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Weird Al Yankovic looks like the Ghost of Christmas past
December 24th, 2019 under Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: none ]

Weird Al Yankovic is normally a pale guy, but this Christmas he looks even more ghostly than normal. So much so, I expect him to haunt the singers, who would not let him record parodies of their songs, in their dreams. Since all those musicians committed a major bah humbug.


Weird Al Yankovic can’t get away from his fans
April 2nd, 2019 under Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: none ]

Weird Al Yankovic is touring the Orient and he ran into some fans. Since he cannot be rude, he made sure to pose with them. Thankfully, for him they kept their distance especially because there were so many of them.


Where’s Weird Al?
March 25th, 2019 under Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: none ]

Remember when everyone was trying to find the World’s most famous tourist Waldo in pictures? Well, that is so last century.

This century it is all about finding Weird Al Yankovic in this photo from his vacation in Asia.

Did you spot him? To see if you did, then click here!


Did Weird Al Yankovic prank KimYe?
February 14th, 2019 under Kanye West, Kenny G, The Kardashians, Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: none ]

Kanye West got his wife, Kim Kardashian, Kenny G for Valentine’s Day, but what does the rapper know about the saxophonist? For all he knows, he could have hired Kenny G’s doppelganger Weird Al Yankovic and not even know it. Did he? The above photo posted by the Schlock rocker seems to tell that story. What do you think?

Not sure, then watch the video below for more information. Oh and ignore the Kenny G’s tweet, “Thanks for having me be a part of your Valentine’s Day 🎷🌹” Maybe that is his way of throwing them off the scent?


Wait, Weird Al Yankovic and Kenny G are not the same person!
February 11th, 2019 under Kenny G, Weird Al Yankovic. [ Comments: none ]

I never thought of Weird Al Yankovic and Kenny G as the same person. That is until now. The Schlock rocker posted a photo with saxophonist and now I don’t know which one is which. But I do now know they are not the same person. Although, now I can no longer tell them apart. Can you?


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