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Ringo Starr wants us to do something for his birthday
June 29th, 2021 under The Beatles. [ Comments: 3 ]

Ringo Starr is born on the luckiest day of the year, July 7th. This year, he wants us to do something for his 81st spin around the sun.

“I’m inviting everyone who wants to join the peace and love celebration for my birthday at noon your time wherever you are, 7-7-21,” the drummer wrote. “You can post it, you can say it, you can even think it – but it would be really cool if you go ‘Peace and Love’ at noon on my birthday – so let’s spread peace and love on my birthday – c’mon everybody! #PeaceAndLove 😎✌️🌟❤️💖🎵🎶”

This is such a Beatles thing to do, and I love it. Therefore, I am going to scream, “peace and love” at 8p GMT in his honour, and you should do it too. Maybe if we make his wish come true, it will come true for the rest of the world. Then we can all be surrounded by peace and love. How groovy would that be?

And maybe that is his secret for never aging. Seriously, does he look like a man who is 80 years old? I don’t think he even looks like he is in his 40s.


Yoko Ono is throwing an 80th birthday party for John Lennon
September 22nd, 2020 under The Beatles. [ Comments: none ]

On October 9th, John Lennon would have turned 80 had he not been shot shortly after his 40th birthday on December 8, 1980. Imagine all he could have done had that not happened?

In honor of the milestone, his widow, Yoko Ono, is planning on giving the Beatle a birthday party on She says we can expect, “great artists, great people and great songs.” Along with “previously unseen and unheard John Lennon music and films.”

I am sure as we get closer to the date, we will get more details about who will be there. I am hoping the celebration of his life includes his two sons, Julian and Sean, and his bandmates, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

If ever there was time that we needed a reminder of what John Lennon stood for, it is now.


Is Ringo Starr really about to turn 80?
July 1st, 2020 under Are they really their age?, The Beatles. [ Comments: none ]

Ringo Starr is going to turn the big 8-0 on July 7th, and he is inviting you to his star-studded birthday party at 12p. Since it is all about peace and love, he wants you to join him from your homes. This way we can all be safe and also protect the oldest and youngest Beatles member.

Seriously, can you believe he is going to be 16 years over 64 in less than a week? Because he still looks like the age of that song. You know, the one where they ask if we will still love them when they’re 64? It is like he never ages. I guess peace and love is the answer to his youthful looks and attitude, so let’s practice it on July 7th and every other day of the year. What can it hurt?


BTWF: Sigourney Weaver at a Beatles concert
April 2nd, 2019 under Before They Were Famous, Sigourney Weaver, The Beatles. [ Comments: none ]

Before Sigourney Weaver was screaming in Alien, she was screaming for The Beatles. She looks the same now as she did when she was 14 at that 1964 concert at the Hollywood Bowl.


Do you think this pothole looks like Paul McCartney?
January 16th, 2019 under The Beatles. [ Comments: none ]

The Lancaster Post is asking for a little help from their friends and they wanted to know if they see Paul McCartney’s face in this pothole.

All together now, do you see it? Personally, I see the comic strip version of Little Orphan Annie, but maybe if I did some Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds I would see the Beatle.

BTW I wonder if when Macca wrote Fixing a Hole, that over 50 years later there would be a hole in the ground in his image?

The only thing that would make this story better is if the pothole was on Penny Lane.


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