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July 27th, 2015 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]


Who is that Cleopatra? – Dlisted

Whose vag is showing – Celebslam

A Natalie Imbruglia nip slip – The Nip Slip

Who did the Bachelorette choose? – Pajiba

Sir Ian McKellen teaches us how to cook – THS

Who pooped in his pants on stage? – Celebitchy

Bill Cosby's victims all in one place! – The Blemish


Tom Cruise brings back that loving feeling!
July 27th, 2015 under Jimmy Fallon, Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Suri. [ Comments: none ]

Tom Cruise is on The Tonight Show tonight and Jimmy Fallon challenged him to a Lip Sync Battle. Cruise started it off with The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face. The NBC late night host showed us that he has moves like Jagger as he mouthed The Rolling Stones’ Undercover of the Night. Joel Goodsen shocked Fallon by side sliding his way over to the mic to Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock’n’Roll. Did he do it? Nope, he did the coming of age duet, Meat Loaf’s Paradise in the Dashboard Light. That wasn’t the last duet of that night, Fallon ended the battle with The Righteous Brothers’ You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling.
So who was the top gun in this mission impossible? Maveric of course!
BTW when did Cruise become a brunette Owen Wilson?


BTWF roles: Roma Downey in A Woman Named Jackie
July 27th, 2015 under Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Roma Downey was Touched By an Angel, she played one of America’s most famous angels, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, in a Woman Named Jackie. How beautiful was the 30 year old in that 1990 telemovie?


Guess who is under all of that pampering?
July 27th, 2015 under Guess who?. [ Comments: none ]

Want to see who wasn’t born that way, then click here!


Lip Sync Battle is getting hot in herre because of Victoria Justice!
July 27th, 2015 under Spike TV. [ Comments: none ]

Victoria Justice is going to be on this Thursday’s Lip Sync Battle, and she’s going to mouth Nelly’s Hot in Herre. Not only is she going to silently sing the song, she is going to grind to it while wearing tight leather pants.
I feel bad for Gregg Sulkin because there is no way he can beat her on the Spike show. Unless the audience is mostly female and he does his performance nearly nude!


Is Josh Peck going to be a dad?
July 27th, 2015 under Do they have something to tell us?. [ Comments: none ]

Josh Peck is going to play a dad to a young child on Fox’s Grandfathered this fall, but is he also going to be one in real life too? The actor and Amanda Cerney, did a Vine together, where she is telling him that they are pregnant? Since the two of them make a lot of fun Vines together, so we don’t if this one is for real or not. But within 9 months we will know the answer.


I think we know where this anchor gets his sex toys!
July 27th, 2015 under TV News. [ Comments: none ]

via FTV Live
KTVN was reporting on the fact that Amazon is now worth more than Walmart and anchor John Potter has his theory why. He says his “friend” who works in the factory told him it is because they sell a lot of sex toys and Walmart doesn’t sell any. It wasn’t only that he expressed his theory, it was that he kept saying it over and over again. So it has to make you wonder if really has a friend who works in the factory or that is where he gets his supply of adult toys? I am thinking it’s the latter because that is just how my mind works. What do you think?


The Rock is manly enough to wear a girly shirt!
July 27th, 2015 under The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

The Rock is one of the manliest men in Hollywood, and because of that he has the balls the size of a unicorns to wear a T-Shirt with one of them on it. Not only does it have the magical horse on it, the mythical creature is on a cloud with a rainbow behind it.
That shirt was once popular in the late ’70s and early ’80s with roller skating girls, and now it is being worn with DJ! So you have to wonder what he is saying about himself. If he was born two decades later, than I was say he was one those Foxes reincarnated. Who knows maybe he is? You know, he had a Drop Dead Diva moment and one of those girls is living in Dwayne Johnson now. Why not?


Andy Richter’s TMI
July 27th, 2015 under Conan O'Brien, TMI. [ Comments: none ]

Conan O’Brien’s TBS talk show is taking some time off, and that means Andy Richter has a lot of extra time on his hands. What did he do with? He finally got his bush under control, and made like a gardener and trimmed the hedges. When he was done, he took to Twitter to let us know he did some much needed manscaping. Now all I can do is picture him showing off his work to himself. Tell me I am not the only one with that image stuck in their head.


What do you get when you mix Ice-T and Coco together?
July 27th, 2015 under Ice-T/ Coco. [ Comments: none ]

Ice-T and Coco have some big news, they are having a baby! The happy couple will announce the news on their new talk show on August 3rd! The two were hoping to keep it quiet until the premiere of the episode; but as soon as they were done taping it, the happy announcement was out there.
Now we just to wait to find out what drink they are going to name their child after. You know, since his name is Ice-T and her’s is Coco. Maybe they can name it T-Colia? Combining their names for tequila?


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