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Liv Tyler wants you to know she has a bun in the oven!
October 29th, 2014 under Liv Tyler. [ Comments: none ]

Liv Tyler is pregnant with her second child and for Halloween she wore a costume that hid her baby bump. But that didn’t stop the world from knowing that she is having a baby sometime soon. That’s because she went as oven with a bun in it.
I have to say she came up with the perfect costume for expectant mothers and I hope to see more of them wear it.


Do Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler have something to tell us?
July 21st, 2014 under Do they have something to tell us?, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the 2000 movie Dr T and the Women, Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson shared a kiss. Over the weekend, the two daughters of rock stars shared another kiss and I have to wonder if they have something to tell us? No, it’s just two actresses celebrating 20 years of friendship, but for a second it was fun to think that there was something going on between the MILFs. Right?


BTWF talent shows: Liv Tyler and Jimmy Fallon on Star Search
March 30th, 2011 under Jimmy Fallon, Liv Tyler. [ Comments: none ]

via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Before Liv Tyler was an actress and Jimmy Fallon was a host, they were in the singing group Pleather and Lace competing on Star Search. Is it just me or do they look exactly the same as they did when she 10 and he was 13 singing Cyndi Lauper’s All Through the Night on the talent show back in 1987? They seriously have not aged a day in 24 years!


Is this how a father and daughter are supposed to kiss?
March 22nd, 2011 under Aerosmith, Liv Tyler. [ Comments: 9 ]

Steven Tyler escorted his daughter Liv to the premiere of her movie Super and I have to wonder if that is how a father and daughter are suppose to kiss? Seriously what is up with that lip lock? I think this tops Angelina Jolie and James Haven’s smooch at the Oscars in 2000 in creepiness, don’t you agree?
Now having said all of this, I do think they look really cute together…when they aren’t lip to lip.


Joaquin Phoenix should stick to rap
January 22nd, 2010 under Joaquin Phoenix, Liv Tyler, Miley Cyrus. [ Comments: none ]

A clean cut and shaven Joaquin Phoenix has finally emerged after last year’s lunacy to do a PSA with Miley Cyrus and Liv Tyler. After watching that video, I think he was better off when he was rapping than doing that.
While TWLOHA is all about a good cause, that video is anything but.


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