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Undateable Live isn’t only going live, it’s going to be a live experience!
October 9th, 2015 under Bill Lawrence. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p ET and PT, NBC it’s time for the season premiere of Undateable Live, the first scripted show in over 20 years to do its whole season live. The last time that happened was in 1992. Back then, the internet was just a baby, cell phones were only used for calling people and tablets were things you wrote on with a pen. Well, a lot has changed since then and the show is going to use that to its advantage.
The show’s creator Adam Sztykiel explained, “For us it is a live show and for that to be worth doing, you’ve got to utilize that it is live.” Then he added, “One of the ways you can do that is involve the viewers and fans and also put out content the week leading up to the show and make it a live experience.”
There are several ways they are going to do that on Undateable Live. Every day at 7:30p ET they have been and will continue to use Periscope to show them prepping for the live episodes. Tonight just before the show goes live for an hour at 8p ET and then again for the West Coast audience at 8p PT, they will show you on Periscope what is happening behind the scenes. They will also be doing this during the commercial breaks.
There’s more, they will be Tweeting not only leading up to the episodes, but they will also be Tweeting during them. Executive Producer Bill Lawrence revealed that if you see an actor looking at their phone during the episode, chances are they are Tweeting a fan. Brent Morin, who plays Justin, said this is something he wished has happened when he was younger. He elaborated, “If I was a kid and I was watching Boy Meets World, I could Tweet Topanga and if she respond to me on camera, that would freak me out.” Be prepared to be freaked out because, who knows, maybe Bridgit Mendler, Ron Funches, Rick Glassman, Bianca Kajlich or David Fynn might Tweet you back in between lines.
There’s one more live interactive element that will be incorporated into tonight’s episode. Justin and Danny (Chris D’Elia) will get into a fight and one of their phone numbers will be given out live on television. That phone number is a real one and if you dial it quickly enough, you might be able to talk to one of the actors live on the show.
Those are just a few ways that you can interact with the cast during the episode, but there are things they are doing to make the show feel different. Lawrence said, “We wanted to do live, special, because the comics on the show are adept to rolling with the punches. Hopefully making the show seem dangerous and fun.” There are several ways they are planning to make it “dangerous” and “fun.” Lawrence revealed, “It is fun watching how gleeful the actors get because each one of them has a line that they know the other person is going to turn purple and panic when they say it.” You see, each actor has a line that another actor knows nothing about. Kind of like Morin didn’t know that Ed Sheeran was going to kiss him during last season’s live episode. Not only are there lines they don’t know about, the writers will be changing them up at the last minute to throw the actors for a loop.
Another way to prove that this show is done live every week is they will be writing current events into each episode. Unless they are psychic, there’s no way to fake that.
Lawrence knows, “It could be a disaster.” Thankfully, his co-EP Sztykiel keeps telling him, “If it’s a disaster, it is fun to watch.” So he is predicting at least two of the shows will be a disaster, and I predict that will be fun to watch. Morin’s take on it is, “There are a lot risks, this is not going to be a perfect show that is what is going to make it great.” In fact, he told us that he is praying someone (preferably D’Elia) has a meltdown.
Why not play it safe then, like so many other shows have done in the past? Lawrence had this to say about that, “A mistake would be this show is going to be live and you don’t notice it is live.”
Lawrence is hoping that there is something for everyone with all of the extra live elements. He said, “Our goal is if you are a flat-out TV nerd, like I am, and just want to watch the show, it is not going to seem like some weird show with too many bells and whistles that confuses you.” Then he added, “Or if you are like my daughter, who wants to decide what outfit Bridget wears or talk to Brent while he is getting ready for the next scene.” There’s something for them too.
Be prepared tonight at 8p ET and PT for Tweeting, Periscoping, flubs, zaniness and most importantly lots and lots and lots of laughs. That was already a given when they taped the episodes during the first two seasons. It’s going to be so much funnier now that it is live.


The Rock rocks out!
October 9th, 2015 under The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

A video posted by therock (@therock) on

There is just something so addictive about The Rock, and I can watch him dancing all day long. Today, he shared a video of himself during his post-cardio bliss and it gives me bliss watching him move to iHeart Memphis’ Hit the Quan. Seriously, doesn’t it just make you happy to see such a muscular guy bop around like a skinny boy at a bar who doesn’t care if anyone is watching him dance? DJ is just having fun dancing with himself and that is all that matters!


