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The Surviving Jack cast has a problem surviving some scenes!
April 17th, 2014 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

While most shows wait until the DVD to share their Gag Reels, Surviving Jack’s Executive Producer, Bill Lawrence, posted a few of their Bloopers on YouTube today. If you think the Fox sitcom is funny enough when they get the scenes right, imagine how hysterical it is when they don’t.
And if you never seen the show, then you should definitely check it out tonight at 9:30p on Fox. Watching Chris Meloni play the tough dad of two teens who surprises us by how caring can be, is great way to spend your Thursday nights. If you have seen the show, then let’s see how he tortures his son, Frankie (Connor Buckley), this week. You know you will be laughing when he does, and at the rest of the episode too.


Guess who is wearing Spider-Man Underoos?
April 17th, 2014 under Guess who?. [ Comments: none ]

Want to see who now dresses up for a living, then click here!


Three legendary singers from the ’80s all in one picture!
April 17th, 2014 under 80s. [ Comments: none ]

Kenny Loggins Facebooked this photo of Steve Perry, Tracy Chapman and him from an event they attended yesterday, and I think it is like totally awesome to see these three together. Loggins said he was the only one of them who sang at the Beverly Hills Bar Association dinner honoring Lee Phillips as Entertainment Industry Lawyer of the Year, but imagine if they harmonized as a trio? Their voices together would literally make sweet sweet music.


Is this Ryan Seacrest’s secret to it all?
April 17th, 2014 under American Idol 9+. [ Comments: none ]

Ryan Seacrest Tweeted a picture of himself downing some Sriracha straight from the bottle and now we know his secret!
His skin has that natural tan look all year long because his blood is mixed with the hot sauce. He is always awake and able to do all of those job because when his mouth isn’t on fire from it, his butt is. And finally, we know why he gave us The Kardashians, he made a deal with the devil. I mean no mortal, who is not a demon, can drink that stuff like that without suffering a major complications. Am I right?
So do you think we now know Ryan Seacrest’s secret???


North West earned her wings!
April 17th, 2014 under The Kardashians. [ Comments: none ]

Khloe Kardashian shared a photo of her little niece, North West, in a white onesie with wings. If any living person deserves to earn their wings on Earth, it is her. I mean look at who her parents are, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. If that doesn’t say she needs to be a walking Angel, I don’t know what does.


Robin Williams is getting ready to play Mrs Doubfire again!
April 17th, 2014 under Robin Williams. [ Comments: none ]

Even though it has been 20 years since Mrs Doubtfire came out, that isn’t stopping Fox 2000 from doing a sequel to the movie according to The Hollywood Reporter. Although this has been in the works for over a decade, the sequel finally has a writer with a plan that is good enough to get Robin Williams and Chris Columbus to want to do it. The question really is, should they? I love the original and just don’t know if it needs a sequel. The only feasible plot I could see is if Williams’ character opened a business teaching other men how to dress up like a housekeeper so they can see their kids too. Other than that, I don’t see how they will be able to clean house at the Box Office with it.
Now having said all of that; if the movie has Robin Williams, then I am going to see it.


Orange is the New Black season 2 looks like next level crazy!
April 17th, 2014 under Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

The first full trailer is out for Netflix’s Orange is the New Black and I want to know why today isn’t June 6th. Seriously, how arresting that the second season look? It looks like they are turning the electric chair’s power all the way up and that is very good thing!


Hot Links!
April 16th, 2014 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]

Want to see a topless Heid Klum from the front? – Dlisted
Rachel Bilson in a small bikini – GCeleb
Is Mila Kunis having a boy or girl? – Rickey
Catherine Zeta-Jones got banged – Celebitchy
Which MILF was wearing Mom Jeans? – Popoholic
Kristen Stewart stole Ronald McDonald's hair – Socialite Life
Which Boy Bander is marrying a talk show host? – Hollywood PQ
Is the Human Ken Doll built like him down there? – The Poll Vault

I Wanna Marry Harry, but do you believe it is him?
April 16th, 2014 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Fox released the first promo for I Wanna Marry Harry, and I can’t believe all those women actually thought he was Prince Harry. Maybe because I have seen so many pictures of him, I knew it wasn’t him.
But then again if I were on the show, I would totally believe it was him just because who doesn’t want to marry a Prince? Especially the future Prince of England if he can find a way to get rid of his brother and nephew.
Now when it comes to show, it looks like the perfect trash to get us through our summer. So I will be turning in on May 27th, will you be joining me?


BTWF roles: Tom Selleck in Taxi
April 16th, 2014 under Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 5:00 in)

Before Tom Selleck was being chauffeured around in a limo on Blue Bloods, he was being driven around in a Taxi. How sexy was the 34 year old in that 1979 episode.


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