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Do you want to swim on Shark Tank?
January 18th, 2023 under Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank. [ Comments: none ]

ABC might not have announced that Shark Tank will be back for season 15, but they are already looking for entrepreneurs to share their money-making businesses with the moguls.

So if you want to pitch the Sharks like Barbara Corcoran, then you can apply here. Good luck!

When it comes to if the business competition show will return in the Fall, I think it is a given. The only thing that could stop it is if a tornado hit the studio and turned into a Sharknado situation.

I will be here all week!


ABC is feeding Gwyneth Paltrow to the sharks!
August 17th, 2022 under Shark Tank. [ Comments: none ]

Shark Tank is going to start its 14th season with a live episode on September 23rd. Then in an episode after that, we are going to see Gwyneth Paltrow join the tank.

I hope that they don’t only do beauty products when she is there. I want them to take a risk and go all risqué, as in having someone who has a company that makes sex toys. How awesome would it be to see Mr. Wonderful blush over the idea? But a better question would be, is Barbara Corcoran mature enough for something like that? We know Mark Cuban will say he and his wife use something like it. Robert Herjavec will be like I love the idea, but it is nothing that I can get behind…even if it is a butt toy. Daymond John will be his grumpy self because he needs to use the toy. And then there is Lori Greiner, who will chuckle nervously.

Please, ABC, make this happen. I know you are family-friendly, but the items are friendly for the older family members.

Along with Paltrow making her first appearance on the show, so is Tony Xu, CEO of and co-founder of DoorDash. They will be joined by previous guest Sharks Emma Grede, CEO and co-founder of Good American, founding partner of SKIMS and co-founder of Safely; Peter Jones, Dragon on BBC’s “Dragon’s Den”; Daniel Lubetzky, founder of KIND and co-founder of SOMOS Foods; and Kendra Scott, founder, executive chairwoman & chief creative officer, Kendra Scott, LLC.


Shark Tank is going live for its season premiere
May 26th, 2022 under Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank. [ Comments: none ]

Shark Tank is going to be back in the Fall for its 14th season, and they are going to do something they have never done before. They are going to go live.

This is old news, but I ignored the press release about the renewal. So I found out about it when Barbara Corcoran posted this video showing how excited she is for it.

I am excited about it also because I am sure we are going to see how she and Mr. Wonderful really act towards each other before the editors make them look more family-friendly.


Want to see the face behind the voice of Shark Tank?
May 13th, 2022 under Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank. [ Comments: none ]

If you watch Shark Tank, then you have heard a voice introduce the product that is about the be pitched to the Sharks. However, we have not seen the face of the person in any of the 13 seasons.

That just changed because Barbara Corcoran unmasked Phil Crowley. Did the voiceover artist look like you thought he would?


Barbara Corcoran says Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John quit Shark Tank
April 1st, 2022 under Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank. [ Comments: none ]

Shark Tank has been on the air for 13 seasons, and it looks like they will be going through some major changes next season. That is because Barbara Corcoran told Kevin O’Leary that Daymond John quit. Then she called John to tell him the same about O’Leary.

The lengths she will go through9 to get the center chair. Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, and Lori Greiner better watch because there is a new HBIC, and she will do anything to get and keep that title.


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