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Barack Obama admits he made a mistake when it comes to Dolly Parton
December 1st, 2020 under Barack Obama, Dolly Parton, Stephen Colbert. [ Comments: none ]

Barack Obama was a guest on The Late Show yesterday, and Stephen Colbert called him out on a mistake he made when he was President of the United States.

Did you know that national treasure Dolly Parton does not have a Presidential Medal of Freedom? The woman, who has secretly been making lives better for decades, does not have one of those little medals that would allow her to know that America thanks her for all she does for it.

Well, that is a travesty, and Colbert called out Obama on it. “That’s a mistake. I’m shocked,” the former President said. “That was a screwup…I assumed she already got one, and that was incorrect.”

What is he going to rectify his error? He is going to call President-elect Joe Biden and tell him to give the Country legend one. Now, more than ever, she deserves it. After all, she did secretly help fund one of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Dolly Parton is the closest thing we have to a Saint in America these days, and she needs to be recognized for all that she does. I am sure the incoming president will give her this honor. That is when he can because he is going to be cleaning up a huge mess for most of his first term.


Christmas on the Square is a holiday delight
November 22nd, 2020 under Dolly Parton, Netflix. [ Comments: 4 ]

If ever there was a Christmas that we needed Dolly Parton to be everywhere, it is this one. Netflix is streaming an original movie that stars the legendary angel. An Angel is what she plays in Christmas on the Square. Along with being the star on top of the tree, she wrote 14 original songs for the holiday musical.

Regina Fuller (Christine Baranski) grew up in the small town that her father owned. Now that he passed away, the Scrooge has decided to sell it. Forcing everyone out of the homes and businesses on Christmas Eve. People like her best friend Margeline (Jenifer Lewis) and her ex-boyfriend Carl (Treat Williams). Obviously, the townspeople don’t want to leave, so Pastor Christian (Josh Segarra) organizes a rally to resist Regina.

Is there anything that anyone can do to change her mind and the mean woman she became? Angel (Dolly Parton) is hoping that Regina can become the woman she was before something happened that changed her. That secret is why she left her home and became the evil businesswoman who puts money before friendship.

Christmas on the Square is directed by Debbie Allen. She brings her dance style to life with Parton’s song, thus creating several magical performances.

Talking about performances, it is nice to see Lewis and Williams return to the musical roots. I have had a crush on Williams since I was a little girl and saw him in Hair. I have been waiting years for him to sing again, and great things come to those who wait.

If 2020 is getting to you, then let this musical bring a smile to your face. I can’t stop smiling since I saw it. It is hard not to smile when you combine Christmas, music, and Dolly Parton in one joyous movie.


Would you read Dolly Parton or just look at the cover?
November 20th, 2020 under Dolly Parton. [ Comments: none ]

Dolly Parton is as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside. However, people seem to focus on her beauty, even though there are brains behind that beautiful face.

“I’ve always been misunderstood because of how I look,” Miss Dolly says. “Don’t judge me by the cover cause I am a real good book.” Who wouldn’t want to read her cover to cover?

If I used that Dollyism on a man, he would be like, you are no Dolly. He’d say you are not a good cover, nor are you anything they would be interested in reading.


We should name the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine after Dolly Parton
November 17th, 2020 under Coronavirus, Dolly Parton. [ Comments: none ]


Last week, I got into a debate with my cousin’s wife over the Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19. She told me that we should call it the Trump vaccine. That is when I explained to her that he didn’t fund the development and research, only distribution of it. Therefore, it is not his to be named after.

Well, that was the first potential vaccine. The second one from Moderna, which was announced yesterday, has a famous person who helped fund its development and research. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the Dolly Parton COVID-19 Research Fund (Vanderbilt University Medical Center) helped to support it financially. Therefore, we should name it after her.

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to have a little Dolly Parton in them? The World would be a better place if we were all a little like her.

Plus, I think a lot of people, who are hesitant to get it, would be more willing to get the shot if they had to ask the doctor for the Dolly Parton.

The Dolly Parton can cause you to be happy, witty, the ability to play songs on your nails, loved by all, and may even make your breasts grow. Sign me up for the trials because I want this cure as soon as possible.

Now let’s talk about the difference between Trump and Miss Parton. He took credit for the vaccine as if he made it himself, and he didn’t do squat. In contrast, she has not uttered a peep about it. Her involvement only saw the light of day when someone read the fine print. That is why we love her, and he had to brainwash people to like him. Being humble is a much better trait than being an ignorant, egomaniac, psychopath. Seriously, there is no comparison.

UPDATE: Dolly Parton talked about her donation that helped to make the vaccine possible on Today today. The singer didn’t even know her money helped to make a difference.

“I’m just happy that anything I can do can help somebody else,” Parton said. “When I donated the money to the COVID Fund, I just wanted it to do good. And evidently, it is. Let’s just hope we find a cure, real soon.”

When Gd made her, he used his best clay! She is humble, generous, and so full of light and love.


Because we all need a little Dolly Parton today
November 4th, 2020 under Dolly Parton. [ Comments: none ]

Dolly Parton has not only decided to grace us with her presence, but she also is gracing us with her Dollyisms on Instagram. In her latest one, she declares that she is “a self-made woman.” Don’t believe her? Then she has “the doctor bills to prove it.”

Let’s be honest, y’all. She is gorgeous, even if she didn’t spend a dime to make herself look that. She is beautiful on the inside and the outside.


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