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Watch The Rock bang his head!
July 26th, 2022 under The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

The Rock has a new movie coming out on Friday. So, he wanted to surprise some of the fans who were attending an early screening of DC’s Superpets. Therefore, he put on his Krypto costume.

There was just one little problem. The costume made DJ even taller than he is. So, he didn’t see the light fixture before he bumped into it and gave himself whiplash!

Was DJ upset that that gaffe was caught on camera? Nope, he was happy that he could share that embarrassing moment with all of us.

And that is why I will always be a fan. If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

Want to see The Rock surprise the audience, then click here!


The Rock and Kevin Hart try the Tortilla Challenge
July 21st, 2022 under Kevin Hart, The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

If you are a TikTok addict, like I am, then you are familiar with the Tortilla Challenge. If you are not, then you have no idea what I am talking about. But that is about to change thanks to father and son, The Rock and Kevin Hart.

So what is the challenge? Basically, all you need is a tortilla and water for everyone playing. Next, everyone gets a tortilla and drinks but doesn’t swallow (pretend it is the guy you don’t like) some water. Now, you play Rock, Paper, Scissors, and the loser gets slapped in the face with the flatbread. Wait, there is more. The object of the game is to be the last person to spit out all of the water in their mouth. Sound easy? It isn’t because try keeping your mouth closed as you are laughing hysterically. That is what makes the game so much fun to watch.

How did the two actors of DC’s Super Pets do? DJ slapped his little buddy so hard that The James Webb Space Telescope was able to take a photo of him as he flew by.


The Rock turns down hosting the Emmys
July 15th, 2022 under Chris Rock, Emmys, The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

The Rock/Instagram

There have been rumors that the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences asked The Rock and Chris Rock to host this year’s Emmys. How Rockin’ would that be?

So far, there has been radio silence from both actors. But then, Chris Rock’s people told Entertainment Tonight, “He’s in the middle of his tour and is preparing for the taping of his comedy special, which will be taping this fall.”

Now that ET knows the comedian’s answer, what about DJ? “It was just schedule. I was really, truly honored when they came to me and asked, but it was just a scheduling thing,” he told ET. “That’s all. That’s really what it comes down to.”

The Emmys air on September 12th on NBC. So I betcha they are going to ask someone from Saturday Night Live to do it. I just hope and pray it is not Pete Davidson. It is going to be Pete Davidson. And now I am mad at the Rocks for making us suffer through that.


The Rock is catching the sharks for Shark Week
July 12th, 2022 under DIscovery Networks/Discovery+, The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

If ever there was a celeb that could take on the sharks for Shark Week, it is The Rock. Therefore, it makes sense that Discovery Channel asked him to be their first ever Master of Ceremonies.

“I’m honored to be your first-ever Shark Week Master of Ceremonies. Our Seven Bucks Productions has partnered with Discovery to bring you a very special (and bad ass) Shark Week. I filmed exclusively in my home state of Hawaii, these beautiful predators, Aumakua (Gods), are deeply revered and respected in our Polynesian culture,” said Dwayne Johnson.

This year, they are airing 25 original programs starting on July 24th at 8p.

To see when and what those 25 shows are for Shark Week, then click here!


The Rock’s daughter gave him a makeover!
June 13th, 2022 under The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

The Rock is a girl dad three times over, so he has to be their model whenever they need one. Therefore, when his younger daughters needed one over the weekend, they didn’t wait for him to wake up.

“It was quite the challenge to lay in bed this morning pretending to still be fast asleep while tiny footsteps come running in, giggling and whispering…then slowly but not subtly crawl on my bed – and proceed to draw on my face,” DJ wrote. “They’re 6 & 4 so when they draw ✍🏾 they jab as hard as they can like they’re giving me a COVID test thru my face 😂🤦🏽‍♂️👊🏾”

The actor added that just when he thought they were done, Jazzy and Tia gave a unibrow to go with his stache and soul patch.

I hope the doting dad loves his new look because makeup by Sharpie is hard to get off. What do you think of his daughters’ masterpiece?


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