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So that is what happened to Chris Rock?
July 13th, 2023 under Chris Rock, Will Smith. [ Comments: none ]

Is it just me, or does it seem like Chris Rock disappeared after his live comedy special on Netflix in March?

Well, now it looks like we know what happened to him. Will Smith ate him. I guess the slap wasn’t enough.

And now, Rock will forever keep Jada Pinkett Smith’s name out of his mouth. But he will forever be living in Smith’s mouth.


Bel-Air charmed its way into a third season
March 28th, 2023 under Peacock, Will Smith. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 2019, when Morgan Cooper released his trailer for a serious version of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, we were all blown away by what he did.

Now, here we are four years later, Will Smith decided to turn that dream into a TV series, and Peacock picked it up to a series.

The first season did so well that the streaming service gave it a second season. The second season is doing even better, so they renewed it for a third season today.

And no one is surprised because I think it is even better than the original.

The drama is currently streaming its second season on Peacock, so spend the weekend binging it. I promise you will love it as much as everyone else who has seen it.


Bad Boys 4 Life is happening
January 31st, 2023 under Martin Lawrence, Will Smith. [ Comments: none ]

It has not been a year since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, and Sony is ready to put him back to work.

So today, Smith and Martin Lawrence announced “IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME” for them to start filming Bad Boys 4 Life.

I guess all is forgiven. I won’t be seeing it. But then again, I didn’t see the first three. And I like Lawrence.


Will Smith made a funny
December 26th, 2022 under Chris Rock, Will Smith. [ Comments: none ]

Will Smith desperately needs to make us like him again, so he is posting videos of himself being “likable” on social media.

Most of them have been duds like his recent movies. But he posted one that made me laugh. He said, “How do you find Will Smith in Antarctica?” Then he walked away in the new snow and explained how “You follow the fresh prints.”

Get It? It’s funny. But not as funny as Chris Rock’s live standup special that is coming to Netflix on March 4th.


Will Smith is such a wimp when taking a COVID test
November 27th, 2022 under Coronavirus, Will Smith. [ Comments: none ]

Will Smith was going to have a meet & greet with some people who saw his new movie. Before he could meet them, he had to take a COVID-19 test to make sure he was negative.

During the test, he cried out like a baby. Do you know who doesn’t cry like a girl when he puts a swab up his nose? Chris Rock! Now, that is a man for you!

Oh, and Smith tested positive for COVID-19. Poor baby.


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