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Alfonso Ribeiro proves he can do other dances besides the Carlton
April 24th, 2020 under Alfonso Ribeiro. [ Comments: none ]


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When you think of Alfonso Ribeiro, you think the only dance he can do is the Carlton. Since I went to the same junior high school as him, I know he can also do tap and breakdance. Others might think he can also do ballroom because he won Dancing with the Stars.

Yet, even though we all know that, we still only associate him with his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air dance.

Yesterday, he proved once again he is not a one-dance wonder. He mirrored one of Twitch and Alison Holker’s TikTok dances. Proving that DWTS dancers are just as good as the ones who were on So You Think You Can Dance.


BTWF: Alfonso Ribeiro in Tap Dance Kid
April 24th, 2020 under Alfonso Ribeiro, Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Alfonso Ribeiro was known for the Carlton, he was the Tap Dance Kid. Boy, could he dance when he was 12 years old back in 1984


Alfonso Ribeiro is dancing with Witney Carson on Catch 21
October 14th, 2019 under Alfonso Ribeiro, Game Show Network. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 2014, Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson danced their way to a mirrorball trophy on Dancing with the Stars. Five years later, he is back hosting a game show on GSN with his dance partner by his side.

Today at 6p, Carlton is once again holding the cards on Catch 21 and his partner is dealing them on the easy but challenging game show. The game starts off with the three players each being dealt a card. Then they have to answer a question and whoever gets it right gets to draw a card. If that second card gets them close to BlackJack, then they can freeze. If not, they can take that card and hope to get another answer correct. However, if they don’t like it, they can pass it on to one of the other two players. Whoever gets the closest to 21 without going over wins the round.

This goes on for two rounds. For the third round, only the two higher scorers move on. Then the winner of the third round goes on to the finals. In that round, they have to play three decks. They need to get all three decks to the magic number of 21. If they get one deck, they $2,500. If they bust then they go home with the $1,000 they won earlier in the game. If they get 21 again without busting, then they go home $5,000. Finally, if they get three BlackJacks without busting, then they win $25,000. Not too shabby! Better odds than Vegas!

While the questions they ask are pretty easy to answer, BJ is a game of luck. You never know what card you are going to be handed. You can get a King and an Ace, or you can get a 5, a 3, a 4 and a 10. It is going with your gut and sometimes it gets it wrong. Because of that uncertainty, Catch 21 is an exciting show to watch weekdays at 6p.

This is not Ribeiro’s first time at this table. He hosted the game show from 2008-2011. While I did not watch it then, I will watch it now because of the chemistry he has with his Partner in Crime. Ribeiro and Carson are such a good pair together, it is not a surprise that they won DWTS!

I should be honest, I do really like the show. However, I should tell you that I went to the same JHS as him and I support my old alumi. Well, minus two because of their corrupt past and present, but that is a whole other post.

Anyways, watch Catch 21 or bust!


Alfonso Ribeiro welcomes his fourth child
May 14th, 2019 under Alfonso Ribeiro. [ Comments: none ]

Alfonso Ribeiro and his wife Angela welcomed their third child together, his fourth. His wife went into labor on Mother’s Day, but Ava Sue Ribeiro waited until yesterday to come out.

The actor has a 16-year-old daughter with his first wife and 2 boys, Alfonso, 5, and Anders, 2, with his Angela. I just realized that this couple, who have been married for 6 years, is naming all of their kids with names that start with A. Who do they think they are, Kris Jenner?


Did Alfonso Ribeiro just hint something Fresh Prince related is in the works?
May 9th, 2019 under Alfonso Ribeiro, Steve Harvey, Will Smith. [ Comments: none ]

For years, whenever Alfonso Ribeiro was asked if we could get ever get a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air revival, he said no. Carlton is on Steve Harvey’s show today, and he explained why it would not happen.

The first reason is that Will Smith makes too much to do TV again. The second is that without James Avery, who passed away in 2013, it would not be the same. Then he told Harvey, “Now I won’t say that there can’t be a spinoff or a different kind of reboot or something like that.” Then he added, “In terms of a true Fresh Prince of Bel-Air remake, yeah, that won’t happen.”

This is where it gets good. He put on that hinting voice and said: “But, I mean, but, I’ll say, there’s maybe, some things can happen.” What those things are, we don’t know. But that is the first glimmer of hope he has ever given us. Thus, it is OK to do a slow Carlton Dance but not a full-fledged one just yet.


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