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Priyanka Chopra’s wax statue is pretty spot on
June 18th, 2019 under Priyanka Chopra, Uncategorized, Wax Figure. [ Comments: none ]

How many times have you seen a wax statue of a celebrity at Madame Tussauds and been like that does not look like the person at all? Well, Priyanka Chopra’s life-size candle just arrived in London and I do not think that her husband Nick Jonas would be able to tell his real wife from the fake one.

Actually, no offense to the actress, but it might even look a little bit better than her. I mean if you think about it, her figure is why they call them wax figures. Or at least this one justifies the title.


Priyanka Chopra gets waxed!
February 7th, 2019 under Priyanka Chopra. [ Comments: none ]

Priyanka Chopra finally got a life-size candle version of herself. As in she has a wax figure at the Madame Tussauds New York. They did such a great job, I think it might actually look better than the real thing.

What do you think? I am sure Nick Jonas wants to take it home with him when she is away. Too bad it will be going on tour so he will not be able to for a while.


Don’t fall asleep around Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra
February 4th, 2019 under Glee, Jonas Brothers, Priyanka Chopra. [ Comments: none ]

Joe Jonas and his fiancee Sophie Turner, Nick Jonas and his wife Priyank Chopra (in case you didn’t know they were married), Chord Overstreet and a few others spent Super Bowl weekend in Mammoth Lakes, California. After spending the day in the snow, they went inside to watch the big game. Well, I guess it was too much for the Glee star because he fell asleep.

Granted the game was boring, but that is not the point. When the newlyweds realized he dozed off, they tried to wake him up. Actually, Nick tried rubbing a tissue on his face. When that did not work, Chopra used her hand. That did the trick and he did not like the prank at first. Then he laughed and we laughed with him.

Who wants to tell them the better prank is to dip his hand in warm water. Oh, but then they would have to pay a cleanup fee for the soiled couch. Although, they can afford it. Therefore, we are back to dipping his hand in the warm water!


Does Nick Jonas have a thing for Priyanka Chopra’s a$$?
December 20th, 2018 under Jonas Brothers, Priyanka Chopra. [ Comments: 1 ]

We know that Nick Jonas cannot stop looking at Priyanka Chopra with love, but is there a part of his wife’s body that he likes more than the others? If you look at these photos, you would think they he really adores her assets. But in reality, he is just saving his asset. That is because he knows better than to step on her train. Otherwise, his caboose will be getting off at the next station.


Which wedding look do you like better for Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra?
December 4th, 2018 under Jonas Brothers, Priyanka Chopra. [ Comments: none ]

On Saturday, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra had a Christian wedding ceremony and the next day they had a Hindu one. Today, they shared a photo from both days and which look do you like better?

I say it is a tie because the look of their love is all that matters. Something that is very evident in both photos.

And since I am me, how long do you give them before they split?


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