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The Facts of Life girls got together to remember Charlotte Rae
August 13th, 2018 under Reunions, The Facts of Life. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, Charlotte Rae passed away at the age of 92, and yesterday some of Edna’s girls got together to memorialize her. Mindy Cohn (Natalie), Kim Fields (Tootie) and Julie Piekarski (Sue Ann) reunited to pay tribute to the comedic legend.

Even though it has been almost 40 years since the show premiered (Can you believe that?), they are still just as close now as when they were learning about The Facts of Life. Forget the Jessica Biel and Leonardo DiCaprio remake are pitching, these are the only Eastland girls we care about. Still gorgeous after all of these years and hopefully still causing trouble as Tootie would say.


BTWF: Charlotte Rae for Oil Heat
August 6th, 2018 under Before They Were Famous, The Facts of Life. [ Comments: none ]

Before Charlotte Rae was an extraordinary made on Diff’rent Strokes, she was able to do all of that and wash her hair with Oil Heat at the same time back in the ’60s. How great was it to see her act like a sexy little minx?


RIP Charlotte Rae
August 5th, 2018 under Obits, The Facts of Life. [ Comments: none ]

Just days after there were reports that Warner Bros wants to reboot The Facts of Life, we get some very sad news. Charlotte Rae passed away today at the age of 92 after a year-long battle with bone cancer according to Entertainment Weekly. She revealed the diagnosis in April 2017.

Kids in the ’70s and ’80s grew up with her as Mrs. Garrett on Diff’rent Strokes and then its spinoff The Facts of Life. Kids wanted to have a caring older woman like her in their life because she was loving and pretty hip because she covered for her kids when they got in trouble.

Before she landed the role that made her a household name in 1978, she had already been acting for over 25 years on the stage, on the big screen and the little one too. In fact, she never really stopped. Her last scripted TV appearance was on Girl Meets World in 2014. A year after that she was seen on the big screen in the not-so-kid-friendly Ricki and the Flash.

Even in her later years, she still had her spunk and her humor. It was always fun to see her do interviews because she was seemed a little naughtier than her television sweet persona.

Even though her girls left Eastland, she still kept in touch with them. They remembered their friend on social media. Mindy Cohn wrote, “it’s with a heavy heart & lots of tears (but a smile as i think of her) that I now move through the world without this incredible force of a woman being in it. she was my champion, a teacher, a proud example of the tenacity and perseverance needed to live as a creative, along with your talent and gifts. i love you char. as I send sympathies to larry and the rest of the family, I wish you the happiest of homecomings. #ripcharlotterae 💔 #ohwhatalife #mwah #tilwemeetagain #thankyou.” While Kim Fields said, “You all already know my heart is heavy yet…. sorry, no words at the moment just love and tears… and yeah, smiles…. #charlotterae #ripcharlotterae.” Julie Piekarski added, “I am so sad for the loss of Charlotte. What a blessing to have known her, worked with her, and been mentored by her. My sympathy goes out to the family. #restinpeace #rip #saddness #loss #angel.”

The last surving original cast member from Diff’rent Strokes, Todd Bridges tweeted, “Different Strokes would not have been the same without you #CharlotteRae. You were loved by everyone on our show and you were loved by everyone on the facts of life will miss you ‘My heart is full of Pain’ Rest in peace my friend.”

Rae is the second actor to pass away from The Facts of Life in a month. Roger Perry, who played Charles Parker, passed away on July 12th.

Today as they remember their friend, let’s remember her too by watching one of her many enjoyable roles. I will be rewatching Hair tonight and think even in her 90’s, she still has life like that song.


You take the good. You take the bad. Do you want to take a Facts of Life reboot?
August 3rd, 2018 under Jessica Biel, Leonardo DiCaprio, Revivals-Reboots, The Facts of Life. [ Comments: none ]

Since it seems like every sitcom from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s is being rebooted these days, why wouldn’t someone want to do the same for The Facts of Life? According to Deadline, Sony is working on one.

You will never believe who is producing it? Leonardo DiCaprio and Jessica Biel. That is as big of a story as the show itself. I mean shouldn’t he be working on Growing Pains and shouldn’t she be pitching Seventh Heaven? How did they get involved with this show?

Let’s get back to the sitcom, you cannot bring it back without Charlotte Rae, Lisa Whelchel, Nancy McKeon, Mindy Cohn and Kim Fields. Without them, it is just a show about kids going to an all-girls private school.

Why call a show a reboot when maybe all it will have in common with the original is that the school will be called Eastland? I am so over fake reboots that are more their own show than the one it is based on.


Mindy Cohn reveals which Facts of Life co-star made her a ‘great kisser’!
January 18th, 2018 under George Clooney, The Facts of Life. [ Comments: none ]

Seems like Mindy Cohn was not only starring on the show The Facts of Life, she was getting the facts of life from her co-star George Clooney. Today, she posted the above photo and said, “…whenever i’m asked how I became such a great kisser… and dare i say my taste in men has only gotten better. #georgeclooney #justthefacts #tbt”

Now we know that not only is George Clooney easy on the eyes, he is also great on the lips. And if you think about it, this was very early in his career, which means he only got better.

When it comes to Cohn, now we know what they mean in the theme song when they sing, “You take the good.” Plus, she too was at the beginning of her kissing career, so think of all the lucky people who have kissed her since she has smooched Clooney!


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