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Ian Ziering is so vain, he thinks that Hurricane Ian is named after him
September 30th, 2022 under Beverly Hills 90210 / Melrose Place. [ Comments: none ]

Ian Ziering starred in 5 movies about sharks in a tornado, so I guess he thinks he is famous in the meteorology world because of it. Why do I say that? That is because he thinks they named Hurricane Ian after him.

Last time I checked, the National Hurricane Center pronounces the storm’s names as ee-an and not eye-an. So, I guess it wasn’t named after all. Narcissist much?


BTWF: Thomas Calabro on Another World
August 22nd, 2022 under Before They Were Famous, Beverly Hills 90210 / Melrose Place. [ Comments: none ]

Before Thomas Calabro starred on the Nighttime Soap Melrose Place, he got his start on the Daytime one Another World. He looks the same now as he did when he was 28 on that 1987 episode.


A mini Melrose Place reunion
June 23rd, 2022 under Beverly Hills 90210 / Melrose Place. [ Comments: none ]

It has been almost 30 years since Alison, Jo, and Sydney became neighbors in a building known as Melrose Place. And now, three decades later, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Daphne Zuniga, and Laura Leighton are still doing lunch together.

The three actresses had a lot of fun reminiscing about their time on the nighttime soap, and we are enjoying seeing them together again. Especially because they are still so beautiful, it looks like only 30 minutes have passed since their time on the series and not 30 years. It is like they are trapped in our televisions, and they never aged.

Can you believe that they are all in their 50s because they all still appear to be in their 20s? Now, we know what was in the pool’s water. It contained the Fountain of Youth!


Shenae Grimes wants you to know she isn’t Winona Ryder
March 15th, 2022 under Beverly Hills 90210 / Melrose Place, Degrassi, Winona Ryder. [ Comments: none ]

Shanae Grimes joined TikTok, and obviously, the people on there didn’t watch Degrassi or 90210. That is because they think she is Winona Ryder. She is not.

The actress wanted to prove it, so she dressed up as some of Ryder’s most iconic characters. Now, I am confused because she looks just like the Beetlejuice star.

You know, there are stranger things that one can be mistaken as. See what I did there?


Shenae Grimes had a Friday the 13th baby!
August 14th, 2021 under Beverly Hills 90210 / Melrose Place. [ Comments: none ]

Shenea Grimes/Instagram

Shenae Grimes and her husband Josh Beech welcomed their second child yesterday.

“🖤Kingsley Taylor Beech🖤 Our littlest one made a safe and healthy arrival into the world on Friday the 13th, in true Beech fam fashion!” she wrote. “🎃 Needless to say, our hearts are bursting with love and gratitude. Me and the babe are both doing incredibly well and look forward to settling in at home soon!”

The couple, who have been married for 8 years, also have a daughter, Bowie Scarlett who turns 3 next month.


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