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Tichina Arnold makes wearing a mask look sexy
September 4th, 2020 under Coronavirus, Tichina Arnold. [ Comments: none ]

Those of us who care about other people, wear masks. Tichina Arnold is one of those people. The Neighborhood actress showed us how we can still be sexy while wearing one, even though most of our face is covered. So ladies, want to land a man, do what she did.


Tichina Arnold doesn’t think goat yoga is the GOAT
February 28th, 2020 under Lilly Singh, Tichina Arnold. [ Comments: none ]

Tichina Arnold and Beth Behrs were on A Little Late With Lilly Singh to talk about their show The Neighborhood, and the NBC late night asked them to do some goat yoga. It is simple, while you are doing downward dog, a goat climbs on your back.

Doesn’t it sound like something fun to do? Well for Arnold, it was like being in a Little Shop of Horrors…again.

Not only did she get to try goat yoga, but she also got a taste of hot yoga. That is because one of them peed on her.

I betcha, she is never going to do that again. Hopefully, she will stick her TV husband Cedric the Entertainer after her television neighbor for doing that to her.


There’s a wedding on The Neighborhood, Get to know Athena on 9-1-1
November 4th, 2019 under Angela Bassett, CBS, Ryan Murphy, Tichina Arnold. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 8p on CBS’s The Neighborhood, it is Calvin (Cedric the Entertainer) and Tina’s (Tichina Arnold) 30th anniversary. As soon a Gemma (Beth Behrs) finds that out, she convinces them to have the wedding they never had. They got married the first time around in a courthouse.

Gemma gets so excited; she is spending their money like it grows on trees. Something that the very cheap Calvin does not like. He does something that causes Tina to call off the wedding.

Will Calvin and Tina get married or get divorced? You have to tune in to find out. There are definitely a lot of funny twists and turns throughout the episode.

Also at 8p but over on Fox, we learn Athena’s (Angela Bassett) backstory on 9-1-1. Before she was a police officer, she wanted to be a lawyer. Then one day, she met Emmett, a cop, and she fell in love. Not only did he convince her to become a cop, but he also asked her to marry him. She said yes.

Before they said I do, he was killed on the job, and his killer was never caught. That was until now. The gun that killed her first love has just been found, and she is going to do everything she can to trace back who had it on that fateful night. She will do things that will put her risk.

How far will she go to find her fiance’s killer? You are going to watch this episode that finally explains why she is the way that she is.


CBS debuts two funny comedies, who gets arrested on The Resident
October 1st, 2018 under CBS, Tichina Arnold, Wayans Brothers. [ Comments: none ]

CBS starts off the night with the new comedy The Neighborhood that stars several sitcom veterans.

Dave Johnson (Max Greenfield), his wife Gemma (Beth Behrs) and their son Grover (Hank Greenspan) move from a small town in Michigan to a predominately African-American town in Los Angeles. Gemma got a job as a principal at a nearby progressive school and that is why they moved there.

Their next-door neighbor Calvin (Cedric the Entertainer) is the African-American version of Archie Bunker. He cannot stand his new neighbor, who is overly nice. Thankfully, for Dave, Calvin’s wife (Tichina Arnold) and their sons Malcolm (Sheaun McKinney) and Marty (Marcel Spears) will do everything they can to get the two men to get along. Some things are easier said than done.

Tonight, Calvin holds a yard-e-que and invited the Johnsons and Dave makes things much worse for the families. Next week, they both have different parenting skills and their sons benefit for getting some fatherly advice from the other one. Then for the fourth episode, Dave hosts a party and Calvin closes it down.

When you put four funny comedy stars on one sitcom, you get a show that we can all enjoy. It has a lot of potential and I cannot wait to see what else they do with it.
Then at 8:30p, Happy Together, a sitcom, loosely based on Harry Styles, comes to CBS. Out of all of the new sitcoms, this one us my favorite one. After watching the first three episodes, this one made me laugh the hardest in each episode.

Jake (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Claire (Amber Stevens West) are a married couple, who have become a boring old couple even though they are only in their 30’s.

Jake is an accountant whose client is Cooper James (Felix Mallard), the hottest pop star of the year. He just broke up with his girlfriend and the paps are following him around to get a scoop. James decides to hideout at Jake’s house because no one would expect him to be there.

Cooper James (Felix Mallard) has been living like a rock star for so long, he does not remember what it is like to be normal. Jake and Claire have become so dull, they do not remember what it is like to be cool. Together, they will help each other to find what they were missing. Especially, now that he is moved in with them.

Wayans Jr. and West are so good at being corny, you cannot help but to laugh with them. Meanwhile, Mallard is just so likable that you cannot help but to love him. Plus, he is east on the eyes. Together the three deliver a show that will make you laugh until it hurts.

Talking about deliver, West is pregnant with her first child in real life and they are no writing her pregnancy into the show. For a fun drinking game, drink every time they try to hide her growing belly.
Also at 8p but over on Fox is The Resident. The episode starts off with someone getting arrested and that person hoping that they will get off with the crime. If they do not, then they have to report it to the Georgia Medical Board. Ending their career.

Now that Conrad’s (Matt Czuchry) dad owns the Chastain Park Memorial he wants to make it a better place for his son. Therefore, Marshall (Glenn Morshower) holds a meeting with Conrad and Dr. Bell (Bruce Greenwood) to see how they can do that. Conrad wants to put patients first, while Dr. Bell knows you cannot do that without money, lots and lots of money. The two men are adamant about what they want, and Marshall is stuck in the middle.

Meanwhile, a teenage boy comes in after getting into an accident and his parents are very wealthy. Dr. Bell sees dollar signs, while Conrad sees a boy he needs to save. How far will they go to save him and how much will it cost his family?

Now that Devin (Manish Dayal) is a second resident, he needs to train some of the first years. Some of the other doctors compare him to Conrad, and he does not want to be like his mentor. Will he be?

Each medical drama has their own focus and this one is about working in a hospital, saving patients, operating a hospital and doctors in love. It is the perfect combination and not too soapy.


The cast of Martin did lunch!
February 2nd, 2018 under Martin Lawrence, Tichina Arnold, Tisha Campbell. [ Comments: none ]

Even though it has been 20 years since Martin ended its 5-year run, Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell Martin and Tichina Arnold are still friends. So much so, they got together yesterday for lunch. Hopefully they were talking about bringing the show back for a revival because who would want to see what they are up to now?


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