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Did someone make a dildo in the image of Tommy Lee’s drumstick
July 5th, 2023 under Mötley Crüe. [ Comments: none ]


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Tommy Lee was in a sex shop, and he noticed a massive black dildo. So what did he do? He put it over his pants where his dick is. And all I could think is that it looks like a carbon copy of his real dick if it wasn’t white.


How did Tommy Lee make it to 60?
June 21st, 2023 under Mötley Crüe. [ Comments: none ]

Tommy Lee is one of the last of a dying breed of Rockers, who live every minute as their last and enjoy every second of it not giving a flying fuck! Many of them are members of the 27 Club. But not Tommy Lee.

Not only has he surpassed being 27, but he has also lived to twice that age. And it is a miracle.

Case in point. The Mötley Crüe drummer decided to light his fart with hairspray and a lighter. And what a flame he made.

He is lucky his huge dick didn’t go up like a firecracker on the Fourth of July because it could’ve. Thankfully, he has two heirs with Pamela Anderon because he could’ve been the last of his breed with a stunt like this.

And just like his name will go on. I hope there are other Rockers like him who will go on because they make Rock’n’Roll cool as fuck. What happened to destroying hotel rooms? When did that become passe?


Tommy Lee says what all drummers think
March 7th, 2023 under Mötley Crüe. [ Comments: none ]

Tommy Lee is a drummer, and some might say he has the worst seat in the house. Actually, he says it.

“Fuck Man, when am i ever gonna get better seats to this show! #cheapseats #bestseatsinthehouse,” he wrote.

I don’t know what he is complaining about. I have had behind-the-stage tickets before and loved staring at Jon Bon Jovi’s ass! But then again, Vince Neil is no JBJ!


Tommy Lee came out with a video to promote joining OnlyFans
September 21st, 2022 under Mötley Crüe. [ Comments: none ]

A few weeks ago, Tommy Lee posted a photo of his huge penis, and he took a slack for it.

So while normal people would avoid doing anything like that again, we know that the Mötley Crüe drummer is not like you and me. Therefore, he started an OnlyFans page and created a video to promote himself being on it.

There is only one problem with the promo. It is SFW, and I want to see his pretty dick again. I just ain’t going to pay for it. Because as my mom kept telling me, why would someone buy the cow when they get the milk for free?


Tommy Lee posts another nude Selfie
August 25th, 2022 under Mötley Crüe. [ Comments: none ]

Tommy Lee recently posted a fully nude Selfie on social media in which his third drumstick was showing for the whole world to see. Since most of us saw it in his sex tape with Pamela Anderson, it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Although, it was nice to see they are both aging quite nicely.

Anyways, Instagram took it down because of its nudity policy. And that was a major bummer. So, the Mötley Crüe drummer decided to upload another nude photo with his horn standing tall.

However, I don’t know if that is his horn or the float’s because they look like they are the same size.


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