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An ’80s mom’s wet dream!
July 5th, 2016 under Kenny G, Michael Bolton, Richard Marx, Wet dream. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’80s when teens were listening to Duran Duran, Bon Jovi and Madonna, their moms were listening to Richard Marx, Kenny G and Michael Bolton. Mother’s Day might’ve been two months ago, but you can make her day by showing her this photo of three Adult Contemporary heartthrobs. Then you might want to leave her alone, so that she can put on their albums and enjoy. An enjoyment no kid wants to know their mom still partakes in.
When it comes to me, if I were to put on their music the only enjoyment I would get is some much needed sleep. Kenny G knocks me out every time. Works better than a sleeping pill.


Remember Peter Cetera?
March 18th, 2016 under Peter Cetera, Remember?, Richard Marx. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the ’70s and the ’80s Peter Cetera’s voice was a Glory of Love, but then with his departure from Chicago and him going solo, he started to fall out of the limelight. Which is something I always hated because Chicago 17 is one of the greatest albums of that era.
Besides having the voice that made me want to Stay the Night with him, he had angelic looks that were a Hard Habit to Break. Whenever I hear one of his songs now, I wonder what happened to him and how he presently looks.
The other day Richard Marx ran into him in Bangkok and shared a photo of them together. Let’s be honest the 71 year old singer is just as hot now as then. There have been rumors that Chicago is talking about reuniting with him, and I say Baby, What a Big Surprise that would be. A very welcome surprise.


Richard Marx and Daisy Fuentes got married
December 26th, 2015 under Richard Marx. [ Comments: none ]

Not only have Richard Marx and Daisy Fuentas been dating for a year, the two of them secretly got married this week. The singer announced the happy news on Twitter by saying, “On December 23rd, 2015 the magnificent @daisyfuentes gave me the honor of becoming my wife. #Aspen”
What a beautiful White Wedding the two of them had. On that note, if this was 1995, MTV would’ve been all over it.


A tale of two Dicks!
May 5th, 2014 under Richard Marx, Rick Springfield. [ Comments: none ]

Richard Marx and Rick Springfield hooked up at the White House Correspondents Dinner and they both look as sexy as their songs. It might not be the ’80s, but there are still a lot of women who would love to get their hands on one of those Dicks, if not both of them. Hey as the Stranger said, “You Better Love Somebody!” And why not love them.


A picture made in Adult Contemporary heaven!
June 10th, 2013 under Richard Marx. [ Comments: none ]

Richard Marx Tweeted a picture Michael Bolton and himself doing duck lips and I can’t help to think how many of my readers were conceived during one of the singers’ songs. Let’s be real most of the greatest and cheesiest love song in the ’80s were performed by one of them. In fact their songs still work to turn me, I mean people, on. So much so the Hazard singer Tweeted this with the picture, “Not gonna lie. @mbsings is a great singer, humanitarian, and friend… and also not a bad kiss for a dude.” Awww could you imagine if they did a duet together? There would be a lot of wet panties and babies on the way!


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