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Procter & Gamble blames Amy Schumer for the Tampax tampon shortage
June 9th, 2022 under Amy Schumer. [ Comments: none ]

Ladies, have you gone into the stores looking for Tampax tampons and have not been able to find a box? Well, we are not alone, and Time spoke to Procter & Gamble to find out why that is.

P&G spokeswoman Cheri McMaster blames Amy Schumer. What? Back in July 2020, they started airing commercials with the actress, and since then, their sales have been up 7.7%.

I call BS on that. I remember at the start of the pandemic, I couldn’t find any tampons. So, my neighbor and I were on the quest to find things for each other when we would venture out. I needed to find her popcorn kernels, and she had to find me tampons. Within a week, we were both successful in our searches.

Anyways, I am thinking that they are still catching up from that time, along with the ads. So it is not the actress’ fault.

What does Schumer think of them blaming her? She said, “Whoa I don’t even have a uterus.”

An advertising agency needs to find a way for her to do a campaign bragging about how she doesn’t get her period anymore to get revenge on P&G for blaming her for the shortage. How bloody, pun intended, awesome would that be?


Amy Schumer has COVID-19
May 8th, 2022 under Amy Schumer. [ Comments: 7 ]

Amy Schumer should be spending Mother’s Day with her husband, Chris Fischer, and her son, Gene, 3. However, she is spending it all by herself because she tested positive for COVID-19.

The comedian’s most noticeable symptom is her lower voice.

Hopefully, she will be better soon and reunited with her family soon.


Amy Schumer is turning into Ellen DeGeneres
March 25th, 2022 under Amy Schumer, Ellen DeGeneres. [ Comments: none ]

Amy Schumer was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, and she looked exactly like the host. Why? She wants the departing host’s job. Can you blame her? It is easy money.

Well, that and she thought it was funny. Did it make you laugh?


Amy Schumer is going to bring class to the Oscars
March 15th, 2022 under Amy Schumer. [ Comments: none ]

Amy Schumer is going to host the Oscars on March 27th, and today she gave us a preview of what she is going to be wearing.

Well, we didn’t see her in those threads. The only threads she was wearing was her panties, so we were able to see her tramp stamp.

If this is what the Oscars are going to be like, then they are going to be worse than what I think they are going to be like.


Just another reason not to watch the Oscars
February 15th, 2022 under Amy Schumer, Oscars. [ Comments: none ]

ABC and The Academy made it official this morning that Regina Hall, Amy Schumer, and Wanda Sykes are going to be hosting the Oscars this year on March 27th.

As if the noms were not bad enough from a lackadaisical year of movies, these hosts are the icing of this cardboard cake.

Each woman has their merit as individuals, but not as a trio. Didn’t they learn anything from the Anne Hathaway/James Franco year? I guess not.

“Imagine having one of the funniest women in comedy today hosting the Oscars… Now, multiply that by three,” said Craig Erwich, president, Hulu Originals and ABC Entertainment. “Regina, Amy, and Wanda are comedy powerhouses who will make history as the first female trio to host the biggest night in entertainment, and we’re thrilled to have them at the helm to deliver an incredible show full of unforgettable moments and laughter.” I think he meant to say forgettable.

Last year, I got the COVID-19 vaccine on the day of the Academy Awards, so I slept through them. I am thinking I will get the fourth shot on that day, so I can sleep through them like I slept through Spencer, Being the Ricardos, and House of Gucci.


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