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July 20th, 2017 under American Idol 9+, Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest. [ Comments: none ]

After months of speculation whether or not Ryan Seacrest will return as the host of American Idol on its new network, today he made it official on one of the shows he hosts. Minutes before the start of Live with Kelly and Ryan, he Tweeted he had some big news to share. It did not take a genius to figure out what that meant.

Shortly after the show started, Kelly Ripa stole his glory and broke the news that he was returning as the host. He said, “I don’t know if you have been in a 15 year relationship and then for a reason you really don’t know you break up. You know all of a sudden the show, the show was going we thought was going well and then all of a sudden we broke up. And I thought gosh, it would be great to get back together at some point.” That some point is now.

Also during the announcement, he revealed that Idol will tape in Los Angeles and the eliminated contestants will be on Live the following day. Which got Ripa even more excited.

Am I excited? No. I think we needed to miss the show more. Plus, it sounds like it is going to be the same old, same old and that was not working. People were tuning out in the millions because they were not happy with the way that it was going. They need to change it up. I get that Seacrest is the heart and soul and the only original left, but that does not mean they needed him. They really need to try some new things, but hiring him and Katy Perry means it could have remained on Fox. That is not a good thing.

ABC needs, they really need it, to be a hit. I do not think that is going to happen. I think it will have a strong opening night because of curiosity, but after that who knows?


Demi Lovato, is that you?
July 20th, 2017 under Demi Lovato. [ Comments: none ]

We are used to seeing Demi Lovato with loose wavy hair, but yesterday she shared a photo of herself with stick straight hair. Because of that she looks a lot like Cher around her Sonny & Cher days. A look that really works for her. It makes her appear like a sex symbol that she is. What do you think?


A mini Scrubs reunion!
July 20th, 2017 under Bill Lawrence, Zach Braff. [ Comments: none ]

Zach Braff, Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke got together for a steak night yesterday and we got a mini Scrubs reunion. Proving that JD and Turk have the best bromance ever to bloom on television. So much so, I do not know why no one has tried to revive this show. Especially since NBC is bringing back Will & Grace and ABC is bringing back Roseanne (with Chalke), plus Comedy Central is the sitcom’s repeats. The timing is perfect for the revival, don’t you agree?


Times are tough even bears are door-to-door salesmen
July 20th, 2017 under Animals. [ Comments: none ]

Marysol Deeley heard someone trying to enter her Dorion, Ont. house on Saturday morning according to CBC, so she looked out and saw it was a cub. When she heard that the baby bear was at the front door, she opened it up and said, “Well hello, what are you doing in our yard?” As soon as the sweet creature saw the human, he ran away in fright.

Which is kind of sad because she might have invited him in for some tea and honey, which would have been all honey! Even though he was gone faster than you could say roar, she still got this awwwdorable video that is too much to bear!


Hot Links!
July 19th, 2017 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]


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