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What is, Jeopardy taught me something new about West Side Story?
November 23rd, 2022 under Jeopardy. [ Comments: none ]

Jeopardy is an educational show, and you are bound to learn something new if you watch it.

Case in point, yesterday, for the Final Jeopardy round Ken Jennings asked the contestants this Musical Theater answer, “The pair at the center of tumult in this long-running show were originally to be a Jewish girl and a Catholic Boy.”

My first thought was Fiddler on the Roof, but Chava falls for a non-Jewish man. So it can’t be that show. And then a lightbulb goes off in my head, and in a New York Jewish accent, I said aloud to myself, “West Side Story.” And I was correct.

Now, I want to see that version of the musical. Not that there is anything wrong with the one we saw with the Jets vs the Sharks. But the music would be so different. Oy, it would be so much different. Plus, it would be fun to see Barbara Streisand and Bette Middler fight for the lead role that will go to Rita Moreno.

One last note, I is smarter than Jennings, who didn’t know that Fiddler already had a mixed marriage. If I were a rich girl…


Amy Schneider won Jeopardy Tournament of Champions, but she lost at trivia
November 22nd, 2022 under Jeopardy. [ Comments: none ]

Amy Schneider is the Queen of Jeopardy. She won 39 consecutive games and $1.3 million during her reign on the game show.

Over the last week, she returned to compete in the Tournament of Champions, and she was the grand champion winning an additional $250,000 to her total.

Therefore, you would think she can win any trivia game. And you would be wrong. That is because she celebrated her Jeopardy win by going out. “Tonight I went out to bar trivia for the first time since my first Jeopardy appearance,” she wrote. “My team came in third.”

I am sure that all of the people who lost to her love reading that. I know it makes me feel better because my team won the last I played! I is smarter than her. However, if we played Jeopardy against each other, it would be like “Loser,” and I would be like, “Who is me?”


What is these Jeopardy contestants don’t know about Celebs?
November 11th, 2022 under Jeopardy. [ Comments: 11 ]

While you and I would totally destroy a category about Celebs on Jeopardy, the three contestants they had on yesterday could not. Matt, John, and Sam missed three of the answers in the category. I missed one. How many did you get correct?

If Jeopardy has more categories like this, then I might apply to be on the game show because I would finally have a chance of not ending the game with like -$1,000,000.


Jeopardy gave Alex Trebek his own category
November 9th, 2022 under Jeopardy. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, it was two years since we lost the wonderful Alex Trebek. Jeopardy didn’t want that to go unnoticed, so they gave him his own category on the show.

We learned things about him that even he didn’t know. But the one thing we do is that he was looking down from heaven, smiling over the contestants, answering stuff about him. And happy they didn’t know the answer to the $1,000 question either!

Long live Alex Trebek’s memory. The show will never be the same without you! Thank you for all the happy memories we have of you.


What is, Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings are sharing some screen time together?
August 18th, 2022 under Jeopardy, Mayim Bialik. [ Comments: none ]

Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings share hosting duties on Jeopardy, but they don’t share camera time together on the game show.

However, on the actress’ show Call Me Kat, they will be doing just that. The Jeopard GOAT is going to guest star on the Fox sitcom later this season.

What he is going to do, we don’t know. But I hope he plays her competition in the cat cafe business.


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