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Richard Marx still attracts the stage jumpers
March 7th, 2023 under Richard Marx. [ Comments: none ]

Richard Marx has been performing on stage for over 40 years. Even though he doesn’t look like he has been singing to sold-out crowds for more than a decade.

Anyways, the other night while he was playing in Canberra, a woman jumped on the stage. Not to hug her favorite singer but dance along with him and the band!

She was just having a great time! Something we all need to do every now and again! So today, let loose, and dance like no one is watching. And if someone is looking, give them a private show!

And if someone tells you you should’ve known better, you tell them you will be right here waiting for them to join you and live life to the fullest!


Richard Marx and Kenny Loggins need to take their comedy act on the road
January 18th, 2023 under Kenny Loggins, Richard Marx. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, Kenny Loggins announced that he is about the embark on his final musical tour. And I think I know what his next career move should be.

He and Richard Marx can enjoy those endless summer nights and tell jokes. Don’t believe me? Watch the video above and tell me you didn’t laugh.

This is it. This is what they were meant to do. And I am right here waiting for them to make it happen. I just hope they don’t go into the danger zone because that could be a hazard.

I am here all week!


Richard Marx got his lips on a dick!
June 17th, 2022 under Richard Marx. [ Comments: none ]

As we know, Dick is short for Richard. So someone bought Richard Marx a coffee cup that reads Dick.

While I don’t think he is a Dick. I am sure there are plenty of people on the right who think he is one. So they will enjoy this photo. However, they won’t get the sarcasm! You have to be smart to do that, and that is something they are not.


John Corbett, is that you?
April 19th, 2022 under John Corbett, Richard Marx. [ Comments: none ]

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is turning 20. So, for some reason, John Corbett made a video with Richard Marx to commemorate it.

However, that was not the thing that surprised me most about this video. It is how different Corbett looks. He doesn’t look bad, far from it. He just doesn’t like the actor we know.

Did you recognize him?


How Richard Marx explains himself to the younger generation
April 5th, 2022 under Richard Marx. [ Comments: none ]

Richard Marx finally joined TikTok, but do the younger people on the social media app know who he is? They probably don’t even know Pearl Jam and *NSYNC are, let alone Marx.

So, how can he introduce himself to them? Well, he played some of his biggest hits that came out before their parents even knew what dating was. Therefore, he basically told them to ask their mom who he is. Although, he is getting close to telling them to ask their grandmothers.

And now I feel old. Who knew that Marx joining TikTok would be a hazard to me? I should’ve known better than watching the video on my FYP all the way through. I guess I will have to wallow in his music to make me feel better.


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