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Barbra Streisand gave Stephen Colbert a tour of her basement mall
November 14th, 2023 under Barbra Streisand, Stephen Colbert. [ Comments: none ]

A few years ago, I saw the play Buyer and Cellar, which is based on the possible person who works in the mall that Barbra Streisand has in her basement.

Ever since then, I have wanted to see that mall. And yesterday, I did when the legend gave Stephen Colbert a tour of it on his Late Show. Babs showed him two of the stores; one displayed rare, old dolls, and the other was a gift shop full of antiques.

It was even better than I thought. I just wished she had given the tour to someone who was less concerned about making unfunny jokes instead of appreciating the unique opportunity he was given.


BTWF: Barbra Streisand on The Jack Paar Show
November 8th, 2023 under Barbra Streisand, Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before every late night host wanted to interview Barbra Streisand, she made her late debut on The Jack Paar Show. How remarkable was the 18-year-old in that 1961 episode?


Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing is about Barbra Streisand
November 8th, 2023 under Aerosmith, Barbra Streisand, Howard Stern. [ Comments: none ]

If someone were to tell you that Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing is about Barbra Streisand, you would think they were lying to you. But they aren’t.

Yesterday, when the actress was on Howard Stern’s radio show to talk about her memoir My Name Is Barbra, he asked her if that was true. And she told him it is. Then she explained how it happened.

The singer was being interviewed by Barbara Walters, and Barbra told Barbara that her husband, James Brolin, said to her after sex that he didn’t want to fall asleep because then he would miss her.

Well, songwriter Diane Warren was listening to that interview, and it inspired her to write that song. So, every time Steven Tyler sings that song, he is singing about Babs. Kind of a boner killer, isn’t it?


BTWF: Barbra Streisand on What’s My Line?
February 3rd, 2023 under Barbra Streisand, Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Barbra Streisand was an EGOT winner, she was known as a Broadway star on What’s My Line. How beautiful was the almost 22-year-old in that 1964 episode?


Is Barbra Steisand really turning 80 next month?
March 29th, 2022 under Barbra Streisand. [ Comments: none ]

Barbara Streisand has a big birthday coming up on April 24th. The legend is going to turn the big 8-9. However, you would never know by looking at her. She looks younger now than when she starred in Nuts, which came out in 1987, and that is nuts. It is like her face has no Memory of how old she is.

What’s up, doc? I need to know her secret because her face is like butter!


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