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Anthony Anderson and Taye Diggs are going to go Full Monty
May 14th, 2024 under Anthony Anderson, Bruno Tonioli, James Van Der Beek, RENT. [ Comments: none ]

Drew Herrmann/FOX

A few months ago, Fox announced that they were bringing The Real Full Monty to the States to raise money for a good cause.

And now we know who will be taking it all off to raise awareness for prostate, testicular, and colorectal cancer testing and research.

Anthony Anderson is going to be dancing barefoot and bare everywhere else with Taye Diggs, Chris Jones, Tyler Posey, Bruno Tonioli, and James Van Der Beek.

“Don’t die of embarrassment. Get checked! That’s the message behind The Real Full Monty special,” said Anderson. “I am honored to lead the charge of rallying these fearless men to bare it all, in order to provoke, inspire and in this case, beg you to get screened for cancer. That’s our goal…so what are you waiting for!?”

During the two-hour special, Anderson will lead Diggs, Jones, Posey, Tonioli and Van Der Beek as they train and rehearse for the most revealing performance of their careers, culminating with a big strip-tease dance, choreographed by Emmy Award-winner Mandy Moore, where they will bare all in front of a live audience. Leading up to the final disrobing, the men will push their limits of comfortability, modesty and brotherhood with a series of rehearsals and experiences, both private and public, designed to build confidence and remove them far from their comfort zone and strengthen their bond as a group. Along the way, each of the celebrities will share their personal stories of how cancer has impacted their lives.

The Real Full Monty will air this Fall. I hope it is a huge sucess because I have two actor friends who want to do the show. And they would be perfect for the second season!


Taye Diggs strips for a commercial!
April 2nd, 2024 under RENT. [ Comments: none ]

Taye Diggs Tru Earth laundry strips so much that he is willing to take it off for one of their commercials! And all I can say is I hope he has to do laundry more often.


I think Taye Diggs is losing it in lockdown?
August 3rd, 2020 under RENT. [ Comments: none ]

Taye Diggs, like the rest of us, is adjusting to the new normal. Some people are not handling it that well, and there is the All American actor.

He recorded a little dance video, including nipple squeezing, to get us moving. You know what, it definitely pays the rent.

Try it! It will make you feel happy, and that is what we all need today.


Adam Pascal does not rent out hugs
April 19th, 2019 under RENT. [ Comments: none ]

Sometimes when you see a celebrity that has touched your life, you just want to hug them as a show of appreciation. However, you might not have considered how they feel about being touched by someone they do not know.

Adam Pascal is one of the celebs who does not like it, so the Rent star took to social media to let his fans know how he feels. He wrote, “I don’t know how or where else to address this so I’m doing here. I hope all the people that Need to see see it. If you are not a close friend or a member of my family don’t fucking hug me I don’t know you, it’s an invasion of my space and a violation of my boundaries. Would you hug a stranger on the street because that’s what l am. Use your head and have some respect.”

I can see where he is coming from, but to that stranger, he might feel like something more. Especially, if it is someone who has seen Rent more than 525,600 minutes, I mean, times.


Taye Diggs did not want to do RENT Live
January 28th, 2019 under RENT. [ Comments: none ]

Last night, the original cast of RENT joined the one-night-only ones on Fox’s RENT Live; but there was almost one holdout. After the show, Taye Diggs sang a song to the tune of Seasons of Love about it and he said he did not want to do it because he thought it would be cheesy. Instead, it turned out that he had a really good time with his old a$$ friends and actors that are old enough to be his kids.

Talking about the youngins, on Saturday night, Brennin Hunt broke his foot during the dress rehearsal and was only able to do the final song live. Before he came out for the finale, Tinashe wheeled him out in front of the crowd. You can tell by the applauds, they loved him. Which they should because that was no easy feet, I mean feat, to do a day after you break your tootsie. When I fractured mine, I was in bed downing pain pills for days. There was no way you could get me to do my big break after a big break. Thus, my shoe is off to him. I just have a problem with the person who told him to break a leg before the rehearsal. What were they thinking?

To see the original and the newest cast sing Seasons of Love, then click here!


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