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[ # ] Drew Carey says that Phish at the Sphere was orgasmic!
April 24th, 2024 under Phish, The Price is Right, Thomas Lennon, Weird Al Yankovic

Drew Carey went to see Phish for the first time this weekend, and he saw them at the Sphere in Vegas. You know, that concert venue which has mind-blowing visuals all over its walls as the musicians are performing?

The Price Is Right host enjoyed it so much he wrote in a tweet it was like a religious experience. He could’ve left it there, and we all understood what he meant.

However… Yesterday, he was on @fter Midnight and Taylor Tomlinson made a huge mistake. She asked him, “If you weren’t being filmed right now, what would you say?”

With that, he walked in front of the podium to the center of the stage and described what it was like to experience his new favorite band.

“So, I saw Phish at the Sphere this weekend, Never saw Phish, didn’t know a Phish tune, and they fucking blew my mind off so hard.

“I had a bunch of girls with me, and I thought to myself, is this what it’s like to [he was bleeped].

“People there can verify. This is 100% true. This is what it was like. It was like being edged for four days straight. And then right before the face-melting climax at the end of the fourth day, an angel comes down from heaven, Gabriel, and he shoots fucking heroin in your arm, and he says, ‘Good luck now, Mother Fucker!’ And he leaves, and you have an orgasm for 15 minutes while your eyeballs fall out of your head!

“Next time, they play the Sphere. You better not miss it.”

And with that, Sphere’s booking people called Phish’s managers and are trying to book them for another residency. And when they do, I will break my “I will never go back to Las Vegas rule” to see them.

Seriously, that is the best review that anyone can ask for.

Now, back to @fter Midnight. The rest of the show was Thomas Lennon and Weird Al Yankovic making jokes about Phish at the Sphere, and it was beautiful.

Tomlinson should’ve said to the Whose Line Is It Anyway, “Whose show is it anyway? Your show airs 12 hours earlier on this network. This is my show. Mother Fucker!”

And Drew had another brilliant moment in the episode, unrelated to Phish. Tomlinson asked Carey, “Which one of your projects embarrasses you the most?” Without hesitation, he told her, “This one!”


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