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Tisha Campbell’s first boyfriend was Lenny Kravitz
April 11th, 2023 under Jennifer Hudson, Tisha Campbell. [ Comments: none ]

You might not know this, but Tisha Campbell is a child actress, so she has been part of the Hollywood scene for a really long time. Therefore, she has a lot of interesting stories to tell, and she spilled the Tea-sha on The Jennifer Hudson Show tomorrow.

One of the things the actress revealed is that she once made Thanksgiving dinner for Tupac Shukar. Not only that, Whitney Houston braided her hair when they both auditioned for the same thing.

But her most shocking reveal is that Lenny Kravitz was her first boyfriend. That’s right, the singer and her dated. But it didn’t get too exciting because they were in their early teens. Still, who wouldn’t want to have him as their first boyfriend? Actually, I wouldn’t because he would ruin all men for me after that.

After watching this interview and the one she did with Sherri Shepherd, I want to girl talk with her because you know she has stories for days! And I am here for all of them.


BTWF: Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold in Little Shop of Horrors
September 22nd, 2022 under Tichina Arnold, Tisha Campbell. [ Comments: none ]

In honor of Little Shop of Horrors Day, here is Tisha Campbell in Tichina Arnold being best friends in the movie before they were the same thing on the TV show Martin. Don’t you love seeing the 16-year-olds singing and dancing in that 1986 musical?


Tisha Campbell gets her name back
May 4th, 2022 under Tisha Campbell. [ Comments: none ]

Tisha Campbell has been going by Tisha Campbell Martin for 25 years. However, now she is able to go by her birth name because she finally got her divorce decree from Duane Martin four years after they filed to end their marriage.

She was so happy to go to the Social Security Office to get her name back on her father’s birthday that she had to tell us about it.

I can’t say I blame her because it is hard to move on when the name you go by is no longer your own.

So the moral of the story is that women shouldn’t take their husbands’ names. Especially when the divorce rate is so high. Well, unless the last name is better than yours. Then you want to keep it as your own. I need to date a man with a cool surname!


Food shopping for Tisha Campbell was too much to bear
August 12th, 2021 under Tisha Campbell. [ Comments: none ]

Tisha Campbell went to her local Ralph’s, and she was in for a shock. That is because she saw a baby bear, inside the store, who was looking for some honey. At least, I am assuming why it was there. It could have been looking for porridge because Goldie Locks ate all of it up.

The actress shared the video and wrote, “Mannnnn! THAT AIN’T NO DAMN PUPPY! See? DA’ Fuck I look like? Dr Doolittle??? Why are all these animals drawn to me right now? I don’t understand! You know what else keeps following me???? #COMEDY! Comedy be following me like a damn stalker! IM NOT EVEN TRYNA FUNNY and then look….A freakin’ BEAR ya’ll?! Fo real??? The store clerks shooed him out. There was no policeman called no damn fire dept no veter-effin-narian. NUTHIN!!!! When you left the store you were on your own!!! #wildlife #bear #wheretheresababytheresamomma #whyarethewhitefolkswavingathebear #run”

I know exactly where her Ralph’s is because I go shopping at some of the other stores in that strip mall. Now, I am going to need to bear spray to shop there. Walmart sells that, right? If not, what scent can I get from Bath and Body Works?

Seriously though, the reason why the baby bear came out of hibernation is that area was hit hard by wildfires and the animals there are seeking food. Plus, they built another strip mall and a Kaiser across the street, so their quiet homes were disturbed.

Now, having said that I understand why they are seeing more wild animals in the business area; I still will totally sh!t if I saw one there. Good thing Burlington sells underwear.

What would you do if you saw a bear in aisle 9? I know you would wake up to hearing clean up in aisle 9, and they would be talking about the mess you made.

One last thought, Campbell went from starting to Little Shop of Horrors to being in one. Sorry, I had to.


The cast of Martin did lunch!
February 2nd, 2018 under Martin Lawrence, Tichina Arnold, Tisha Campbell. [ Comments: none ]

Even though it has been 20 years since Martin ended its 5-year run, Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell Martin and Tichina Arnold are still friends. So much so, they got together yesterday for lunch. Hopefully they were talking about bringing the show back for a revival because who would want to see what they are up to now?


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