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[ # ] Jam with ABC Family’s Ruby & The Rockits starting tonight!!!
July 21st, 2009 under Alexa PenaVega, David Cassidy, Freeform, Reviews

ABC Family has been striking gold with its new shows like The Secret Life of an American Teenager, Make It or Break It and 10 Things I Hate About You, and I think the best one is premiering tonight at 8:30p. Ruby & The Rockits is a family show that has someone and something for everyone in your household. It might be because this really is a family show. For the first time all 4 of the Cassidy brothers (David and Patrick star, Shaun created it and Ryan does set design) are working together and you don’t have to be of Cassidy blood to feel like part of the family and that is what I love about it so much.
Ruby & the Rockits is the story of ’80s rock star, David, who finds out one day he has a teenage daughter, Ruby. Not prepared to raise her on his own, he goes to his brother, who he used to sing with back in the day and now they don’t make sweet music together, to help him out. Patrick is now a successful business man and happily married father of two sons. Will he be willing to help his brother out and how will his family feel about have a new member? Being a family sitcom, they will work it out thanks to Ruby and Audie (Patrick’s wife and former-video vixen for them) who will work their magic to get these dueling brothers together and little by little they will do it in funny one liner ways! I can’t wait to see what other antics this non-traditional, but in ways traditional family get in to!!!
Ruby & The Rockits has a lot of true stories from the Cassidy family life in it like David having a daughter his brothers didn’t know about until one day he surprised them with Katie. It is little tales like this that make this show seem a little more realistic, and the humor is just such a bonus. Seriously I can’t get over how hysterical and likable it is. You would think because this show is on ABC Family that the humor would be all like G rated, but let me tell you there are some PG-13 laughs coming up in the future episodes.
Now when it comes to the cast, they are like a true family and I am not just talking about the two real life brothers. They sincerely have an amazing chemistry that takes some shows years to get. David Cassidy is perfect as the former-teen idol rocker and not just because he was one but because his timing and delivery is beyond perfect. He will have you cracking up so hard you might split your tight leather pants. Alexa Vega is so adorable as his daughter, not only can she can act but her voice is as beautiful as her. Patrick Cassidy is great as the former rocker, now perfect dad who longs for yesteryear. Katie Amber Keane really handles being the mom and the mediator between the two brothers well. Austin Butler, who plays the older son Jordan, is the current teen idol of the show and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is on all the teen mags soon because he is going to drive all the teen girls crazy with his looks, acting and singing. But he might have some competition from Kurt Doss, who plays his younger brother Ben, who is the cutest pre-teen boy out there in Hollywood. He will and should give the Jonas Brothers a run for their popularity. Seriously he is so freaking awwwdorable and funny you just are going to love him the second you hear him deliver one of his wisecracks on the show. It really is a dream cast and show that you will find yourself addicted to before the first commercial break!!! And I haven’t even mentioned the awesome ’80s flashback videos that everyone on the cast and crew love putting together. Here is a little tidbit, the clothes that David Cassidy is wearing in them is from his closet of that time and yes ladies he still fits into them!!!
Last week I did a set visit for this delightful show and later today, I will post what the 4 brothers told us about working together next week and following week I will tell you about the rest of non-Cassidy family cast!!! It was a lovely day to go with feel good show!
Please check out Ruby & The Rockits tonight and every Tuesday night at 8:30p for a show that everyone in your family will be able to love and enjoy!!!


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