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Did Simon Le Bon leave Duran Duran for a Barbershop Quartet?
February 6th, 2013 under Duran Duran. [ Comments: 1 ]
For years we have seen Simon Le Bon with a full beard, but he recently shaved it off and now he is donning a handlebar mustache. So I am wondering if Duran Duran’s lead singer is switching genres going from New Wave to Barbershop Quartet. I mean I am just trying to come up with some rationale why he is curling his mustache like that because it looks ridiculous. I love D², but all I want is for him to shave that thing off.

UPDATE: Simon Le Bon has a sense of humor about his facial hair because here is what he Tweeted this morning, “Rumours abound his morning that the producers of Lithuanian Idol want to book my ‘tache to be on the judging panel.” Personally I think it is crazy enough to judge on American Idol, since that seems to be the requirement.


John Taylor’s look has been foiled.
March 5th, 2012 under Duran Duran. [ Comments: 1 ]

John Taylor has been highlighting his bangs since Duran Duran first took the top spot on the charts in the ’80s and now he is giving us a behind the scenes look of him getting a New Moon haircolor on Monday. The bassist said “Always a good look” on Twitter with the photo and I am sure he meant that sarcastically. But you know what he will always look good to me. Seeing him with foils in his hair was the highlight of my day.
If you want to see how it all turned out then click here!


Simon Le Bon disses MTV!
November 16th, 2011 under Duran Duran. [ Comments: none ]

Last week Duran Duran launched one of the most talked about music videos of the year and yesterday Simon Le Bon took to Twitter to say how Girl Panic could actually air on MTV. He said, “MTV excited about a DD vid! Whoever would’ve believed it?” And then he added, “Of course, I do mean MTV the website. To get on MTV the TV channel we’d have to do some reality nonsense about setting teddy bears pants on fire while on spring break in Ft Lauderdale, or suchlike.” You know what’s sad is that he so right.
Here are some other ways D2 could get on MTV. Simon could be a pregnant 16 year old girl? Or he could get his GTL on, do a crap load of sit ups and show off his abs as he tries to smush as many women as possible? The 4 members of the band could move into a house in some strange city as the cameras follow them around? Or wait since he has the beard maybe he can be a Teen Wolf? How do you think Duran Duran’s and other musicians could actually get their music videos on MusicTV?


Duran Duran’s Girl Panic will cause a lot of guy panic!
November 8th, 2011 under Duran Duran. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the days when the M in MTV stood for Music and the V in VH1 stood for Videos, Duran Duran was the King of Music Videos. Even though those glorious days of MTV and VH1 are long gone, Duran Duran proves that they are still just as regal as they were back then with their new video for Girl Panic.
I can’t think of any band that can top what they just did with their latest single off of their album All You Need Is Now. Something they teamed up with Harper’s Bazaar to do. You would think that the man that said, “Why rock stars marry models? Because they can! It’s the same answer to the question: ‘Why do dogs lick their balls?’ Because they can!” would be the one the came up with the concept for this video, and you would be wrong. It was not Simon LeBon’s idea, but Nick Rhodes and he told OK! how it came about. “Harpers had approached us about collaborating with the magazine on something really special… I’d had had this crazy idea for a video for the song Girl Panic! that looked fantastic on paper but that I thought in reality would be impossible to pull off. The idea was to recreate a day-in-the-life of the band, with five of the world’s greatest supermodels playing all of us. (They) loved the idea of doing a cover shoot within the video itself – and so it all began.”
This band that has wowed us with videos like Girls on Film, Rio, Wild Boys, A View to a Kill and so many more, and those all seemed rather daring. Well Simon LeBon added this about Girl Panic, “We have made some pretty ambitious videos over the years, but this one was certainly the most challenging to date.”
Why was it one of their most challenging, try working out the schedules of Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen, Naomi Campbell and of course Simon’s wife Yamin. That is not an easy feat, but they did it. And I am so happy that they did because Girl Panic is one of the most impressive videos I have seen in a really long time. I can’t begin tell you how mesmerized I was watching it. It was as beautiful as the women and men involved with it.
So take about 10 minutes of your day today an enjoy Girl Panic!


John Taylor just gave me nightmares!
October 31st, 2011 under Duran Duran. [ Comments: none ]

John Taylor has always been my dream man, but after seeing the Duran Duran bassist dressed like the walking dead he is now the man of my nightmares. So Save a Prayer for me now because his View to a Kill is totally horrifying. Seriously isn’t his costume the scariest one of them all?


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