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Will Forte gets under Seth Meyers’ blanket
May 20th, 2024 under Seth Meyers, Will Forte. [ Comments: none ]

Will Forte and Seth Meyers have been friends for a long time, so they hang out and play games.

Over the Summer, the Late Night host introduced the last man on Earth to a game called Under the Blanket. It is simple to play. At least two people go to a room and come out under a blanket, and the opposing team has to guess who is under which blanket.

The NBC host has so much fun watching it that he asked his former Saturday Night Live co-star to demonstrate the game on the talk show last week. And he agreed

So, Forte went backstage and came out under a blanket with a mystery guest. As soon as the blankets crawled out, Meyers could not stop laughing. And neither could we.

Did he guess right? Yes, he did. Who was under the other blanket? It was Rachel Dratch.

And now I want to host a game night so we can play the game!


BTWF: Ryan Seacrest singing Bon Jovi
May 20th, 2024 under Before They Were Famous, Ryan Seacrest. [ Comments: none ]

Before Ryan Seacrest was hosting the singing competition, American Idol, he was singing Bon Jovi in his bedroom. How cute was the 11-year-old in that 1986 home video?


Nina Dobrev injured in a dirt bike incident
May 20th, 2024 under Nina Dobrev. [ Comments: none ]

Nina Dobrev decided to get on a dirt bike, and now she regrets that decision. That is because the actress took a different set of wheels to get to the hospital.

Dobrev somehow got into an accident and found herself in a hospital wearing a neck and knee brace.

She didn’t say what happened or what injuries she suffered, but she did let us know, “I’m OK but it’s going to be a long road of recovery.”

Hopefully, she will be better soon and back on the bike. Just, as she says, not a dirt bike.


Is Jane Wiedlin really 66?
May 20th, 2024 under Are they really their age?, The Go-Go's. [ Comments: none ]

Today is Jane Wiedlin’s 66th birthday. However, you would never know it by looking at her in this topless photo.

I think we can all agree that the Go-Go’s guitarist still has the beat!

She looks even better now than when she played Joan of Arc in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. How do we know that 2024 Jane is not really Jane from ’89, and she is traveling through time in the phone booth to make herself look continually young?


A ’90s teen boy’s wet dream!
May 20th, 2024 under Beverley Mitchell, Christine Lakin, Full House, Jodie Sweetin, Soleil Moon Frye. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’90s, teenage boys were watching Christine Lakin on Step B Step, Jodie Sweeney and Andrea Barber on Full House, Beverly Mitchell on Seventh Heaven, and Soleil Moon Frye on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Even though the boys might have had their posters on their walls, they never saw the five actresses together.

But that changed recently when they had a girls’ night in for the How Rude podcast! And they all look as happy at the boys who will be dreaming about these five tonight.

On that note. It would be a dream if they did a sitcom together. It could be five life-long friends, all at different stages of their lives, but they are always there for each other.


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