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The COVID bell tolled for Metallica’s James Hetfield
September 4th, 2023 under Coronavirus, Metallica. [ Comments: none ]

Metallica is rocking out on tour, but they had to cut their Glendale, Arizona, concert short on Friday, according to the Arizona Republic. Now we know why.

“We’re very sorry to report that tomorrow’s [September 3rd] scheduled M72 date at State Farm Stadium has been postponed to Saturday, September 9, 2023, as, unfortunately, COVID has caught up with James [Hetfield],” the band said in a statement. “We’re extremely disappointed and regret any inconvenience this has caused you; we look forward to returning to complete the M72 No Repeat Weekend in Glendale next Saturday.”

Last week, Metallica went to the dogs when a German Shepard enjoyed their LA concert. This week, you can say, Hetfield is as sick as a dog with COVID.

Hopefully, he will be better soon, and none of his bandmates get it from him.

Hetfield is not the only person to come down with COVID this week. First Lady Jill Biden tested positive today. I am praying she has a quick recovery.

Stop whining about masks and put one on because the new strain is highly contagious.


Metallica goes to the dogs
September 2nd, 2023 under Animals, Metallica. [ Comments: none ]

People at the Metallica concert in LA thought they smoked some really good stuff when they saw a dog enjoying the show. But it turns out what they saw was real.

The Rockers explained what their biggest fan with a tail was doing there.

You might have heard we had a four-legged fan join us for #M72LA! Despite reports to the contrary, our friend Storm snuck out of her home adjacent to @sofistadium and made her way to the gig all by herself.

After a full night taking in the show with her #MetallicaFamily, Storm was safely reunited with her actual family the next day. She had a great time listening to her favorite songs, including “Barx Æterna,” “Master of Puppies,” and “The Mailman That Never Comes.”

And in case you were wondering, no. You definitely shouldn’t bring your furry friends to the #M72 World Tour. But this dog sure did have her day…

Metallica is so cheap. I bet you they charged the owner for the ticket.


Back to the Future continues to blow minds
May 10th, 2023 under Metallica, Michael J Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Back to the Future was years ahead of its times. So people were blown away by how advanced it was.

And now, almost 40 years later, it is still blowing minds. Justin Rupple pointed out some interesting things if the movie was rebooted in 2023.

The original BTTF started out in 1985 and traveled back to 1995. So if it took place today, Marty McFly would travel back to 1993. Ouch! I feel like ancient.

But that is not as shocking as this fact. The first song Marty heard in 1955 was Chet Atkins’ Mr. Sandman. So what would he hear in 1993? Metallica’s Enter Sandman. We’re off to Never Never Land with that revelation.


Can Metallica actually be Masters of Puppets?
April 13th, 2023 under Jimmy Kimmel, Metallica. [ Comments: none ]

Ever since 1986, Metallica has called themselves Master of Puppets. But are they?

Jimmy Kimmel Live wanted to find out, so he sent them to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater to find out.

They got a quick lesson, and then the Heavy Metal band performed for some kids.

How did they do? I hate Metallica, but this bit made me almost like them!

This was near perfection. The only thing missing was Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn


Watch Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn jam with Metallica
July 29th, 2022 under Metallica, Netflix. [ Comments: none ]

One of the memorable moments from this season of Stranger Things is when Eddie Munson rocked out to his death strumming out to Metallica’s Master of Puppets.

Well, Joseph Quinn, who played the lovable character, got to meet the band at Lollapalooza. Not only did he meet them, but he also got to play that song with them! The actor did such a bitchin’ job that they gave him a guitar that looked like one from the show and autographed it for him.

I am not a fan of Metallica (Napster, good! Metallica, bad!), but this almost made me like them. But then again, it is the least they can do because the Netflix series helped them climb the charts again by choosing their song.


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