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Tommy Lee came out with a video to promote joining OnlyFans
September 21st, 2022 under Mötley Crüe. [ Comments: none ]

A few weeks ago, Tommy Lee posted a photo of his huge penis, and he took a slack for it.

So while normal people would avoid doing anything like that again, we know that the Mötley Crüe drummer is not like you and me. Therefore, he started an OnlyFans page and created a video to promote himself being on it.

There is only one problem with the promo. It is SFW, and I want to see his pretty dick again. I just ain’t going to pay for it. Because as my mom kept telling me, why would someone buy the cow when they get the milk for free?


Tommy Lee posts another nude Selfie
August 25th, 2022 under Mötley Crüe. [ Comments: none ]

Tommy Lee recently posted a fully nude Selfie on social media in which his third drumstick was showing for the whole world to see. Since most of us saw it in his sex tape with Pamela Anderson, it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Although, it was nice to see they are both aging quite nicely.

Anyways, Instagram took it down because of its nudity policy. And that was a major bummer. So, the Mötley Crüe drummer decided to upload another nude photo with his horn standing tall.

However, I don’t know if that is his horn or the float’s because they look like they are the same size.


Can John Travolta and Tommy Lee be any cuter?
July 5th, 2022 under John Travolta, Mötley Crüe. [ Comments: none ]

There are many odd friendships in Hollywood, but I think one of the most interesting is Tommy Lee and John Travolta. The two men seem like polar opposites because Lee is an old school Rocker, and I think of Travolta as more a good boy who follows the rules.

They say opposites attract, and this weekend they connected when the actor went to see the drummer do his thing in Florida.

After the show, they took these photos, and I’ve never seen Lee look happier. It is like Lee wishes he could’ve been Vinnie Barbarino back in the day. Can you see it? I can’t unsee it.


Tommy Lee broke 4 ribs and still played the drums against doctors’ orders
June 17th, 2022 under Mötley Crüe. [ Comments: none ]

They don’t make Rockers like they used to, and Tommy Lee is part of that dying breed.

Mötley Crüe is back on the road after a three-year hiatus. And the band will do anything to make sure that the show goes on, and nothing, not even an injury, will stop them.

“Man ya’ll ain’t gonna believe this shit!….I broke 4 fucking ribs! But I’ve been resting and healing and even though the doctor tells me I shouldn’t play at all, you know I’m stubborn and I’ll beast through the pain every show for as many songs as I can,” the drummer wrote. “And have no fear, my boy Tommy Clufetos is here to help me out until I’m back at 100%…we’ve all been waiting years for this moment and there’s no way I’m missing this! On with the show!”

Lee rocked on for five songs before the pain became too much, and he had to pass the drumsticks off to the other Tommy.

This is what being a Rock Star is all about. You take a licking, and you keep on drumming.


Nikki Sixx explains why Mötley Crüe no one is invited backstage
May 30th, 2022 under Mötley Crüe. [ Comments: none ]

Mötley Crüe/Twitter

Mötley Crüe is back on the road after the pandemic hiatus and they want to make sure that they get to finish their tour without any more breaks. Therefore, they came up with a plan to make their backstage off limits, and some of their fans don’t like it.

Nikki Sixx has a message for those fans, “It’s been exhausting trying to explain to people why we can’t have guests backstage. Our fans have waited almost 3 years for this tour. If one of us got Covid and had to cancel the show can you imagine the disappointment? We’re not here to take fucking selfies This is for the fans.”

After he posted that, another fan wanted to know if they are still meet and greets. They are, and the bassist explained how “I am just saying random people or even friends. We are staying in our bubble for safety and when we do meet greets they are done per our covid protocols to keep it safe. 👍🏽”

I am on Mötley Crüe’s side on this one. If one of them gets sick, then they have to cancel a week’s worth of shows. That is upsetting to those fans who were going to be at those concerts, and it is expensive to reschedule those dates. So, you can blame them for not wanting to get sick. Can you?


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