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The Bold and the Beautiful is turning 9,000
September 1st, 2022 under The Price is Right, TV Soaps. [ Comments: none ]

Sonja Flemming/CBS

CBS Daytime is going to have some big milestones season, and it starts with The Young and the Restless celebrating its 50th season on the air starting on September 30th. In honor of the Soap Opera’s actual 50th birthday in March, we can expect several fan favorites to return home to Genoa City. I hope that Doug Davidson is one of them.

Then on April 14th, The Bold and the Beautiful will air its 9,000th episode. Imagine how many weddings, fights, deaths, and births we have witnessed in all of that time.

Almost as much money as Drew Carey has given away during his 15 seasons on The Price is Right.

That is one more season than Wayne Brady has been hosting. Let’s Make a Deal. And that game show is kicking off the season on September 19th by giving luxury cars all week long.

It is going to be busy on CBS when the sun is out this season, so make sure to rest up for it.


Drew Carey got his boogie shoes on from the ’70s!
July 15th, 2022 under The Price is Right. [ Comments: none ]

The Price is Right had a contestant on the show who was on in the ’70s. To honor Carol, everyone got down tonight in the daytime and put on their grooviest threads, including Drew Carey. And that’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh.

When it comes to Carol, she won. So, celebrate good times, come on.


The Price is Right is celebrating its 50th season
August 16th, 2021 under The Price is Right. [ Comments: none ]

The Price is Right has been on television for so long that this season is its 50th. That makes it the longest-running game show in television history.

To honor the milestone, CBS is planning on celebrating the series’ 50th starting with the season premiere on September 13th. One of the ways you can take part in this golden anniversary is to send in a video telling them what the program means to you. If the producers like what they hear, then you might see your submission on the air.

Then on September 30th, they are getting their own primetime special where they will look back at the biggest winners, never before seen outtakes, and a salute to Bob Barker.

“First, I want to say congratulations and thank you to all the wonderful people responsible, past and present, on the 50th season of “The Price is Right,” said Barker, former legendary host of The Price is Right. “The show has the most enthusiastic and fun audience that one could ever ask for. They truly were and are the heart and soul of the show. I had the pleasure of working with a dedicated and talented cast and crew for 35 great years. Particularly close to my heart was the ability our vast popularity gave me to remind our entire audience daily about the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. It was an incredibly memorable ride! Once again, congratulations to ‘The Price is Right’ on 50 historic years!! Here’s to 50 more!!”

Here are some fun facts about the show:

Since 1972, over $300,000,000 in cash and prizes has been given away.

The Price is Right has given away more than 8,400 cars.

More than 2,000,000 audience members have been to the Bob Barker Studio at Television City in Los Angeles to see a taping in person.

Over 68,000 contestants have been told to “come on down!”

The big wheel has been spun more than 63,000 times.

I have lived in LA for 20 years, and I have never been.

Maybe I will do that season. Who wants to come with me so we can hear our names being screamed out with the words, “Come on down,” said afterward?

Even though this is its 50th season, it does not celebrate its 50th birthday until next September.


The Price is Right with this engagement ring
February 19th, 2021 under The Price is Right. [ Comments: none ]

The Price Is Right/Twitter

Michael went on The Price is Right, and he won a lot of money. What did he do with his winnings? He bought himself another prize. That prize is an engagement ring.

Then he said to his girlfriend, “I may have not given you a shout out at the wheel, but I want you to be my shout out for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?” What did she shout out? She shouted out, “Yes!”

Hopefully, he saved some money for their big day. If not, then she will have to go on the game show and win some money for the wedding.


Did you know Drew Carey has a beard now?
November 4th, 2020 under The Price is Right, Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Adam Torgerson/CBS

I have been living off my Amazon Fire Stick for months now, so I never watch live television anymore. Because of that, I missed that Drew Carey suddenly has a beard.

Did you know this? What do you think? I think he looks like Santa Claus. If you think about it, that is what he is to the contestants on The Price Is Right. He gives them cars, trips, and a year’s worth of Rice-a-Roni.


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