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Is Laverne Cox really 50?
May 30th, 2022 under Are they really their age?, Laverne Cox. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday was Laverne Cox’s 50th birthday. However, you would never know it by looking at her. The actress worked a bikini better than women half her age. So I think we can all agree that 50 is the new 25.


Laverne Cox got her own Barbie doll!
May 25th, 2022 under Barbie, Laverne Cox. [ Comments: 9 ]

In a time when Transgender people, especially children, are watching their rights being taken away from them, Mattel and Barbie found a way to stand with the Trans community. The toy company released a Laverne Cox Barbie doll so that every Transgender person can say there is a Barbie in their image.

Mattel Creations described the $40 doll: “As a four-time Emmy-nominated actress, Emmy-winning producer, and the first transgender woman of color to have a leading role on a scripted TV show, Laverne Cox uses her voice to amplify the message of moving beyond societal expectations to live more authentically. She wears a triple-threat original design, featuring a deep red tulle gown gracefully draped over a dazzling, silver metallic bodysuit. Her hair is swept into glamorous Hollywood waves while dramatic makeup completes her look.”

This morning the actress spoke to Today about why her mini-me is so important to her. “I was talking to my therapist how I was really shamed by my mother when I was a kid when I wanted to play with a Barbie doll but I was denied. And I had a lot of shame and trauma about that. And my therapist said to me, ‘It is never too late to have a happy childhood.’ She said, ‘Go out and buy yourself a Barbie and play with her. There’s a little kid that lives inside of you. Give her space to play.’ And I did.

I told my mother about it, and the next Christmas my mother bought me a Barbie doll. And on my next birthday, my mother bought me another Barbie doll. For the next several years, she would always give me Barbies. My mommy finally got me a Barbie. And there’s a kid in me, in all of us.

“Barbie has been a really healing experience for me as an adult and I hope Barbie fans of all ages can find healing and inspiration in this doll.”

I hope that every little boy and girl can find inspiration in her Barbie because the real Laverne Cox is an inspiration to me and so many people.

Cox’s doll is just as beautiful as she is, and any little boy and girl would be lucky to have her in their collection. Plus, this little girl at heart wants the outfit they gave her. How creative and gorgeous is that interchangeable look?


Laverne Cox pulls out of Sell/Buy/Date
January 7th, 2021 under Laverne Cox. [ Comments: none ]

Laverne Cox signed on to produce Tony-winner Sarah Jones’ play Sell/Buy/Date as a documentary. However, after several people confronted her about the project, she opted to walk away from it.

“When I agreed to come on as an executive producer of ‘Sell, Buy Date,’ I did so because I was so deeply moved by Sarah Jones’ brilliant play and her unbelievable, undeniable talent as an artist, as an actor. I signed on to support her incredible talent. I have so much love for her as a human being,” Cox wrote. “But I am not in an emotional place to deal with the outrage by some around my participation in this project. So I have decided to pull out. To be clear I am no longer involved in any capacity in “Sell. Buy, Date.” I have to take care of my mental, physical and emotional health. This is all I have to say on the matter. Stay in the love, Laverne Cox.”

Cox did not elaborate on what the outrage is over her doing the project. Sell/Buy/Date tells the story of real-life experiences of people affected by the commercial sex industry through interviews with current and former sex workers, experts, and celebrities.


An inconvenient question could have led to an inconvenient joke on Match Game!
July 6th, 2018 under Alec Baldwin, Joel McHale, Laverne Cox. [ Comments: none ]
Match Game is back on ABC and the show had some new first-time celebrity panelists like David Arquette, Michael Ealy and Laverne Cox on the game show yesterday. Even though they are newbies, they showed us humor never gets old when it is unintended!

Alec Baldwin asked the question, “When Al Gore was younger, he made a movie called Inconvenient Truth. Now that he is getting older, he is seeing his doctor about an inconvenient blank.”

Alex was hoping that the celebs would say ache, and he was so wrong. So wrong, the audience rightfully booed him. Joel McHale went with, “constant pee.” Constance Zimmer thought it should be “hernia”. Arquette went with the opposite of McHale because he said, “poop.” Caroline Rhea’s response rhymed with Arquette’s because she thought it should be “tooth”.

Believe it or not, it was tame until then. When Alec got to Ealy, he wrote down “penis.” I guess he forgot who was sitting to his left. Before Baldwin even had a chance to say anything, Cox warned him, “Don’t go there Alec!” She then added, “No comment on that!” In case you have been living under a rock and a hard place, she previously went to her doctors for an inconvenient penis. Oh the jokes they could have made, but ABC’s censors would have Arquette’s answer if they did.

In case you were wondering, Cox went little higher with her answer. She thought of what most older men complain about and that is prostate.

When it comes to the newbies, I think all of them would make great repeat panelists. In fact, Cox was so funny, she deserves her own game show.


Doubt proves its case!
February 15th, 2017 under CBS, Katherine Heigl, Laverne Cox. [ Comments: none ]
The case begins for Doubt tonight at 10p on CBS and it’s the best legal drama since Boston Legal.

Isaiah Roth (Elliott Gould) is the owner of a boutique law firm and has been fighting to right the wrongs since the Black Panthers. He is highly respected even though it gets him in trouble all the time. But he doesn’t do it for himself, he does it for his clients.

Just like his staff who learned from him. Sadie Ellis (Katherine Heigl) is a tough lawyer, who has know Roth since she was kid. They have a connection, which is why she is the lawyer she is and fights as hard as she does. Her latest client (Stephen Pasquale) was recently arrested for killing his girlfriend 24 years ago. He says he is innocent and now she will do anything to prove that he is. Especially because they have more than just a lawyer and a client relationship. Will she be able to prove his innocence?

Then there is her work husband, Albert Cobb (Dulé Hill), they have known each other since college and protect themselves from themselves. She isn’t the only one he keeps in control, he also keeps the whole office in order. Although, his love life it isn’t. Even though he is losing in love, he is winning in court. He is the type of lawyer, you want to defend you because he is the best at what he does. Just like Hill as an actor.

Cameron Wirth (Laverne Cox) is a Transgendered Ivy League, and she has been inspired by Roth ever since she saw him on television as a kid. When she fights for her clients, she does it with her all. She is an old school public defender at an expensive law firm. In the coming weeks, she will defend a college student who was raped and speaking out against her rapist. Instead of the school going after him, they are going after her. How will she convince the school to keep her client and go after the bad guy?

There are also two new lawyers. Tiffany Simon (Dreama Walker) is fresh out of Law School and the Iowa native is having a hard time adjusting to NYC. Unlike Nick Brady (Kobi Libii), who grew up in Brooklyn and studied law while he was incarcerated. Their prospectives are different and fresh from the senior members and it gives everyone new insight on their cases.

Doubt is a refreshing legal drama because it has heart. Something that is missing these days and something more shows need. It isn’t the only cases that make this show a winner, it is also the cast that makes you love them and want their representation if you were in that position. Which hopefully none of us will ever need, but no doubt we need Doubt.


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