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What a feeling I got from this T-Mobile commercial
February 11th, 2024 under Donald Faison, Jason Momoa, Jennifer Beals, Zach Braff. [ Comments: none ]

So, I am a huge fan of the late Irene Cara. Therefore, when I heard Zach Braff and Donald Faison singing Flashdance…What a Feeling with different lyrics in a commercial for T-Mobile; I was like, what the fuck is going on? Does her estate really need the money that badly?

However, then things took a turn. Jason Momoa started singing and dancing with them. And now I want Aquaman to do a musical. Braff’s light grey sweatshirt slipped off her shoulder like it did in the movie poster. And finally, Jennifer Beals, who starred in the film, made an appearance.

And now, I need a bucket of water to fall on me and cool me down because I feel like a Maniac.


The L Word has evolved with Generation Q
December 8th, 2019 under Jennifer Beals, Showtime. [ Comments: none ]
The L Word took Showtime by storm in 2004. Sadly, like all good things, it came to end in 2009. However, like a fine wine, it is back tonight at 10p, and it has aged very well.

Generation Q includes the shows original stars Jennifer Beal, Katherine Moennig and Leisha Hailey. A lot has happened to them in the last 10 years and they have grown up.

Bette (Beals) is raising a daughter and she is running to be mayor of Los Angeles. She meets with Dani Núñez (Arienne Mandi), an exec who can Bette money for her campaign. When Bette does not like what she stands for, she opts not to work with her.

Sophie (Rosanny Zayas) does not reject Dani because the two of them are dating, and things are getting serious between the two ladies. Sophie works for Alice (Hailey), who is now a television star. Alice has found love with Nat (Stephanie Allynne), a woman with two children.

Shane is back from Paris, is she ready to date every available woman in LA again? Not if Finley (Jacqueline Toboni) can have her way. Finley is a younger version of Shane, which is why she idolizes her so much.

Unlike the first time around, where it was about friendship, partying and dating, this time, it is about friendship and settling down. Maybe it is because I have grown up a lot in the last decade, but I prefer this version of the show.


Jennifer Beals blushes when she watches Flashdance
December 3rd, 2019 under Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Beals. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1983, Jennifer Beals became a household name because of a little movie called Flashdance. To me, as a kid, I was interested in her dancing. As I grew up, I got excited to watch it for a totally different reason. The movie is steamy, from her storyline to the dance numbers and finally the music. Shandi’s He’s a Dream just makes you want to move your body like a stripper. Heck, I learned how to take my bra off with my shirt on thanks to this picture. That and how enticing it is to show off my braless shoulder in a sweatshirt. In other words, we get hot just thinking about it. You don’t have to melt butter for your lobster just thinking about that scene.

Well, that is us. Back in 2014, Beals had a whole new insight into the movie that made her famous. She tells Ellen DeGeneres today that she did not realize how sexual it was until that screening. What film of hers was the actress thinking of when she thought about this one? The movie oozes eroticism. Why else do you think the boys want to see it? It is not for the plot.

If Flashdance made her blush, then what does The L Word make her do? That show had more passionate sex scenes than the feature.

All this writing I just did about the film makes me watch it again. See you in a few hours because I am off to Hulu and Holla.


Jennifer Beals says she turned down Pretty In Pink!
March 6th, 2017 under Andy Cohen, Brat Pack, Jennifer Beals. [ Comments: none ]

Say what you want about Molly Ringwald, but she made Pretty In Pink what it is. I could not imagine anyone else but her in the lead role, can you?

Well, Jennifer Beals told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that she was offered the part of Andie. She said, “Frankly I am really glad that I didn’t take it because Molly Ringwald is so fantastic in the movie.” Then the Bravo host asked her why she didn’t take it, she told him, “The funny thing about Flashdance I wasn’t in school, the character is not in school, so you are not an age. And I thought if I play somebody who is in high school, then all of sudden I’m back there. And also I was going to college.”

Did she make the right choice? For herself, no. For us, yes. I mean, I can’t imagine loving the movie as much as I do with her in the lead role. I cannot see her being a good match with Jon Cryer, Andrew McCarthy, James Spader and Annie Potts. To me, Beals plays every role the same way. Monotone with a hint of bitch. That works for the roles she has been getting since The L Word, but would not have worked in the teen angst classic.

On that note, her next big movie after Flashdance was The Bride with Sting and it stalled her fame until The L Word came out nealry 20 years later. Yes, she continued to act, but no one really knew that she did because the Frankenstein movie was rightfully panned for being pure crap. So awful. Sting should never ever should act. But this not about him, it is about her making the right choice for us.


BTFW ads: Jennifer Beals for Perky Jeans
August 20th, 2014 under Before They Were Famous, Jennifer Beals. [ Comments: none ]

Before Jennifer Beals changed the way that we wear sweatshirts thanks to Flashdance, she was selling Perky Jeans. How cute was the 16 year old in that 1980 Japanese commercial?


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