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Is Pamela Anderson really 55?
May 4th, 2023 under Are they really their age?, Pamela Anderson. [ Comments: none ]

Pamela Anderson partnered with Frankies Bikinis to release a line of bathing suits. If you are going to do that, then you are going to have to model your product. So she did.

Can you believe the woman wearing that white bikini is 55? Because the Baywatch star doesn’t look like it. She has a body that her sons’ girlfriends would die to have!


BTWF: Pamela Anderson on Days of our Lives
April 11th, 2023 under Before They Were Famous, Pamela Anderson, TV Soaps. [ Comments: none ]

via They Started on Soaps

Before Pamela Anderson mastered kissing scenes, she was really bad at on Days of our Lives. She looks the same now as she did when she was 24 in that 1992 episode.


Pamela Anderson tells her story on January 31st
January 10th, 2023 under Netflix, Pamela Anderson. [ Comments: none ]

We think we know Pamela Anderson, but do we? We will find out on January 31st when she shares with us who she is in Netflix’s Pamela, A Love Story.

She will be revealing as much in the intimate portrait as she did in Playboy! So a lot.

I, for one, am interested to hear what she has to say because we think we know everything about her.


Pamela Anderson gets her Roxie Hart on
March 23rd, 2022 under Pamela Anderson. [ Comments: none ]

Pamela Anderson is going to play Roxie Hart in the Broadway version of Chicago next month. To prep for her performance, she posed for Vogue Magazine as her character. At least, I think this is her as Roxie Hart because she still looks like Pamela Anderson to me.

I hope she does more of a transformation for her debut. Because she really needs to change it up.

Do you think she has all that jazz here?


Pamela Anderson is coming to Broadway
March 7th, 2022 under Broadway, Pamela Anderson. [ Comments: none ]

Hulu is airing a series about what Pamela Anderson and her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, went through when their sex tape was stolen and went public.

For some reason, the fake show has been very good for the real Pamela Anderson. First, the actress and Netflix announced that she is telling her story in her words to the streaming service. And today, The Shubert Organization announced that she will be playing Roxie Hart in Broadway’s production of Chicago for 8 weeks starting on April 12th.

“I have always been a huge fan of Bob Fosse’s & Gwen Verdon’s work. Ann Reinking, too,” said Pamela Anderson. “Playing Roxie Hart is a dream fulfilled. Performing Fosse, you don’t have time to get in your head. You can’t dance, sing and think at the same time. There is a freedom, a unique joy in knowing it’s all about the work. Playing Roxie Hart is a sweet escape for me.”

I have a feeling she is going to be really good. We don’t give her enough credit. She is more than pretty blonde.


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