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Is Taraji P Henson, Cookie or is Cookie, Taraji P Henson?
December 7th, 2016 under Empire. [ Comments: none ]

Jussie Smollett likes to share videos of his TV mom hitting him when the big camera isn’t rolling. Today, he switched it up showing Taraji P Henson hitting his TV brother Yazz.
While it looks like it is a scene from Empire, Smollett says, “It’s just @tarajiphenson teaching @yazzthegreatest important lessons while kicking his ass.” Which makes you wonder how much of the character is her and how much of her is her character. Is there even any difference? And that is why we love watching her every Wednesday on Fox!


I need a cold shower after watching the Fifty Shades of Darker trailer
December 7th, 2016 under 50 Shades. [ Comments: none ]

I read all three Fifty Shades of Grey books and was not really turned on by them. I feel asleep watching the first movie, but the second movie’s second trailer has me all types of excited for it. I mean it looks hot. Which is what Fifty Shades movies are all about. Right?
If sex is what you want this Valentine’s weekend, now you know where to get it starting on February 10th. I know I will be going from theater to theater to see Fifty Shades of Darker!


That time someone took a photo of Kunal Nayyar at a urinal
December 7th, 2016 under Chuck Lorre, Larry King. [ Comments: none ]

Larry King recently asked Kunal Nayyar on Ora TV’s Larry King Now what is his strangest fan encounter he has ever had. Raj told him one time he was using the urinal when a German fan snapped a photo of him while he was taking a leak. Before he could react, the guy was gone. And that is definitely one of the strangest fan encounters anyone can go through.
So what is your Big Bang Theory why the fan did that?


Who did a better Mannequin Challenge John Stamos and Ron Funches?
December 7th, 2016 under Better than..., John Stamos, Mannequin Challenge, Ron Funches. [ Comments: none ]

We have seen some pretty epic Mannequin Challenges, and now stars like John Stamos and Ron Funches are taking it to a whole new level. They both posed with some real mannequins. Which one did it better? The stiff or the dummy? I say it is a tie.
BTW let’s talk about how skinny Bunches of Funches looks next to the test dummies. That 130lbs weight loss is really showing and he looks fantastic. Then again I like him no matter what the scale tells him.


Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon go mad!
December 7th, 2016 under Chris Pratt, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Chris Pratt was on The Tonight Show yesterday and Jimmy Fallon asked him he wanted to act with him in Mad Lib Theater. Basically, the NBC late host asked his passenger for a bunch of words like you do with the game Mad Libs and then they act it. Thus why it is called Mad Libs Theater.
This time the scenario was Santa (Pratt) accusing his Elf (Fallon) of stealing one of his toys. How did it go? Let’s say Rudolph saw the Elf “spanking on the roof.” Leave it to the lovable action hero to come up with some interesting predicaments for both of them. All that turned out to be extremely funny and worth the watch.


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