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Debbie Gibson’s sexy inflatable kiddie pool dance
September 21st, 2020 under Are they really their age?, Debbie Gibson/ Tiffany. [ Comments: 1 ]

Debbie Gibson was a Teeny Bopper Pop singer in the ’80s. However, in 2020, she is getting her ’80s video music vixen on.

The singer decided to shake her love in an inflatable kiddie pool, and now there are plenty of middle-aged men who are picturing her only in their dreams. She might want them to get lost in her eyes, but they are staring at her WAP.

Now, we know why Gibson sang Electric Youth in 1989. The teen idol knew she would still have it when she was 50. Can you believe she is half a century old after watching that? I don’t.


Is Linda Gray really 80 years old?
September 14th, 2020 under Are they really their age?, Dallas. [ Comments: none ]

Linda Gray/Instagram
On Saturday, Linda Gray turned the big 8-0. However, I would never believe it. I mean, her birthday cake says it, but her face doesn’t.

The Dallas star is not only aging with grace, she is also aging beautifully. Although, she has always been beautiful. The actress is just getting even better with age.


Is Salma Hayek really turning 54 tomorrow?
September 1st, 2020 under Are they really their age?, Salma Hayek. [ Comments: none ]

Salma Hayek/Instagram

Salma Hayek is turning 54 tomorrow. However, looking at the Oscar winner, you would never know it.

The actress is obviously drinking from the Fountain of Youth because she is getting younger instead of older. If that isn’t her secret, then I want to know what it is.


Is Cheryl Tiegs really 72?
August 20th, 2020 under Are they really their age?. [ Comments: none ]

Cheryl Tiegs/Instagram

Cheryl Tiegs shared her latest passport photo, and I cannot believe she is 72. Look at the supermodel, and tell me how is she a septuagenarian? She looks even better now than she did in the ’70s, and she is in her 70’s.

TSA agents are going to do a doubletake when they look at her, then her age, and then her again. They will be like this is fake.

Now, let’s talk about her photo. How is it fair she looks so beautiful in her passport photo, and we look like we got hit by the ugly stick in ours?


Did Julie Newmar really just turn 87?
August 19th, 2020 under 60s, Are they really their age?. [ Comments: none ]

Julie Newmar/Facebook

On August 16th, Julie Newmar turned 87 years old. However, I would never believe it, looking at this photo she shared from her birthday celebration. She is just a purrfect now as when she played Catwoman on Batman in the mid-’60s.

Doesn’t she make you go, “meow”? That is why she got a film in honor, you know, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.


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