk show host broke up with him. But he did everything in his power to keep it going. And it was just not enough.

So, we won’t be seeing Sherri Kravitz anytime soon.

While it might be sad for her, it is happy for us! Because we still have a chance! We can be his netted shirt.


Sherri Shepherd meets her celebrity crush Lenny Kravitz!
March 20th, 2024 under Lenny Kravitz, Sherri Shepherd. [ Comments: none ]

Sherri Shepherd has been very open that she has a huge crush on Lenny Kravitz. And now that he is promoting his new album, Blue Electric Light, he finally came on her show today.

The daytime talk show host was so nervous to meet him. So nervous, she spoke in tongues. Granted, if I was sitting that close to him, I would be doing the same, especially if he let me feel his toned chest! Not only that, he was so sweet to her!

They would actually make a cute couple. He likes to laugh, and she likes to make people laugh! They would be perfect together!


The surprising man Rita Moreno has a crush on
March 5th, 2024 under Rita Moreno, Sherri Shepherd. [ Comments: none ]

Rita Moreno has famously dated Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley, so who does she have the fever for now?

She told Sherri Shepherd on her show today that Brad Pitt does it for the legendary actress. But he is not the only one. And the other guy is really shocking.

That is because it is Quentin Tarantino. Why him? The EGOT winner explained, “One for lovin’ and one for talking about movies!”

Fever is in the loins of the beholder.


Elvis Presley wanted Darlene Love to be his first
February 22nd, 2024 under Elvis Presley, Sherri Shepherd. [ Comments: none ]

Darlene Love was on Sherri Shepherd’s show today, and the singer told some stories about her life.

Did you know that between her time with the Crystals and singing Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), she cleaned houses to pay the bills? However, she only did that for a few months because her Christmas single changed her life forever.

Then, she had several hits on her own and with The Blossoms. So much so that she starred in the movie Change of Habit with Elvis Presley after they shot his ’68 Comeback Special.

Love says that he was enamored with her; he wanted her to be the first African-American woman he slept with. But she decided not to have a hunka hunka burnin’ love with him.

Depending on who you ask, she made the right choice…


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