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This is why Barbara Corcoran is a multimillionaire and I am not
October 15th, 2020 under Barbara Corcoran. [ Comments: none ]


when life gives you limes…. 😉 ##mojito ##gimmesometruth ##dayinmylife

♬ (Put The Lime In The) Coconut – The Hit Crew

Barbara Corcoran gives us some important tips on TikTok. The first few dealt with cleaning and the latest demonstrates how to get the most out of a lime.

When I squeeze one, I just use my fingers. That is what us paupers do. She, on the other hand, uses her teeth. The Shark Tank mogul says to fold a paper towel in four, place the lime skin side up (this is important), lift it to your mouth, and bite down. You will get more lime juice than you ever thought you could.

As I said, make sure it is skin side up because if not, then all of that sour juice goes straight into your mouth. My lips are still puckered from it.

That is why money is sour to me and sweet to her.

BTW I wonder if she thinks of that lime as Mr. Wonderdul when she does her magic with her chompers. Although, he is sourer than the fruit.



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