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RIP Bob Barker
August 26th, 2023 under The Price is Right. [ Comments: none ]

Bob Parker passed away from natural causes today at the age of 99. His rep, Roger Neal, told The Hollywood Reporter, “It is with profound sadness that we announce that the World’s Greatest MC who ever lived, Bob Barker, has left us.”

Barker is best known for hosting The Price is Right from 1972-2007. We welcomed him into our living rooms and enjoyed the way he interacted with contestants on the game show. For those 35 years, he was a staple on daytime television.

However, he had a different interaction with Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore. And a whole new generation fell in love with him.

But no one loved him more than all of the animals’ lives he saved with work for them.

So today, as St. Peter told him to “Come on up,” give your pet a hug for him. And make sure they are neutered.


What would the Price is Right models steal from the Bob Barker studio?
June 28th, 2023 under The Price is Right. [ Comments: none ]

The Price is Right is moving from CBS Television City in Fairfax to Glendale next season. So that means they are tearing down the old set to make way for the new one.

Before they go, someone asked the models and George Gray, the announcer, what they would come on down and take home with them. If they could.

Alexis Gaube said she would take the creepy mannequin head. And I can’t blame her; I would put it in my bathroom to scare my guests. You know, because first they will say it, and then they will do it.

Rachel Reynolds would want the wheel. But it is too big to fit in her house. While Devin Goda would take one of the games, like hoops and shuffleboard, home with him.

Gray wouldn’t take anything physical. Instead, he would take the magic. So sweet.

And the best steal was already stolen. James O’Halloran wanted the No Smoking sign that had smoke stains on it. How awesome would that conversation starter have been to have hanging in your house? Imagine the stories it could tell.

If I could get away with stealing anything, I would totally have taken the Plinko game. What would you have grabbed?

CBS is reairing a Price is Right special on July 10th where Drew Carey, the model, and the crew say goodbye to the studio that has been the game show’s home for 51 years.


The Price is Right is going to the dogs and cats
April 21st, 2023 under The Price is Right. [ Comments: none ]

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Next week it is going to rain cats and dogs on The Price is Right. That is because they are celebrating Pet Adoption Week with some of CBS’s biggest daytime stars.

The Young and the Restless’ Tracey Bregman and Christian LeBlanc start things off on Monday. On Tuesday, Eric Wiese and Rashi Khanna Wiese from Lucky Dog try to find some lucky dog a home. The Bold and the Beautiful’s Scott Clifton has the purrfect Wednesday. TPIR model James O’Halloran spends Thursday showing off prizes with prized dogs. And finally, The Talk’s Natalie Morales and Akbar Gbajabiamila close out the week.

Bob Barker must be so proud that his show is continuing to help animals find their furever homes!

And spoiler alert. All of the pets featured next week did find loving homes. Don’t you love when a show gets a happy ending?

And if you want a happy ending, then adopt, don’t shop! Animal love is the best love! Although, my cat sees things differently than I do. She wishes I had shopped instead of adopting her.


Is this the unluckiest bidder in Price is Right’s history?
February 24th, 2023 under The Price is Right. [ Comments: none ]

The announcer of The Price is Right told Lisa to come on down. And what she really needed to do was come on down on her bids.

That is because she went over on her first try by $1. And it didn’t get better after that. Then she was just $15 over the price for a 55″ television. Would the third time be the charm? Nope. She guessed $950 for a pair of snowboards that retail for $940.

They should bring her back to see if maybe her luck would change. If not, at least we could have fun watching how close she gets to the actual retail price.

Finally, I wonder if her lucky shirt is what doomed her. If she does get invited back, she should wear one that reads unlucky. Maybe that would make the difference.


Santa Drew Carey!
December 26th, 2022 under The Price is Right. [ Comments: none ]

Drew Carey got into the Christmas spirit on The Price is Right by transforming into Santa Claus. The CBS game show showed us his transformation into Old Saint Nick, and it is incredible how he became the man in red. So much so that I would be telling him to come on down my chimney.


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