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Who, I mean who, are the celebrities moving into the Big Brother house?
January 26th, 2022 under Big Brother- US, Shanna Moakler, Todrick Hall. [ Comments: none ]

CBS announced which celebrities are taking part in this season of Celebrity Big Brother. How big are the names? Let’s just say Dancing with the Stars has more stars, and they barely have any.

So who are the people we are supposed to know? They are Cynthia Bailey, Todd Bridges, Todrick Hall, Chris Kattan, Chris Kirkpatrick, Carson Kressley, Teddi Mellencamp, Shanna Moakler, Mirai Nagasu, Miesha Tate, and Lamar Odom.

I wonder how far down the list of prospective famous people they had to get this group of houseguests. Was it like the bottom? And how badly do these celebs need a paycheck?

The only person I would tune in to see is Todd Bridges. Other than that, no one interests me. What about you?

If you plan on tuning in CBB, it debuts on February 2nd.


Shanna Moakler went to bed like this
September 7th, 2021 under In Bed, Shanna Moakler. [ Comments: none ]

While most people post photos of themselves in bed and say, “woke up like this,” Shanna Moakler changed it up. She posted a fresh-faced photo in a negligee showing her ex-husband, Travis Barker, what he is missing.

And he is missing a lot. There is a reason why she was Miss USA, and his current girlfriend is the Kardashian sister we forget about.

Back to Moakler, doesn’t she look sexy as hell? Can you believe she is 45 years old? Because she looks as beautiful now as when she won her crown in 1995.


Vince Neil and Shanna Moakler doing Celebrity Apprentice?
October 24th, 2013 under Donald Trump, Mötley Crüe, Shanna Moakler. [ Comments: none ]

NBC has yet to announce that they will be doing another season of Celebrity Apprentice, but that isn’t stopping the rumors of who might be doing the show. Norm Clarke is reporting that Vince Neil is telling people in Las Vegas that he will be on the show’s upcoming season. Not only is the columnist reporting the singer will be in the boardroom, he also says that Shanna Moakler might also be vying to be The Celebrity Apprentice.
If this is true, then it looks like this season’s contestants are shaping up to be a Motley Crue. Sorry, it was too easy!


All those small things changed Travis Barker for the worse!
October 25th, 2012 under Blink-182, Jimmy Kimmel, Shanna Moakler. [ Comments: none ]

Travis Barker is a father and because of that the rocker really lost his way. The Blink 182 drummer forgot how to rock, until someone forced an intervention and got him the help he needed. After 6 months of rehab and intense psycho therapy he became the man we have always known again.
So now he is a spokesperson for Helping Parents to Rock and as you can in the PSA that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live, they really made a difference with him. So if you know a parent that needs to remember how to rock then get them into that program ASAP. I just signed my friends up because they have gotten so square!
BTW I am just happy that got awful hairpiece off of Barker. That look was so not him!


Travis Barker’s Animal influence
July 10th, 2012 under Shanna Moakler. [ Comments: none ]

Most musicians when they are asked who turned them on to music, they will say one of the musical giants did. Well Travis Barker gave The Red Bulletin an answer that no one has ever given, and I wish more would. The Blink 182 drummer said, “I was 4. Animal on ‘The Muppet Show’ started it all for me. I saw him and I was sold. I wanted to be a drummer. Then I saw Alex Van Halen, Tommy Lee, great jazz drummers like Buddy Rich. I saw Buddy Rich battle Animal – crazy stuff. I battled Animal two months ago. I was trippin’.” You might not have pictured his inspiration to come from a kids’ show that we all watched, but he concluded his answer with something I never saw coming when he said, “When this is all said and done, in 10 or 15 years, I would love to play in a big-band jazz band and kick ass. I grew up playing jazz. I was in jazz band my whole life in high school and junior high. They didn’t have Rock Band 101 in school. I can read music, and I played jazz for six, seven years. I’d like to do that again.” I think he will be the first jazz drummer to be inked from head to toe and you know what if anyone can make it work, It’s him.
There are so many interesting things in the article like how his plane crash changed the way he tours, that you will want to pick up the magazine on Friday and read all about it. I know I was blown away by how candid he was with the magazine.


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