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Meghan Markle rejects Prince Harry on the Kiss Cam
April 25th, 2023 under British Royals, Kiss Cam. [ Comments: none ]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went to the LA Lakers vs Memphis Grizzles game yesterday, and they got caught on the NBA Kiss Cam. So you would think they would kiss? They did not.

When TAFKAP Harry went in for the sweet moment that the whole arena wanted to see, his wife of almost 5 years turned away and laughed. And all he could do was make that well this awkward face. Because that is precisely what it was.

C’mon Meghan, you were an actress, not a good one, but an actress. Therefore, you know how to put on a show. So do it. How hard is it to fake a kiss? I guess it is really hard because you didn’t do it here.

To think he gave up his life for her.


Jason Biggs caught on the Kiss Cam kissing a woman who’s not his wife
September 13th, 2021 under Jason Biggs, Kiss Cam. [ Comments: none ]

Jason Biggs went to the US Open and the Kiss Cam found him. What do you do when then that happens? You kiss the person next to you. However, in his case, it wasn’t his wife. It was Australian tennis player Rennae Stubbs.

Luckily for Jenny Mollen, she was sitting right below them and not watching that on TV. Luckily for Biggs, his wife is cool. Otherwise, the luv would be out of their marriage. I made a tennis joke!


Is this the most epic Kiss Cam fail?
April 30th, 2017 under Kiss Cam. [ Comments: none ]

We have seen some truly awkward Kiss Cam fails, but this one might at Thursday’s Milwaukee Bucks’ game be the most awkward of them all.

The camera zoomed in on a man sitting with a woman, who looking at her phone instead of the action, and immediately he shook his head no. Then he mouthed to them why he would not do it, “That’s my mom.” At the moment, his mom looked up from phone saw they were on the Jumbotron and was completely disgusted.

Although, she should be thrilled that they think she looks young enough to date someone of her son’s age. Not her son of course, because eww. But that she looks young enough to be his sister and not his mom. Not that it is OK to kiss your sister, but you know what I mean.


Amy Schumer caught on the Kiss Cam!
September 26th, 2016 under Amy Schumer, Kiss Cam. [ Comments: none ]

A video posted by @amyschumer on

Amy Schumer took her father and boyfriend to a Mets game yesterday and they were found by the Kiss Cam. When the movie star realized they were on the camera, she kissed her dad first and then made out with Ben Hanisch in a way only they can.
Got to love that the daddy’s girl kissed her dad first. Proving to him no matter how much she loves another man, he will always be the apple of her eye.


Bob Saget and John Stamos share the Bromance on the Kiss-cam!
June 20th, 2016 under Full House, John Stamos, Kiss Cam. [ Comments: none ]

Bob Saget and John Stamos went to a Dodgers game the other night and the camera caught the two Full House stars sitting in the stands. Even though it wasn’t a Kiss-cam, they made it one. Proving their Bromance hits it out of the park and doesn’t strike out.


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