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Joel McHale is twinning with his dog
April 21st, 2021 under Joel McHale. [ Comments: none ]

They say a man and his dog start to look alike after time. I think we can all agree that Joel McHale and Bean Bag are total twins. So much so, I don’t know which one is the actor and which one is Joel McHale. That was a dog of a joke!


BTWF: Joel McHale on Almost Live!
February 24th, 2021 under Before They Were Famous, Joel McHale. [ Comments: none ]

Before Joel McHale would get top billing in movies and TV shows, he didn’t even get mentioned in the opening credits of Almost Live. He looks the same now as he did when he was 24 in that 1996 episode.


Joel McHale is hosting a Tiger King special on Netflix
April 10th, 2020 under Joel McHale, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

For about a week now, we have been hearing that is there one more of episode of Tiger King coming to Netflix. Today, Joel McHale confirmed it.

He will be talking to John Reinke, Joshua Dial, John Finlay, Saff, Erik Cowie, Rick Kirkman, and Jeff and Lauren Lowe about how their lives changed since the show started streaming. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say about themselves and Joe Exotic.

Now, that the latter is jail, there is a lot more they can say about him. Will, they say it? Find out on April 12th.


BTWF: Joel McHale on Bill Nye, the Science Guy
April 10th, 2020 under Bill Nye the Science Guy, Joel McHale. [ Comments: none ]

Before Joel McHale was hosting Talk Soup, he was accused of drinking hot chocolate on Bill Nye, the Science Guy. He looks different as a nerd when he was 27 in that 1998 episode.


Joel McHale’s dog hates clapping games!
May 23rd, 2019 under Joel McHale. [ Comments: none ]

Remember when you were a kid, you would do clapping games with your friends to songs like Miss Mary Mack? Well, somehow Joel McHale and his wife, Sarah, found out their dog does not like things like that. Bean Bag really hates it. Because when the couple tried to do one to the McDonald’s Menu song, he went after them faster than a hungry pooch goes after your leftovers from the fast food restaurant.

I don’t know why the French Bulldog clapped back against clapping games, but it is the cutest thing you will see all day.


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