Justin Bieber’s dad is proud of his son’s penis
October 9th, 2015 under Justin Bieber, TMI. [ Comments: none ]

Just when you thought that Joe Simpson and Donald Trump were the only fathers to say inappropriate things about their children, here comes Justin Bieber’s dad to top them. He took to Twitter to ask his little, OK not so little, boy what he feeds that things. Then hashtagged it with #proud daddy.
I get that it looked like an elephant snout, but still no father should go on Twitter and say that. Which makes you wonder if Justin’s peepee size is something he got from his mother side because his dad seems surprised that it is so big. Which proves we aren’t the only ones surprised about the length.
I can’t believe I just talked that much about The Beebs’ baby baby maker. I need help.


Wendi McLendon-Covey or Big Hero Six’s Betamax?
October 9th, 2015 under The Goldbergs. [ Comments: none ]

Wendi McLendon-Covey shared a photo of herself looking like Betamax’s twin from Big Hero Six, so what is going on here? It appears she is dressing up as the original big, white and puffy movie star aka the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for The Goldbergs’ Halloween episode. Why? We will have to tune in on October 28th to find out. At least, I am assuming this look is for the Halloween episode. If not, then she definitely has some explaining to do!
BTW am I the only looking at that costume and thinking that would make a great workout outfit? Try doing a sit up in that thing or running or basically anything.


Can The Terminator, The Exorcist and/or Se7en work as musicals?
October 9th, 2015 under James Corden. [ Comments: none ]

Broadway actors Nathan Lane and Rachel Bloom were on The Late Late Show yesterday and James Corden had them do a bit called Inappropriate Musicals. Together the three of them gave The Terminator, The Exorcist and Se7en a voice, a singing voice, and strangely enough it worked.
I don’t know why they called them inappropriate because there was nothing inappropriate about them. If there’s anything inappropriate on Broadway, it is some of the stunt casting they have done for Chicago, Cabaret and Hedwig and the Angry Inch to name a few.
Back to Corden, I think this is his best bit yet. I just wish he would stop trying to do a New Yawk accent, it kills me every time he tries.


Hot Links!
October 8th, 2015 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: 1 ]


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Finally a new trailer for Sherlock – Celebitchy

Is Khloe Kardashian's butt stuffing showing? – Celebslam

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Melissa Gilbert’s first kiss was on Little House on the Prairie
October 8th, 2015 under Hallmark, Reunions. [ Comments: none ]

There was a Little House on the Prairie reunion on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family and Melissa Gilbert confessed that her first kiss ever was on the show with Dean Butler. As they were filming the scene, her mother was wailing in the background and Half Pint was fully nervous. In fact, she asked her TV dad if they could hug instead, but he said no.
You can’t blame for being so scared, she hadn’t even shaved her legs and now she was kissing a good looking man in his 20’s. I would’ve been nervous too.


BTWF roles: Keanu Reeves in Under the Influence
October 8th, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Keanu Reeves. [ Comments: none ]

Before Keanu Reeves was dealing with his own demons in My Own Private Idaho, his father died because of his demons in Under the Influence. He looks the same now as he did when he was 21 in that 1986 movie.


You are the animal you hold!
October 8th, 2015 under Animal Planet, Jimmy Kimmel, Lena Dunham. [ Comments: none ]

Lena Dunham is on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight and for some reason he brought some animals into her green room. She held the pig and he held the pussy…cat. They say you are the animal you hold, right? That is why I always hold female dogs in heat!


Abby Lee Miller is not happy with the Dance Moms casting
October 8th, 2015 under Lifetime. [ Comments: none ]

During the Dance Moms’ season finale, Abby Lee Miller hinted that she was going to disband the Junior Elite Team aka the dancers we know and love; and now it looks like she was serious about that. Today, she posted a message on Instagram declaring, “They are casting dancers I didn’t select or deem appropriate for the new team.” So now she is looking for the best 7 and 8 year old dancers in the country.
If you want your child to be yelled at on national television doing something they once loved, then send Miller an email to with pictures and video. Good luck.
When it comes to the show, if the girls and their moms aren’t back, then neither am I. I am not tuning in for Miller, I am tuning for them. Are you done with the show too if the girls and their moms are not the focus of the show?


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