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Jennifer Hudson is coming to Madame Tussauds
June 18th, 2024 under Jennifer Hudson, Madame Tussauds. [ Comments: none ]

Jennifer Hudson is one of only 15 people who can say they are an EGOT winner. Madame Tussauds took notice, so they are giving the singer a wax figure of her very own.

The wax museum wants to get it right, so they brought her in to make sure her life-size candle looks like her. So they brought her in and used their magic tricks to create her doppelganger. And we got to see their process.

How cool is it to see how they make their wax celebrities? I love how much they care to make sure their carbon copy looks like the real thing.


Ron Funches took his son to a strip club
June 7th, 2024 under Jennifer Hudson, Ron Funches. [ Comments: 1 ]

Ron Funches’ son turned 21 in New Orleans. So he wanted to do something special for Malcolm’s big milestone.

What did he do? He told Jennifer Hudson on her talk show today that he took him to a strip club. How did it go? The comedian told her, “I could not be prouder of him!”

What? Bunches of Funches explained that his son was such a gentleman. Anytime one of the women would walk by, he would introduce himself and ask them their names. Isn’t that so sweet? I am sure they wanted to give him a free lap dance for making them feel like ladies.

Funches’ parenting was recognized by another patron that night, who told him that he hopes he can be as good of a dad as the Undatble actor.

That is not the only way that Funches is a good dad. He also helped design sneakers with Puma for his son, who is autistic.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love any more than I do. He does an interview like this!


Dulé Hill gets Jennifer Hudson tapping
May 16th, 2024 under Dulé Hill, Jennifer Hudson. [ Comments: none ]

Dulé Hill is on The Jennifer Hudson Show today to talk about his PBS show The Express Way with Dulé Hill. The actor travels the country to meet people who use creative expression and the transformative power of art.

One of the creative ways that the Wonder Years star leaves people psyched is through tap dancing. He has been known for that ever since he starred in The Tap Dance Kid on Broadway.

The EGOT winner was not going to let him get away without showing her how to do it. So he taught her the Cramp Roll, and they made beautiful music with their feet!

I don’t know about you, but I can watch him Tap for hours and hours.


Wanda Sykes gets confused Lenny Kravitz
May 15th, 2024 under Jennifer Hudson, Lenny Kravitz, Wanda Sykes. [ Comments: none ]

When I look at Wanda Sykes, I think of Lenny Kravitz. Don’t you?

OK, we don’t. But the comedian reveals on the Jennifer Hudson Show today that two people in New Orleans thought she was the Rock Star. You know, because they look so much alike. He’s tall, she’s short. He is a man, she is a woman. He has dreads, she has short hair. As I said, they are practically twins.

I guess, as she says, the two “fans” were probably drinking everything on Bourbon Street and were not seeing things clearly. Not even remotely close.

I don’t know if she should be honored or insulted. I think it is a mix of both.


Rita Moreno dances with the Chmerkovskiy brothers
April 18th, 2024 under Dancing with the Stars, Jennifer Hudson, Rita Moreno. [ Comments: none ]

Rita Moreno is a fan of Dancing with the Stars Maksim and Val Chmerkovskiy. So much so that she went to see them perform in Napa. However, since it was Napa, she got drunk.

Well, today, when she was on The Jennifer Hudson Show, she got a do-over with the brothers. They were a gift from an EGOT winner to an EGOT winner.

So the West Side Story actress went Downtown with them. And it is the sweetest thing I saw all day! I could watch them shake their hips all day.


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