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Proof Jonathan Sadowski and Thomas Sadoski are not the same person
May 16th, 2018 under Not The Same Person, Young and Hungry. [ Comments: none ]

Young & Hungry’s Jonathan Sadwoski and Life in Pieces Thomas Sadoski are both sitcom actors with brown hair. Therefore, you might think they are the same person because they look alike and almost have the same last name, but they are not. As you can tell in the above photo.

Now that I have seen the two of them together, I went from being able to tell them apart to now not knowing which one is which. The one thing I know for sure is that they will both answer to Sa-dow-ski and that is good enough for me to get by.

Can you tell which Sadowski is which?


Proof Megan Mullally and Molly Shannon are not the same person
November 6th, 2017 under Not The Same Person. [ Comments: none ]

It might just be me, but I can never tell Molly Shannon and Megan Mullally apart. I always think that they are the same person. Not anymore. That is because the one, I think on the left, is going to guest star on the show that the one on, I think in the middle, stars on. Or is it the other way around? I am so confused

Am I the only one who gets them confused?


Are David Letterman and Michael Stipe the same person?
March 9th, 2017 under David Letterman, Michael Stipe, Not The Same Person. [ Comments: none ]

In the last few years, David Letterman and Michael Stipe have lost some hair on the top of their heads and grew on their faces. In fact, the former late show host and the REM singer grew out big bushy beards like Santa Claus.

Due the whitening of hair and where it has relocated, both men have become look alikes. So much so, it is hard to tell them apart. Even Stipe said, “So f*cked up.” And here I was thinking what’s the frequency, Kenneth?

BTW is it just me or do they both look like garden gnomes?


Proof Lucy Hale and Sarah Hyland are not the same person!
February 28th, 2017 under Modern Family, Not The Same Person, Sarah Hyland. [ Comments: none ]

Sarah Hyland and Lucy Hale are cute, petite, brunette actresses with big eyes, so it should no be a surprise that people sometimes mistake them for being the same person. Well, here is the Pretty Little Liars actress with the Modern Family one, and as you can clearly see they are two different people. And now we will never ask if they are two different people. Confusing them for the other will likely happen, but now we know they are most definitely two totally different people.


Proof that Megan Mullally and Molly Shannon are not the same person
December 5th, 2016 under Not The Same Person. [ Comments: none ]

Maybe it is me, but I get Megan Mullally and Molly Shannon confused all the time. So much so, I was beginning to think they were the same person just like Isla Fisher and Amy Adams. Turns out they are not because the actress that was on Will & Grace Instagrammed a video of them together. Proving they are indeed different people. Now can someone please tell me which is one which so I will be able to tell them apart in the future?



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