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June 22nd, 2006 under Betty White, Lance Bass


Betty is one of the celebrity panelists during the second semi-final round tonight as LANCE BASS and KATHY NAJIMY compete in a nostalgic revival of the classic game show "Match Game."

We caught up with the beloved "Golden Girls" star backstage, and Betty set the record straight on a few lingering Hollywood rumors!

"I was a semi-regular on the original ‘Match Game,’" she told ET. During that original run, Betty says she "heard that [people] thought we drank during the breaks," because of their crazy antics during game play. "We never drank," she says. "We were just nuts."

She also had plenty to say about her former co-stars, BEA ARTHUR, RUE McCLANAHAN and ESTELLE GETTY.

Betty told us there are no plans for a reunion show, even though it’s a very common request. "Bea doesn’t want to do that, [saying] ‘Let’s quit while we’re ahead.’" But the one-time castmates still share a close bond. "We talk on the phone maybe every three or four weeks," she adds. "Of course with the DVDs coming out we get to see each other. I wish I could say Estelle was always with us [but] she’s not feeling so good. We talk on the phone, on a good day." Estelle’s health has been in decline due to Alzheimer’s.

A common misconception, however, is that Estelle was the youngest member of the show. "That’s a rumor she started," Betty says with a laugh. "Rue was the youngest, but Estelle thought that was a wonderful rumor to start."

And it seems Estelle had a little help keeping up her youthful appearance, according to Betty. "She came back after the first hiatus and she’d had a face lift — here they had to make her up as an older woman with all the lines, and they couldn’t even find the lines!"

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