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Who, I mean who, are the celebrities moving into the Big Brother house?
January 26th, 2022 under Big Brother- US, Shanna Moakler, Todrick Hall. [ Comments: none ]

CBS announced which celebrities are taking part in this season of Celebrity Big Brother. How big are the names? Let’s just say Dancing with the Stars has more stars, and they barely have any.

So who are the people we are supposed to know? They are Cynthia Bailey, Todd Bridges, Todrick Hall, Chris Kattan, Chris Kirkpatrick, Carson Kressley, Teddi Mellencamp, Shanna Moakler, Mirai Nagasu, Miesha Tate, and Lamar Odom.

I wonder how far down the list of prospective famous people they had to get this group of houseguests. Was it like the bottom? And how badly do these celebs need a paycheck?

The only person I would tune in to see is Todd Bridges. Other than that, no one interests me. What about you?

If you plan on tuning in CBB, it debuts on February 2nd.


Dr. Will Kirby explains his freakish look on Big Brother
September 29th, 2020 under Big Brother- US. [ Comments: none ]

Dr. Will Kirby recently appeared on CBS’s Big Brother All-Stars, and all everyone could talk about was the dermatologist’s appearance. Now, Dr. Evil is explaining why he looked that way.

He wrote, “Look

My makeup sucked on Big Brother

I’ll fully admit that

It was 110 degrees and I was wearing a heavy robe so they picked something that wouldn’t run if I was sweating

Trust that I’m freakishly handsome


Kiss my left nut”

Do you believe him or are you going to have to kiss his left nut? Personally, I am right nut type of girl.


Big Brother will be back in August with an All-Star cast
July 23rd, 2020 under Big Brother- US. [ Comments: none ]


After weeks of rumors that Big Brother would actually happen this summer, CBS finally confirmed that the 22nd edition will be back with its second All-Star edition on August 5th.

The house will be filled with winners, finalists, legends, memorable personalities, and some of the best to never win the game. Who are they? That is something we will find out closer to the premiere date.

CBS also wanted to let us know they will be following safety protocols so that none of the houseguests nor the crew will get sick with COVID-19. The press release says, “Houseguests will undergo a quarantine period prior to production and will be tested several times prior to entering the House. Once inside, they will be tested weekly during the season and have no contact with any crew members, and all supplies delivered will be disinfected. In addition, the live show will not have a studio audience.”

When it comes to the people behind the scenes, “All staff and crew members will be tested prior to commencing work on a regular basis, as well as screened daily for symptoms. They’ll be required to wear PPE and will work in pods to enhance social distancing. In addition, a COVID-19 compliance officer will be on staff to monitor and enforce all health and safety COVID-19 protocols.”

Remember the good old days when all they had to worry about was drinking too much? Hopefully, they will still be worrying about that. That is what makes the live feeds so much more fun.

Now, people have something to watch 24 hours a day when we eventually go back into lockdown. In a way, we are living Big Brother but without the cameras. Oh wait, wouldn’t Zoom be our cameras? Who knew we were living the show since March? But we have. At least now we can watch other people going through what we are going through.

It was probably easy to get the All-Stars to sign on. CBS is like do you want to get away from the people you are living with to live with other people you don’t know. Who wouldn’t jump at that offer?

Which former houseguests do you want to move back into the house?


Big Brother might be happening after all
July 3rd, 2020 under Big Brother- US. [ Comments: none ]

When production came to a halt in March because of the coronavirus pandemic, it looked as though none of the summer shows would be happening. Well, America’s Got Talent is back filming new episodes, and it looks like Big Brother may be following suit.

According to Deadline, construction has begun on the house. It is in the very early stages, but it could happen. If you think about, the houseguests will be safe because they won’t be leaving the house until they get kicked out.

However, if it is going to happen, they better hurry up. I am assuming, like The Bachelorette, the contestants will have to be quarantined for two weeks before they can move in together.

I am sure there are a lot of people who want the reality show to come back ASAP. This way they will the 24-hour feeds to keep them busy during the day.

Do you want Big Brother back or are you OK with them taking the summer off?


When a fart is the most exciting thing to happen on Celebrity Big Brother
February 21st, 2018 under Big Brother- US. [ Comments: none ]
Except for Omarosa, there is barely any mention of Celebrity Big Brother. I keep checking their YouTube page to see if anything interesting is happening in the house with all of those celebrities and this is the best I can find.

James Maslow let out a fart that smelled so awful, it cleared the room. Too bad, he realized this winning strategy as the game is wrapping up. He could have used it on day one and got rid of even more housemates than he already has. Or they could have evicted him with his very first fart. Either way, his farts could have saved the show. Or at least made it even cheesier, because, you know, he cut the cheese!!!


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