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Remeber Suzanne Somers?
January 7th, 2009 under Remember?, Suzanne Somers. [ Comments: 5 ]

Considering Suzanne Somers is 62 years old, she looks freaking amazing. I am going to dust off my ThighMaster and use it now if that is what it does for you!!!

Suzanne Somers ups her own skirt
July 15th, 2008 under 70s, Suzanne Somers. [ Comments: 6 ]

via Dlisted
Suzanne Somers is marketing her latest HSN dress to today’s Hollywood Starlets it seems because she is showing how easy it is to flash the paparazzi in it. I am sure Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have 10 in every color!


Suzanne Sommers’ wedding ring recovered in the ashes
February 19th, 2007 under Nice stories, Suzanne Somers. [ Comments: 2 ]

SUZANNE Somers, who just lost her entire house in that California fire, plans to rebuild. She and husband Alan Hamel have another home, fortunately, in Palm Springs where they’re living right now. The Hamels hired a professional sifter – and who knew there were such things – to paw through the ashes. He found her wedding ring. And it’s not large or flashy. It’s a small dainty one. She cried when he found it. Suzanne, who recently met a friend for lunch, wore a bright red jacket. "I don’t usually wear red. It’s simply not one of my colors," she said. "But I’m so grateful to just be alive that I’m wearing red."

Cindy Adams  (story) and SuzanneSommers (photo)

It is amazing how the little things can bring so much joy at such a horrible time.  


Suzanne Somers’ Malibu house burned down
January 9th, 2007 under 70s, Suzanne Somers. [ Comments: none ]


TMZ has confirmed that the home of Suzanne Somers was completely destroyed in a fast-moving fire that also engulfed several other multi-million dollar homes in Malibu. The house, located on Malibu Road, has an estimated value of around $2 to $3 million. The blaze burned near Malibu Colony, one of the area’s original beachfront neighborhoods. The densely built stretch of luxury homes is a favorite of celebrities, and boasts such residents as Mel Gibson, Pierce Brosnan, Pamela Anderson, Barbra Streisand, Ted Danson, David Geffen and Courteney Cox-Arquette.


I can understand why the entertainment news sites and shows are focusing on the celebrity homes, but I just don’t get why the hard news ones are too.
So sad for Suzanne Somers. 


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