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A mini Facts of Life reunion with Molly Ringwald and Mindy Cohn!
November 6th, 2023 under Brat Pack, The Facts of Life. [ Comments: none ]

Did you know that Molly Ringwald was on the first season of The Facts of Life in 1979? She was, and unfortunately, she was not asked to come back for season 2.

Over the weekend, she reunited with her co-star Mindy Cohn at the Rhode Island Comic Con in Providence. And we found out what an Eastland School for Girls reunion would look like!

Don’t Molly, 55, and Natalie, I mean Cohn, 57, look fabulous? So much so that I wish we could get a Facts of Life sequel with them starring in it!


A Gen X boy’s wet dream: Mindy Cohn, Vicki Lawrence and Marla Gibbs!
July 12th, 2023 under Marla Gibbs, The Facts of Life, Vicki Lawrence, Wet dream. [ Comments: none ]

Mindy Cohn/Instagram

Back in the ’70s and ’80s, boys were enjoying watching The Facts of Life, The Carol Burnett Show, and The Jeffersons. However, they never saw Mindy “Natalie” Cohn, Vicki “Mama” Lawrence, and Marla “Florence” Gibbs together.

Over the weekend, a few of them had their wet dream become a reality because the three actresses attended Fanboy Expo in Knoxville, Tennessee, and we got this photo!

Don’t the three of them look fabulous? They look even better now than they did then. Don’t you agree?


Is Lisa Whelchel really 60 years old?
May 30th, 2023 under Are they really their age?, The Facts of Life. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday was Lisa Whelchel’s 60th birthday, and you would never know it by looking at her. She looks exactly the same as she did when she was on The Facts of Life over 40 years ago.

And if she didn’t age and I grew up watching her, then I am not aging either. That is how it goes, right?

Seriously, doesn’t the actress look fabulous? Blair Warner would be proud of how beautiful she turned out—all of Mrs. Garrett’s girls aged fantastically.


A Facts of Life mini-Reunion
September 9th, 2022 under The Facts of Life. [ Comments: none ]

A few months ago, we saw Mindy Cohn, Kim Fields, and Lisa Whelchel reunite for the Live in Front of a Studio Audience reenactment of a Facts of Life episode.

Yesterday, three of the cast members reunited for another Norman Lear special. This time, it was to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Also, this time Nancy McKeon was there, but Whelchel was missing. Where was Blair Warner? The actress said to Natalie Green, “Beautiful! I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see you before you left. ❤️”

Whelchel is 100% right when she said that Natalie, Tootie, and Jo are “beautiful.” Can you believe it has been over 40 years since they started working together? Because it certainly doesn’t look it. And that is just the facts of life!


Janet Jackson reunited with her abusive TV mom’s real-life daughter, Kim Fields
July 5th, 2022 under The Facts of Life, The Jacksons. [ Comments: none ]

Over the weekend, Janet Jackson performed at the Essence Fest, and she was reunited with an old friend Kim Fields. Both women share the same mom. How? Chip Fields is Kim’s biological mother, and she played Janet’s mom on Good Times in three unforgettable episodes in 1977. Chip’s character physically abused Jackson’s.

Not only did they share that connection, but Fields also guest-starred on two episodes of the sitcom.

So, they obviously have a connection. Therefore, as soon as they saw each other, it was like no time has passed for the two actresses who have known each other for 45 years. And neither woman looks close to being old enough to have known someone for that long.


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