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Joel McHale doesn’t only save animals on TV
April 1st, 2024 under Jennifer Hudson, Joel McHale. [ Comments: none ]

Joel McHale plays an officer on Animal Control. And he told Jennifer Hudson that he doesn’t only save animals on the hilarious sitcom.

Today, on The Jennifer Hudson Show, he told her how he saved two sheep when he was in Ireland last year with his family. The two of them fell into a bog, and he lifted them up and set them free.

He is like an Animal Whisperer! And a cute Zaddy too!


Who is moving into the House of Villains for season 2?
March 28th, 2024 under E!, Joel McHale. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t watch a lot of Reality TV. However, I watched the first season of House of Villains on E!, even though I didn’t know who most of the people were. And I was hooked! I loved to see all those Villains try to be the meanest one of them all.

So when I heard that the show was going to be back for a second season with Joel McHale as the host again, I couldn’t wait to hear who they were going to get this go around. And now we know who the new Villains are!

Wes Bergmann (“The Challenge”)
Teresa Giudice (“The Real Housewives of New Jersey”)
Jessie Godderz (“Big Brother”)
Richard Hatch (“Survivor”)
Victoria Larson (“The Bachelor”)
Larissa Lima (“90 Day Fiancé”)
Kandy Muse (“RuPaul’s Drag Race”)
Camilla Poindexter (“Bad Girls Club”)
Tiffany “New York” Pollard (“Flavor of Love”)
Safaree (“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”)

I don’t know who most of them are, but I can’t wait to get to know them in the Fall when the series vows to find the biggest Villain of them all!


Joel McHale is Fox’s new Gordon Ramsay
February 7th, 2024 under Joel McHale. [ Comments: none ]

Gordon Ramsay has been Fox’s staple for over a decade. But it looks like he is getting some competition from Joel McHale.

That is because he is going to be filling in for a sick Ken Jeong on I Can See Your Voice on February 14th and 21st. Then, he is taking over for an ailing Anthony Anderson on We Are Family the following week for the 2-hour season finale. Finally, on March 6th, he will be back leading the animals for the second season of Animal Control.

And now, I think, we know why the network renewed his sitcom for a third season a month before the new one even premiered. He was like if you want me to step in for everyone, then you need to pick up my show for another season. And I am OK with that.

If those shows are not enough for him to host, he also hosts Crime Scene Kitchen on Fox.

With all that McHale and Ramsay host on the network, they should give them a show together, and they could call it Crime Scene Hell’s Kitchen.


Animal Control catches a third season!
February 6th, 2024 under Fox, Joel McHale. [ Comments: none ]

We are exactly one month away from the season 2 premiere of Animal Control. And Fox is not going to wait to give the highlarious sitcom another season. Therefore, today, they announced the show about an Animal Control team in Seattle will be back for another charming season.

“Animal Control is an incredibly irreverent series that expresses everything viewers expect from a FOX comedy,” said Thorn. “It has an amazing amount of momentum behind it, and we’ve been so impressed by the work Joel [McHale, Bob [Fisher], Rob [Greenberg], Dan [Sterling], Tad [Quill], Jake [Fuller], and the entire cast [Michael Rowland, Vella Lovell, Ravi Patel, Grace Palmer, and many different types of animals] are delivering for Season Two we wanted to reward them with the opportunity to deliver even more of this special show to fans next season.”

If you haven’t seen the first season, then you can watch it on Hulu and I promise you are going to love seeing all the animals they get to appear in the comedy, which is truly a comedy.


Animal Control will be back with drunk raccoons
February 2nd, 2024 under Fox, Joel McHale. [ Comments: none ]

On the last season of Animal Control, the team dealt with vicious bunnies high on mushrooms. This season on the Fox sitcom, they take on drunk raccoons at a bowling alley.

And now, March 6th can not come soon enough.

I can’t wait to see all the trouble Shred (Michael Rowland), Emily Price (Vella Lovell), Amit Patel (Ravi Patel), and Victoria Sands (Grace Palmer) get into this season. And what animals will make guest appearances on the series besides the raccoons, monkey, goat, and tortoise seen in the trailer?

Of course, I can’t leave out pussy magnet Joel McHale, who is surrounded by cats! His dog must be so jealous.

If you didn’t watch last season’s funniest show, then catch up on the first season on and Hulu before the second season premiere.


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