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Demi Lovato reveals she had a crush on Barney
September 13th, 2023 under Demi Lovato, Howard Stern. [ Comments: none ]

We know that Demi Lovato starred on Barney with Selena Gomez. But did you know she had a crush on him?

The actress revealed that fact on The Howard Stern Show on Monday. The Shock Jock wanted to know if the man behind the suit was an asshole, and she told him, “He was so nice.” Then she added, “He was really attractive.”

She explained that the actor was really muscular because the suit weighed around 70 lbs. So not only was he ripped, but he also has a good-looking face. So, because of all of that, she had a crush on him.

And the singer is not lying. Have you ever seen David Joyner? Not only is he all of the things that she mentioned, but he also has a sweet smile that makes you want to make him smile!


Who was Sarah Jessica Parker to make these demands before Sex and the City started?
June 30th, 2023 under Howard Stern, Sex and the City. [ Comments: none ]

Sarah Jessica Parker was on Howard Stern’s radio show, and he asked her why she was never nude on Sex and the City. And that led to a conversation about the other demands she had before she would agree to do the series.

Parker was told by her agent that Darren Star was writing the script with her in mind, and he wanted to meet with her. So when she went to meet him, she told him she would not do any nude scenes. The EP told her that is fine.

Stern asked her why she didn’t want to do them. And she explained to him that she was shy, and it had nothing to do with body image or morality.

That was her first demand. The second one is that she didn’t want her character to curse. She felt that Bradshaw was a writer and she would be thoughtful when she uses her words. So she wouldn’t curse in everyday conversation. And when she did, it would make more of an impact.

Finally, as a movie actress, she was afraid to take on a role on the male-dominated network. So the heads of HBO told her that if you don’t like it, then we will end it after the first season.

I am about to go on a rant. As a fan of Girls Just Want to Have Fun, who was she when the show came out? Her movies were flops. Square Pegs, and I love Valley Girls, doesn’t hold up. So who was she to be like I won’t do this, and I won’t do that?

Was she worth it when there were so many better actresses out there? I mean, she was a name, but so were so many others who don’t have such a nasally voice.

I don’t get it. But I didn’t watch Sex and the City. I preferred watching Queen as Folk because I like watching naked men over women.

And now, I am going to be a bitchy woman. This week, I watched interviews with Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker. Cattrall came off as someone you want to be friends with, and Parker came off as a snobby bitch. So I will forever be Team Samantha!

I feel better now.


Pitbull tries to teach Howard Stern to dance
May 3rd, 2023 under Howard Stern, Pitbull. [ Comments: none ]

Pitbull was on Howard Stern’s radio show yesterday, and they talked about the Miami singer’s dancing.

The radio host wanted some advice on how to move like him. Pitbull told him, “I try to tell people you don’t have to know how to dance…Whatever the beat is telling you to do. Do it.”

And then Stern stood up and tried to do it. So Pitbull got up to teach him how to get his booty shaking, and it is all in the cock being led by the bass of the music.

How did Stern do? The tall white guy could never replicate the Cuban way of movement. But it was a good try. I am sure Stern’s wife appreciated it in the bedroom later that night.


Would Nick Cannon get a vasectomy?
April 11th, 2023 under Howard Stern, Nick Cannon. [ Comments: none ]

Nick Cannon has 12 kids under 12 from six different women. So you have to wonder if he would ever get a vasectomy. Howard Stern was wondering that, too, so he asked the baby daddy that very question on his radio show yesterday.

“I was looking around. I was shopping to see…that’s a scary thing,” Cannon said.

So why did he look into it? The comedian told the Shock Jock, “I felt pressured. I felt the world was trying to make me get a vasectomy. I don’t operate well under pressure. My body. My choice.”

Cannon went on to say that people would stop him on the street and tell him to get snipped. Can you blame them? We probably would all say the same thing to him if we saw him walking by.

I mean, how many more kids does he need? Although, he did tell Stern he would go for 13 with the recently single Taylor Swift. She better run away as fast as she can if she sees him because his sperm is potent.


‘Oh my!’ George Takei’s catchphrase is not from Star Trek.
December 2nd, 2022 under Graham Norton, Howard Stern, Star Trek. [ Comments: none ]

Here is your latest Mandela Effect explained.

Did you think the catchphrase “Oh my” is from Star Trek? Well, it is not. Nope. He never said that on the show.

But we know the actor has uttered those two words. So what is going on?

Today on The Graham Norton Show, the beloved actor explained how it happened. Many years ago, he was invited to appear on Howard Stern’s radio show. However, he didn’t know who the shock was at the time.

So Sulu arrives at the radio show offices, and they have a radio on. He said to his publicist that the show they have on is vile and disgusting. And she told him that is Howard Stern.

Then he was ushered in, and the first thing that Stern said to Takei was, “You have a deep voice. A voice like that must have a big dong below?” To which the legend asked, “Are we on the air?” When the shock jock told him they were, all he could say was, you guessed it, “Oh my!”

And the rest is history, thanks to Stern playing to two words repeatedly on his show.


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