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What a feeling I got from this T-Mobile commercial
February 11th, 2024 under Donald Faison, Jason Momoa, Jennifer Beals, Zach Braff. [ Comments: none ]

So, I am a huge fan of the late Irene Cara. Therefore, when I heard Zach Braff and Donald Faison singing Flashdance…What a Feeling with different lyrics in a commercial for T-Mobile; I was like, what the fuck is going on? Does her estate really need the money that badly?

However, then things took a turn. Jason Momoa started singing and dancing with them. And now I want Aquaman to do a musical. Braff’s light grey sweatshirt slipped off her shoulder like it did in the movie poster. And finally, Jennifer Beals, who starred in the film, made an appearance.

And now, I need a bucket of water to fall on me and cool me down because I feel like a Maniac.


Jason Momoa wearing just a pink towel
December 21st, 2023 under Jason Momoa. [ Comments: none ]

Jason Momoa is on a global tour promoting his film Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom Global, and he decided to promote some of the products he uses. One of those items is a pretty pink towel, and he modeled it for us.

When it comes to what else he was selling, I have no idea. Because I couldn’t get past seeing him in just the towel. That, and I was hoping it was accidentally going to fall off of him so I could see his trident. Is that wrong?


Could Jason Momoa convince Drew Barrymore to come out of acting retirement?
December 19th, 2023 under Drew Barrymore, Jason Momoa. [ Comments: none ]

Jason Momoa is going to be on The Drew Barrymore Show tomorrow, and she wanted to know if he could remake a Rom-Com, which one would it be?

The Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom told Drew Barrymore, “Maybe ‘Fifty More Dates.’ You need to come back to the islands and meet a Hawaiian man.”

So would she do it? She said, “I would do that. Of course, are you kidding?”

I hope Adam Sandler makes their flirtation a reality. How hot would that be? And I am not talking about the Hawaiian weather.


Want to get into Jason Momoa’s underwear?
November 7th, 2023 under Jason Momoa. [ Comments: 1 ]

We have seen Rhianna, Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo, and Kim Kardashian sell underwear. And now, Jason Momoa is joining them in the undergarment business.

Aquaman got the ladies wet when he showed us the boxers he will be selling with his clothing company So Ill.

Not only did the actor show them off, he also demonstrated how hot they make his butt look! Too bad he didn’t model them from the front, especially since they seem to have a balls hammock!

Seriously, I am going to order them for my man because I think he will look sexy in pink polka-dot boxers. But then, I will be picturing that Momoa is wearing them! And I will be screaming Mo-mo-a in bed, and he will be none the wiser. That is unless he looks at the label.


Jason Momoa knows a lot about shark sex!
July 11th, 2023 under Jason Momoa. [ Comments: none ]


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Half of the population has thought about sex with Jason Momoa. However, Aquaman has thought about sharks having sex with each other.

At least, I am assuming that is why he knows all of those facts about their mating rituals.

It could be that or because Warner Bros forced him to be the host of Shark Week to promote Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which comes out on December 20th. Although, I have a feeling they asked him, and he was like, “YES! YES! YES!”

And talking about YES, YES, YES, when are we going to get a Shark Sex doc during Shark Week? I would tune in to watch that on a Hump Day!

Oh, and Shark Week will be back on July 23rd on Discovery. So mark your calendars, chums, or you will be chum!


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