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Did Vivica A. Fox just hint we might see Jussie Smollett on Empire again?
November 11th, 2019 under Andy Cohen, Jussie Smollett, Vivica A Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, when Vivica A. Fox was on Watch What Happens Live, a viewer wanted to know if she agrees with Lee Daniels’ decision not to have Jussie Smollett back on Empire for the final season. The actress told Andy Cohen, “That was tough. He’s family. He’s always going to be family. I love him to death.” Then she admitted, “But there was too much drama surrounding the circumstances.”

The Bravo host wanted to know if she still talks with him. The actress revealed that she does and then told Cohen, “Don’t count him out. Y’all may see him.” To which Cohen wanted to know, “On Empire?” All she did was tilt her head and bat her eyelashes at him. Does that mean we will? Only time will tell.

As much as this season needs a jolt of something something, that is not the something something the nighttime soap needs. Would you be OK with Jamal having one last hurrah?


Is Vivica A Fox sorry she dated 50 Cent?
January 3rd, 2017 under Steve Harvey, Vivica A Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Vivaca A Fox played Sorry Not Sorry on The Steve Harvey Show and she revealed if she is sorry that she dated 50 Cent. She said, “Sorry, you know, sometimes in life,you know, we pick the wrong ones and, boy, that one’s been the wrong one for a long time.” Then adding with sass, “Boy, bye!” Those two must’ve had the best sex because they can’t stop talking about each other. And I am not saying that just because he let her lick his a$$.
Talking about a$$, she is not sorry she bashed the President Elect nor is she sorry she did his show. As she says, she earned $70,000 for her charity and has been working nonstop since. Like tomorrow when she hosts a show about finding strippers on Lifetime’s Black Magic at 10p.


50 Cent confirms what Vivica A Fox said about him!
December 2nd, 2016 under 50 Cent, Andy Cohen, Vivica A Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Last time Vivica A Fox was on Watch What Happens Live, she revealed that 50 Cent let her lick his a$$. Because he allowed her to do that, she assumes he plays for Andy Cohen’s team.
Well Fiddy was on the show yesterday and the Bravo host wanted to know if it was true. Part of it is true, the part where he let her put her tongue where the sun don’t shine. Granted he was extremely embarrassed to admit that. His cheeks that she didn’t look turned all red and it makes the bad boy look innocent! Didn’t he looks so cute when he talked about getting his a$$ licked?


BTWF roles: Vivica A Fox on Who’s the Boss?
January 6th, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Vivica A Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Before Vivica A Fox was a Guidance Counselor in Teaching Mrs Tingle, she was going to a special high school for teenage models on Who’s the Boss? She looks the same now as she did when she was 24 in that 1989 episode.


Vivica A Fox called out Shawn Johnson for getting her ‘damn period’
January 6th, 2015 under Donald Trump, Vivica A Fox. [ Comments: 5 ]

Yesterday on Celebrity Apprentice, Shawn Johnson told Vivica A Fox, at the beginning of challenge, she wasn’t feeling well because of her monthly problem. Well the Kill Bill vixen didn’t take to well to that revelation. So during the boardroom, she brought it up to Donald Trump when he asked her who she thinks should go home.
Oh no, she didn’t? Oh yes, she did. When explaining why the Olympic Gymnast checked out on her, she said, “She had a monthly problem that was bothering her and I just felt that she was not herself.” Trump responded with, “She has a monthly woman’s problem?” Without skipping a beat, she told him, “Yes, sir. She got her damn period.”
There is an unwritten girl code, you don’t reveal that information to a man. You don’t break the sisterhood of the comfortable pants for anything and anyone. It’s just understood. But I guess no one shared that information with the Sharknado 2 star. Maybe the 50 year old beauty has forgotten what it is like to be visited by Aunt Flo? When that bitch comes for a visit, you don’t want to deal with people, much less take part in a stupid challenge with a bunch of Alpha ladies. So Shawn, as a woman, I am totally on your side in this case. Hopefully, the bitchiness that comes along with your monthly will kick in and you will give it to the Project Manager of that challenge on the next episode.
You see, the women won, so none of them got eliminated. The men on the other hand have their own Aunt Flo that they want to get rid of and his name is Geraldo Rivera. Personally, I think as much as we all want to see him out, he is going to win it all. Trump likes those kind of people on his NBC show, see Piers Morgan, the late Joan Rivers and Arsenio Hall.



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