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May 11th, 2021 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]


How does A-Rod feel about Bennifer reuniting? – Celebitchy

Axl Rose has a big regret – Grunge

Which Broadway shows are back when? – Pajiba

Ariel Winter looks different – Drunken Stepfather

Who claims Chrissy Teigen bullied her on DM? – Dlisted


Would you serve pasta this way?
May 11th, 2021 under Odd. [ Comments: none ]

So you are having a party, and you want to serve pasta. But how are you going to serve it so that everyone can serve themselves and clean up will be easy? If you are Lisa, you just put all the ingredients on your kitchen counter and mix it all up. Then you let everyone take what they want and pray they are not klutzes. As we know, cleaning up marinara sauce is not fun nor easy.

Now, let’s go back to the preparation. Would you pour tomato sauce, meatballs, parmesan cheese, and spaghetti all over your counter and then mix it up? There is no way in hell I would do that. I wouldn’t even eat off of it. No. No. No. Did I say no?

If this didn’t gross you out enough, Lisa did this with other meals like nachos. I don’t know how that countertop is as white as it is with all of the messy food she puts on it.

While I would never do this, would you? I told my friends that they have been doing Thanksgiving all wrong, and they should do this, this year? Well, long story short, I need a new place to go to this November.


BTWF: Andrew McCarthy for Burger King
May 11th, 2021 under Andrew McCarthy. [ Comments: none ]

Before Andrew McCarthy was in love with a Mannequin at the department store he worked at, he was a Pepsi employee who was in love with Elisabeth Shue, who worked at Burger King. How sweet was the 20-year-old in that 1983 commercial?


John Hughes didn’t want Andrew McCarthy in Pretty In Pink
May 11th, 2021 under Andrew McCarthy. [ Comments: none ]

Andrew McCarthy has a new memoir out called Brat: An ’80s Story. In the autobiography, he talks about his time in the ’80s when he was a member of the Brat Pack. Therefore, there are a lot of backstories about the films he made, like Class, St. Elmo’s Fire, Weekend at Bernie’s, and Pretty In Pink. It was the last movie that made us fall in love with him.

Today, when he was on The Talk, he talked about how that almost didn’t happen. When he auditioned for the role, John Hughes was looking for an athletic type to play Blane. Therefore, he was unimpressed by the actor.

While the legendary voice of teens was not interested, Molly Ringwald was. She told Hughes, “That’s the guy,” because “he is dreamy, he is poetic.”

Thankfully for all of us, Hughes listened to his red-headed muse. She was right. It was his preppiness that won us over. I don’t think a football player would have had the same effect. I mean, what teenage girl didn’t fall in love with McCarthy, James Spader, and Jon Cryer after watching this coming of age film?

On the latter person, I do wish Hughes didn’t listen to Ringwald when she told him that Andy should wind up Blane over Duckie because of his lip size. As much as I liked Blane, I was rooting for the nerd to get his girl. However, if I was Andy, I would have gone for all three men because there was no way I could have picked just one.

Anyways back to McCarthy, pick up his book now to learn more stories like this one. I can’t wait to read what he says about Mannequin. That movie still holds up. Actually, all of his films from the era do. I don’t care what his kids say about them.


Sherri Shepherd is the sexy lady in the red!
May 11th, 2021 under Sherri Shepherd. [ Comments: none ]

Sherri Shepheard recently lost 25 pounds, and she is showing off her svelte figure in a bright red jumpsuit. The Trial & Error star looks better than ever. So much so, I can’t believe she just turned 54. It is like the actress is turning back the hands of time.


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