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P!nk and Ellen DeGeneres had the first celebrity crush
February 15th, 2019 under Ellen DeGeneres, Pink. [ Comments: none ]

Ellen DeGeneres had some burning questions for P!nk. She started it off by asking who was the singer’s first celebrity crush. Without hesitation, she said, “Brooke Shields.” Then the daytime host eventually agreed with her once she realized that Shields was in Blue Lagoon and not Tatum O’Neal.

Then Ellen got more than she bargained for when she asked, “What is the dumbest way you hurt yourself?” Then she admitted she slit her hand while slashing Carey Hart’s tires on Thanksgiving. Did it hurt? She didn’t feel a thing. Why did she do it? “Holidays are stressful.” No one can argue with that.

Good thing she has stress release with knitting. Who would think she would be a knitter? But she is and she is good at it. I want her to knit me something.


Ellen DeGeneres is afraid of ‘A-Rod’s penis’
February 13th, 2019 under Ellen DeGeneres, J-Lo. [ Comments: none ]

Ellen DeGeneres asked Jennifer Lopez to answer some of her Burning Questions and we learned more about the talk show host than Jenny from the block.

For example, when she asked J-Lo what she likes best about Alex Rodriquez, the singer said his arms. While Ellen said his penis. Then later on DeGeneres admitted she is afraid of it. I don’t know why because it would be a swing and a miss if he tried anything with her with his A-Rod aka baseball bat.

We also learned that J-Lo sleeps in T-shirt as compared to Ellen who sleeps without one or anything else.

Just when you thought that J-Lo would be naughty one, turns out she is very PG. It is Ellen who is rated NC-17!


Damn, The Patriots’ Julian Edelman is fine without his beard
February 8th, 2019 under Ellen DeGeneres, Sports figures. [ Comments: none ]

On Sunday, Julian Edelman was named MVP of the Super Bowl and all we saw was his beard. Today, on Ellen, she talks to The Patriots player about that big bushy thing. He reveals to her that the coach told him to put everything away at the beginning of the season. Therefore, he put his razor away and has not shaved in 9 months.

That is when Ellen DeGeneres told him that she will donate $10,000 to the Boys & Girls Club in his name if he lets her shave off that furry mess. Not only did he agree to do it, he matched her donation.

Then off the went to do it and off it went. When she was done, the MVP scored a touchdown in the looks department. Who knew such a good looking man was under all of that hair? I want to play baseball with the football player if you know what I mean!

Seriously though, I respect him so much for not only doing it but also for matching her donation without even being asked to do it. That show that he is as good of a person as he is a player.


Even when Ellen DeGeneres is trying not prank Eric Stonestreet, she does!
January 18th, 2019 under Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Bublé, Modern Family. [ Comments: none ]

Ellen DeGeneres decided to send Michael Bublé to Handy Market in Burbank to work as a cashier. While that would be good enough, she took the prank one step further. The host was going to tell him what to do in his earpiece.

How did it go? His first costumer was Eric Stonestreet. Since the Modern Family actor has been pranked before by Ellen several times, he knew something was up. He was right, although it was his girlfriend who realized it was the crooner who was packing their groceries.

The lesson of this story is Burbank is the real Hollywood, where the magic really happens.


Ellen DeGeneres found a new way to torture her producer Andy
January 11th, 2019 under Ellen DeGeneres. [ Comments: none ]

Ellen DeGeneres was watching Bird Box and a lightbulb went off in her head. She said to herself, let me blindfold Andy and have him follow me around as I tap on the bell like Sandra Bullock’s movie kids did in the movie. The ding would draw him towards her like Boy and Girl were drawn to their movie mom.

Since she asked him to do it in front of the cameras, he had no choice but to say yes. A decision, he would wind up regretting.

With each ding, he feared that his boss would scare him again. Even though he knew it was coming, he still was very concentrated on the sound of the bell. So much so, any strange noise would be amplified and make the scare worse. Which is what Ellen was hoping for when she set off an air blast right in his path. Causing him to curse on the air and walk off the set.

Which I can’t blame him because it is what I would have done. But then again, I might have been a good dog and came back on stage when she started calling me again with that freaking bell.

Poor Andy, I hope she at least pays him well because he deserves a raise every time she scares him. Although at the rate she scares him, he would make more money than her in no time.


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