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July 27th, 2016 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]


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Rita Ora braless – The Nip Slip

Kate Hudson makeup free – Celebslam

Bella Thorne's tongue – Hollywood Tuna

Who shared a breast feeding photo? – HPQ

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See Justin Timnerlake get slapped – Celebitchy


What the World needs now is ear plugs
July 27th, 2016 under Broadway, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight during the Democratic National Convention several Broadway stars, many who also have been on television, sang Burt Bacharach’s What the World Needs Now, and it was painfully awful.
You know it is bad when someone decided to put The Brady Bunch’s Eve Plumb in the middle and several people tried to Marcia Marcia Marcia her by not giving her the mic.
To make matters worse, they might be Broadway stars, but that doesn’t mean they can sing a song together. Not only did their voices not mesh together, several of them cannot sing that particular type of tune. Audra McDonald is one of the most beautiful singers, but this song was not made for her. Same goes for Idina Menzel.
Finally, they saved the worst for last. Just when you think The View was the worst thing that Rosie Perez could have ever done to us, turns out singing is a million times more irritating.
The ultimate way to tell how bad this performance was, Broadway’s newest darling Lin-Manuel Miranda was not even part of it. Where was he?
But I will end this on a positive note. It was nice to see Cagney & Lacey aka Sharon Gless and Tyne Daly sharing the mic as the belted out the chorus.


BTWF roles: Lauren Graham in Townies
July 27th, 2016 under Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Lauren Graham had to do four Thanksgiving meals on Gilmore Girls, she partook in the worst Thanksgiving ever on Townies. She looks the same now as she did when she was 29 in that 1996 episode.


Why is Sofia Vergara wearing a wedding gown?
July 27th, 2016 under Modern Family. [ Comments: none ]

Sofia Vergara was seen looking like a vision in white, but why was she wearing, what looks like, a store bought wedding gown? Did Joe Manganiello and her have a quickie second I do? Is she a bigamist and marrying someone else? In that sense, yes she is cheating on her Modern Family husband and wearing the dress for the movie The Female Brain based on the book. No wonder Hollywood marriages don’t work, they are married to so many different people for the job that they don’t know who they are really married to when they aren’t working.


Would Amy Schumer like Gilmore Girls?
July 27th, 2016 under Amy Schumer, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

Netflix announced today that the Gilmore Girls 4-part event will debut on November 25th. Now, we know what a lot of people will be watching on line as they camp out for Black Friday deals and get over their Thanksgiving turkey comas.
Along with announcing the premiere date, they released a new promo for the revival. In it, Lorelai asks Rory if Amy Schumer would like her. Without hesitation, the daughter tells her mom, “no.” Later explaining it is because the comedian likes to do water sports and her mother doesn’t.
The declaration got back to Schumer and she Tweeted this response, “I’ve only done 2 water sports and they took pictures of it both times. I promise I usually just lay there (sex too).” Adding, “I would love her!” So if there is a 5th part, I guess we know who is going to take a trip to Stars Hallow for some water sports.


Is Lisa Rinna really 53 years old?
July 27th, 2016 under Are they really their age?, Lisa Rinna. [ Comments: none ]

Lisa Rinna is 53 years old, but in a bikini she has a figure teenagers dream of having. Her body is so rock hard, people want to climb it. I don’t know what that means either, but you get the idea.
Basically, she looks beyond fantastic for a MILF who is in her 50’s.


Who knew back hair could be a work of art?
July 27th, 2016 under James Corden. [ Comments: none ]

Let’s be honest, when we see back hair on a man, we think it is gross. Not anymore because Tyler Harding has found a way to turn into something beautiful. Many years ago, Michael Wolfe wanted his friend to shave the American Flag into his back hair for a July Fourth party, and he did. Now every four months (when Wolfe’s fur comes back in), he creates a new masterpiece. He has created so many works of art, they have a released a Calendhair with 12 of their hairtings. You have a champagne glasses for Januhairy all the way up to a Nativity Scene for Decenbhair. I no longer want the Hot Firemen Calendar hanging from my wall, I want this one instead. Well, maybe I can put then side by side.
Now back to the artist and his human canvas, I found out about them yesterday on The Late Late Show. Harding shaved James Corden’s face into Wolfe’s back and I can’t stop looking at it. It is the likes of nothing I have ever seen. It should not be hanging on a man’s back to be covered by a shirt, it should be hanging up at renowned museums. Don’t you agree?


Michael Fassbender looks at Jimmy Fallon’s crotch and says it’s quite short!
July 27th, 2016 under Inglourious Basterds, Jimmy Fallon. [ Comments: none ]

Michael Fassbender was on The Tonight Show yesterday and Jimmy Fallon challenged him to a game of Pen in the Bottle. Basically you tie a string with a pen around your waist. The pen dangles behind you on the string and you have to crotch down to get it into a bottle without the use of your hands. What makes the game so funny, is that it looks you are taking a dump because of the way you have to bend down to get the pen into the bottle. And if you play the drinking game while you are really drunk, you might wind up doing just that.
But back to the set up of the game. As they were tying the strings around their torsos, the Inglourious Basterds star said to the NBC late night host as he examined where the pen was hanging between his legs, “Yours is quite short.” We’ve all seen Fassbender naked, most men’s are quite short next to his penis what I would say. Did I forget to put a space between pen and is in that last sentence? I guess that was a Freudian Slip!


Sarah Michelle Gellar shares the star throwback photo with Seth Green
July 27th, 2016 under Freddie Prinze Jr / Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seth Green. [ Comments: none ]

When you are child and you are also an actor, it would make sense that your friends are also child actors. Case in point, here is Sarah Michelle Gellar with Seth Green playing dress up together. She didn’t say what they were doing and how old they were in the photo, but it is too precious not share.
Especially when it looks like she was always meant to play Kathryn Merteuil in Cruel Intentions. You know, as in she is the perfect Rich Bitch!


Johnny Lee Miller thrown off of a car
July 27th, 2016 under Jonny Lee Miller. [ Comments: none ]

Think your job is hard on you? Johnny Lee Miller’s isn’t even tougher. He shows up to film a new season of Elementary and the writers wrote a scene for him to be thrown off of a car. He doesn’t have a stunt man fill in for him, so he does it himself. He goes through hair and makeup, gets up on the car, let’s driver but his foot on the gas and then break, and proceeds to roll off the car on to the safety of a inflatable mat. He is OK, but still I feel a lot better showing up to work in my air conditioned office, where the worst thing that can happen to me is I miss the chair and land on my a$$. What about you?


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