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Hey Weird Al Yankovic! You won an Emmy, how will you celebrate?
January 7th, 2024 under Emmys, Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: none ]

Weird Al Yankovic’s life story is so outlandish that Roku turned it into a biopic. Weird: The AL Yankovic Story is so amazing that it won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Television Movie yesterday.

So, how did Yankovic celebrate? Did he go to a high-priced fancy restaurant? Nope! He went to In-N-Out, where you can get a fancy burger for a reasonable price!

And that is the perfect way to celebrate being halfway to being an EGOT winner. That, and it is so Weird Al. The man whose story is so ridiculous, it’s hard to believe it is all true.


Huey Lewis risked his life to film a sketch with Weird Al Yankovic
March 1st, 2023 under Huey Lewis, Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: none ]

Nine years ago, Weird Al Yankovic and Huey Lewis did a bit for Funny and Die parodying American Psycho, and the lead singer of Huey Lewis and the News almost died doing it.

Today Lewis revealed that he was willing to die (literally) to work with Weird Al, “@alyankovic: I was scheduled to have gall bladder surgery on the day of the shoot, but I postponed it because I really wanted to do the video! So my main concern was hoping that my gall bladder wasn’t going to explode in the middle of a take.”

Thankfully that didn’t happen. But if it did, what a way to go.


Would Weird Al Yankovic record a Prince parody now that he’s dead?
November 8th, 2022 under Drew Barrymore, Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: none ]

Most musicians would love to have Weird Al Yankovic parody their songs. But Prince was not one of them.

The singer tells Drew Barrymore on her show tomorrow, “He [Prince] just was very protective of his music and I can understand that but it was a bummer for me because I had what I thought were a lot of pretty good ideas.”

Some of the ideas he had were to give his unique take on When Doves Cry and 1999. But they were never meant to be.

Now that Prince is no longer with us, would Weird Al ask his estate if he could go crazy with the TAFKAP’s songs? Yankovic said, “I don’t want to do that because I’ve always respected the artists’ wishes, and Prince made his wishes pretty clear, so I still respect that.”

And that is why artists feel comfortable with Weird Al parodying his songs. Who doesn’t like him? Everyone loves him! Well, there is that one person we learned about in his biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic. Spoiler alert…


The Roots sing White & Nerdy and more hits with Weird Al Yankovic
November 8th, 2022 under Jimmy Fallon, Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: 1 ]

Weird Al Yankovic has been making the press rounds to promote his biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story which is streaming on Roku Channel for free as you read this.

One of the places he took his bus to was The Tonight Show, and Jimmy Fallon wanted to do something fun with him. Therefore, he asked the singer if he would like to perform a medley of his greatest hits with The Roots while only using classroom instruments. And without hesitation, he said, “Sure,” in his special drawn-out way.

So, they went into a little room and sang Another One Rides the Bus, White & Nerdy, I Want a New Duck, Eat It, Fat, I Love Rocky Road, My Bologna, and Yoda.

And the world is suddenly a better place. So, tonight, as the election results come in, listen to this instead. Things won’t seem as bad! That is the power of Weird Al and his accordion.

BTW I want Fallon’s shirt. Does anyone know where I can get it? Thanks!


Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is a biopic fitting for him
November 4th, 2022 under Roku, Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: none ]

Weird Al Yankovic has been teasing a biopic for over a decade, and it is finally streaming on the Roku Channel for free.

Since Weird Al is known for parodying songs, it would make sense that he would parody his own life story. How does he do that in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story? I want to tell you, but it is better you experience it as it happens.

I can tell you it starts out with young Al, whose father disapproves of who he is. So, when he is old enough, he leaves home and lives with a bunch of guys who encourage him and his music.

He rewrites My Sharona to My Bologna and sends a copy of it to Dr. Demento (Rainn Wilson), a popular radio DJ. Dr. Demento and his fans love it so much that it becomes an instant hit. Therefore, Weird Al tries to get a record contract from Tony (some weird unknown actor) and Ben Scotti (Will Forte). However, they turn him down.

Eventually, he is accepted as a musician, and he is an instant hit. But then his world comes crashing down when he accidentally does drugs and dates Madonna (Evan Rachel Wood) on purpose.

Much like his real life.

Well, the only thing that is like his real life is his songs are in it, and all of his friends who have cameos in the movie, like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Conan O’Brien, Emo Phillips, Josh Groban, and Jack Black. The latter should star in a film about the person whom he plays in this movie.

I know this review is pretty vague, but the movie starring Daniel Radcliffe needs to be enjoyed with as little spoilers as possible. It is just silly fun! And we always need to make more time for stupid fun. Plus, the price is right!

Oh, and I can’t wait for the eventual sequel.


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