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Frankie Muniz is going through puberty
October 18th, 2021 under Frankie Muniz. [ Comments: none ]

Frankie Muniz is almost 35 years old, married with a son, and yet, he is first going through puberty.

The actor announced, “After almost 36 years, I finally sprouted my first chest hair. From now on, only refer to me as Daddy or Sex-God.”

Wait until he finds out where else he grows hair, now that he is finally getting some on his body.


Ryan Reynolds is taking a break from acting
October 18th, 2021 under Ryan Reynolds. [ Comments: none ]

Over the last few years, Ryan Reynolds has done some huge budget action films like the two Deadpools, Free Guy, and Red Alert. However, the Christmas musical he just finished filming with Will Ferrell convinced him to take a hiatus from acting.

That’s a wrap for me on Spirited. Not sure I’d have been ready to say yes to a film this challenging even three years ago.

Singing, dancing and playing in the sandbox with Will Ferrell made a whole lotta dreams come true. And this is my second film with the great Octavia Spencer…

Perfect time for a little sabbatical from movie making. I’m gonna miss every second working with this obscenely gifted group of creators and artists.

These days, kindness matters as much as talent. I’ve been lucky to work with folks who are flush with both.

Even though he will not be acting, he will have plenty of other things to keep him busy, like his wife, Blake Lively, his three young daughters, his companies Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile. and his rivalry with Hugh Jackman. Maybe now they can finally go to couple’s therapy and work on their issues.

As sad as I am that Reynolds won’t be acting for a while, I know he earned the time off. Although, didn’t he get a break during the pandemic? Actors.


Vince Neil rushed to the hospital after falling off the stage
October 18th, 2021 under Mötley Crüe. [ Comments: none ]

Vince Neil performed with Mötley Crüe at the Monster on the Mountain festival in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, on Friday. After a few songs, he walked to the end of the stage and didn’t see the gap between the floor and the speaker. So, he fell a few feet down onto some hard cement and injured himself, according to TMZ.

When he got up, he had problems breathing, so they rushed him to the hospital to make sure he was OK. He is, but the X-Rays showed that he broke some ribs in the fall. Now, he is relying on Dr. Feelgood to make him feel good.

Since the show must go on, it did with guitarist Jeff Blando filling in for the singer. That is why Rockers are a different breed than other musicians.


This Halloween costume gave me a boner!
October 18th, 2021 under Halloween. [ Comments: none ]

I have been searching for a costume that gets me excited for Halloween, and this weekend I finally found one via a TikTok video.

CensusJathan Neider found a turtle in the road, and walked it over to safety.

Since the bassist was going to a Halloween party, he was dressed for the occasion as a skeleton. However, this skeleton comes with 207 bones. The 206 that we all have and one boner!

Can you think of a better costume? I can’t! And for less than $35, it is the perfect one for all of the men in your life. Well, not the ones who work with kids.


Watch Lizzo twerk to Adele’s Easy on Me
October 18th, 2021 under Adele, Lizzo. [ Comments: none ]

When I heard Adele’s Easy on Me for the first, I started to cry. I think most people were overcome with the feels.

However, when Lizzo listened to it, her body was overcome with wanting to dance to the ballad. So she got up from her chair and started to twerk to Adele’s powerful words. That is why she is who she is.

She sees the light in the darkness and goes for it. And now I can’t stop twerking to Adele’s songs. And let me tell you, Hello is an invitation for sex!


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